Benjamin Fulford 1-30-12

The reason that many of the top Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate crooks have not been arrested yet is that the old system needs to be kept going with string and wire and duct-tape until final preparations for a radically new system are completed. For example, an Asian proposal now being negotiated calls for 10 million yen or about US$125,000 to be budgeted for each and every individual human being on earth. The Pentagon is also making similar radical proposals for a complete change of how humans interact with each other and with nature. The big conclusion being reached at the highest level is that the old financial system in the West was an illusion used by a secret cabal to keep us enslaved. We are now about to become truly free in ways that will exceed most people’s most optimistic expectations. However, there will be some hard work at first before this becomes true.
The proposal being forwarded by the White Dragon Society to Asian clan elders is for the creation of a new, meritocratically staffed organization to be set up near Tenri City, South of Osaka. The name now being proposed for this organization is “Long-term Investments For Everyone,” or LIFE, for short.
The negotiations towards unifying the Korean Peninsula with Japan and moving the capital of this new entity to the same region are also proceeding smoothly. We can confirm that Japanese “kidnap victim” Megumi Yokota is the mother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Kim has agreed to accept the union of the Northern dynasty with the Southern one in the region in exchange for a ceremonial post. Perhaps he can become the symbol of unity and have his own palace and staff.

Sheldan Nidle 1-24-11

Dratzo! We begin another message! Over the past few weeks, we have observed the difficulties experienced by those who have long bowed down to the dark cabal, when called upon to act in a new way. Our Earth allies deeply desire to bring this world to a new reality, and yet they continue to seek some sort of adequate redress for their former masters. We are truly astonished by this ongoing dawdling! The men and women of this ruthless cabal have brought your world to the brink of ruin, and indeed persist in this ruinous course, which is why the only recourse we can envision is to remove them. We remind our Earth allies of the vast pain and suffering endured by your world every day, and that it is time to move these scalawags aside and create a more beneficent world for everyone, but these appeals for a higher vision appear to fall on deaf ears in the group as a whole. However, Earth's secret sacred societies do not share this lenient view: to them, the dark is an abomination of all things human and they desire to legally detain these ones as quickly as possible. This group is one we can more easily work with.

   Because this group is handling the new financial arrangements, we have asked these secret sacred societies to take the lead in forming the new caretaker governmscended Masters concur, and we have requested that their charges go forward with the many plans that have been agreed to. Our ients. The Antent is to have these plans in place immediately and to terminate the power of the dark cabal. We are puzzled by the Earth allies' reluctance in these matters, given that they are fully aware of the outrageous criminality long practiced by the dark's regimes. The political parties of these various nations are so corrupt that their intolerance toward their respective citizenry is becoming more and more overt, which has led to the recent widespread protests around the globe. The new governance will end autocratic connivance and render authority properly responsive to citizens' needs. These are the first steps toward what we intend to accomplish: explaining galactic society to you. Your world's rising consciousness cries out for a change in the way your societies function.

Ben Fulford 1-23-12

The Year of the Dragon officially starts today in the lunar calendar and the battle over control of the global financial system and therefore the future of the planet Earth is proceeding well for the White Dragon Society and its allies. In Asia, the regime change in North Korea has now resulted in concrete dialogue over reunification of the Korean peninsula and possibly even a union between a united Korea and Japan. The capital being considered for this planned entity is around Nara and Tenri City, South of Osaka. In the West, Interpol is steadily squeezing criminals like George Soros and Senator J. Rockefeller and something big may happen before the key January 31st accounts settling date.

The situation in Asia is the more interesting one for the time being. As usual, there is lots of contradictory information coming from well-placed sources so some caution is needed. First of all, Chodoin Daikaku, the head of the worldwide martial arts associations claims that reports given to this writer by Japanese security police sources saying Kim Jong Il had been killed 2 years ago and replaced with a double were wrong. It is true, he says, that he was hit with a stroke two years ago that left one arm partially paralyzed but he was alive, according to Chodoin, who is confident enough to come out as a named source, something rare when reporting on secret society activities.

Poof 1-22-12…”At Last”

"At Last"
At last
My love has come along
My lonely days are over
And life is like a song
Oh yeah yeah, at last
The skies above are blue
My heart was wrapped up in clover
The night I looked at you
And I found a dream that I could speak to
A dream that I can call my own
I found a thrill to press my cheek to
A thrill that I have never known
Oh yeah yeah, and you smile, you smile
Oh, and then the spell was cast
And here we are in Heaven
For you are mine at last

Sheldan Nidle 1-18-12

Dratzo! We return! Much is happening! The dark cabal is persisting in its two-faced stance: on one hand it negotiates with our Earth allies, while on the other it continues to search for a way to solve its unsolvable dilemma. We have warned our Earth allies to be wary of the duplicitous negotiating tactics of this group of habitual scofflaws; they assume a tough stance to feign sincerity in the goal of the negotiations despite our having exposed their many secret missions to find an 'angel' who can deliver a solution to their insurmountable plight. Our liaisons have joined these negotiations as consultants and have asked our Earth allies to demand that the dark immediately terminate their secret missions as a condition for going forward with the talks. Predictably, the dark refuses to comment on these demands and has asked for a recess! We have requested that such a move be ruled unacceptable by our Earth allies and have further advised them that a firm timeline be established for the completion of the talks. Failing this, certain consequences are to come into play.
It is clear that the dark is stalling for time. We suggest that the various parties comprising our Earth allies come together to demand a deadline for the dark's full surrender. We are willing to use our technology and our personnel to force the cabalists' hand to get them to formally surrender to our Earth allies. The dark knows full well the futility of continuing to search for a way out, and therefore we state: do the obvious, and send them an edict accompanied by the appropriate legal documentation commanding their unconditional surrender. Be prepared to employ your overwhelming military and law-enforcement resources to arrest these culprits and confine them where they can do no more harm. At your disposal is our technology to ensure the success of these arrests and, thereafter, the establishing of new governance that permits the longed-for announcements. So far there has been no reply from our Earth allies, and so we have sent several Agarthan liaisons to get one. The various contingents of our Earth allies are now putting together a plan of action.

Benjamin Fulford 1-17-12

The negotiations on a new financial system for the planet are proceeding well but due to the complexity of the situation, it will take time before any public announcements are possible, according to sources close to the negotiations. The current owners of the Federal Reserve Board System and the Washington D.C. corporate government are hoping to offer enough reforms that they can stay in power. Their money has been frozen, though, by a group that would rather see them all put in jail. The final solution to the problem will need to involve an audit of the real world and the removal of all fraudulent funds from the system. It will also involve a massive redistribution of wealth, meaning that the American people and other worldwide victims of the cabal will get their stolen funds returned to them.
The owners of the Washington D.C. Corporation have already decided on Mitt Romney as the new President of the United States. They have been rigging opinion polls and primary results to make sure their decision is enforced. The corporate media propaganda machine is also in on the decision. The Asian creditors to the Western nations do not interfere in the politics of other countries so they will take no stand on this issue. They say this is an internal matter for the American people to resolve on their own.

The future of the U.S. dollar is also now being debated. The current proposal being put forward by White Dragon Foundation representatives is that the United States government will need to issue Treasury dollars controlled by the elected representatives of the United States Government. These new treasury dollars will have to be separated from the international dollars now in circulation and devalued. The reason for this is that 90% of the dollars ever created are not owned by Americans. The interests of those dollar holders and the interests of the American economy are not the same. They do not want those dollars, which they use to trade with each other, to lose half their value.

SaLuSa 1-16-12

Events move on to their inevitable conclusion, and are approaching the time when you will get some firm indications of what lies ahead. The dark Ones are being held in check and you will have noticed that they are no longer able to dictate what happens in the world. Their institutions are breaking up and with it their ability to command what happens in the different markets. Their greed and arrogance has led them down the path to ruin, and they will not be allowed to re-establish their empire. You are therefore still in the transition period, and our allies are gradually completing the moves necessary to allow the changes to get underway.

As ever, the Light continues to grow and is helping those souls who have only just started to awaken. It is asking a lot of some of them to move from beliefs they have held all of their lives, to new ones that are so different they are overwhelming to contemplate. Part of the problem is that the establishment has maintained false beliefs rather than admit the truth. You know that we have been following mankind’s progress for thousands of years, and the evidence of our contact with you still exists. Yet you are led to believe that it does not exist, and that Space is being searched for evidence of our existence.

Poof 1/15/12     

The Blues Image
Ride Captain Ride Lyrics  

Seventy-three men sailed up from the San Francisco Bay
Rolled off of their ship, and here's what they had to say
"We're callin' everyone to ride along to another shore
We can laugh our lives away and be free once more"

But no one heard them callin', no one came at all
'Cause they were too busy watchin' those old raindrops fall
As a storm was blowin' out on the peaceful sea
Seventy-three men sailed off to history

Ride, captain ride upon your mystery ship
Be amazed at the friends you have here on your trip
Ride captain ride upon your mystery ship
On your way to a world that others might have missed

(Repeat first two verses)


Ride, captain ride upon your mystery ship
Be amazed at the friends you have here on your trip

Hilarion's Weekly Message ~ January 15-22, 2012

Hilarion's Weekly Message
January 15-22, 2012

Beloved Ones,

Many of you are discovering that as you each stand in your Light and in your truth without fear, without anger, that you are being supported by the new energies that are permeating the entire atmosphere of the Earth. Those who try to work in the old paradigms, in the old ways of doing business on Earth are beginning to find that they are not being supported in their endeavors. All that has been done in secret and behind the scenes now comes to the Light and scrutiny of Humanity as a whole.

You who have been diligently and sincerely working on releasing and yes, embracing, those aspects of yourselves that were less than Love are now being supported in all of your requests for greater empowerment in all aspects of your physical lives. Please note the magic words, ‘your requests’, Dear Ones. It is a Universal Law that you must ask before it can be given. For those who have been sporadic in this area, please understand that you are now into the Ascension of your person and your Planet. Everything that you think, say and do makes an imprint on the new Template for your new World.

Keep on observing the thoughts that well up from deep within you and be easy on yourselves.

Understand that these thoughts may have originated in other lifetimes and are a carryover within your genetic structure and as these come up, bless them and send them on their way into transmutation of the Violet Fire {Violet Fire Decree} By now you might have noticed that those who follow the higher Path ALWAYS pray for others as they pray and decree for themselves. It is an automatic response to your calling to give out in blessing that which you receive.

SaLuSa 13-January-2012

You have a saying that “there is no fool like an old fool” and that could be applied to the Illuminati because they are of the older generations. They have gone way beyond the time period given them to step down, and allow Humanity the chance to claim what is due to them and has been denied you for thousands of years. The Spiritual Hierarchy have offered them a way out that would guarantee their safety, so that they could be held in secure surroundings until they were called to account for their crimes against you. We simply want them out of the way so that the path to Ascension can be opened up and in doing so, know that it will go ahead without interference. Delaying tactics are not going to get them anywhere, as the Divine date for a leap forward looms nearer which will authorize us to use whatever methods we wish, to reign in the dark Ones. Their supporters carry little power but are spread far and wide and it is mainly of a nuisance value. They too are getting disenchanted with their responsibilities, as the golden egg will not be found in their nest and they will find that they will get little reward for what they have done for them.

Our approach and that of our allies has almost disembodied the power structure that has held the dark Ones together. They counter more opposition as people are rapidly awakening as to how they have been hoodwinked, and tricked into believing that steps taken in their name were for their benefit. In fact, the dark Ones have never worked for anyone but themselves to achieve their aim of world domination. They caused the destruction of two great civilizations and were so very close to adding yours to the list. It is now too late for them to alter their plans, plus our presence has limited their actions to ensure their failure. So Dear Ones, whatever you hear or read about vague threats from them, realize that they have had much taken away from them. Their roar may be frightening, but in reality they are more like the toothless tiger.

Wanderer of the Skies 1-12-12

We are close. It will be very interesting to see what David Wilcock has to say. Keep your attention in the present and focus on the higher good of the planet.

Greetings from the Federation: 

What must come to pass is presently being discussed at the highest levels of your world governments, behind closed doors and through emissaries to the various other governments around the world. As time draws closer to the inevitable, your leaders are aware that they cannot stop the tide of Disclosure sweeping over your planet. They know that they will either be swept away by this tide or they must decide to take the reins and make Disclosure their own. Their ability to waffle on this topic amazes even us as we see them fight among themselves for a common ground. Once reached, someone inevitably backs off and the process starts all over again. We wait in the background for what must be done, if not done so by your own people. 

News will reach you shortly about a “new” scientific development in the field of what you have termed zero point energy systems. It will be touted as theoretical, but in reality it is a functioning model of a real energy device created a long time ago and only now being released. There will be interesting developments in your legal field over patent protections. The “news" of this breakthrough will be carefully monitored by those in power to determine what type of impact such a disclosure makes upon the people as a whole. 

Pyramid Discovered in Indonesia Far Older and Larger than the Great Pyramid of Giza


 I found this post on . I wanted to share it because this is further evidence of human civilization before the time that is commonly agreed upon in the mainstream.

A pyramid far older and larger than the Great Pyramid of Giza, has been discovered in Indonesia.

Mount Sadahurip in Garut, West Java, dubbed the "Garut Pyramid," has been undergoing verification tests by the Ancient Catastrophic Disaster Team to see if the mount was indeed formed by the existence of a man-made structure.

By using Superstring geo-electric instruments, surveyors are measuring the resistivity of the geological layers, with additional funding being approved from Germany to undergo excavations. The initial survey has concluded that the structure is highly unlikely to be of natural formation.

A 3D contour plot of topographical digital data supports the followint hypothesis, "There exists an anomaly formation made of sinder cone located on a horizontal unconformity intrusion base." Carbon-14 dating showed the age of the ancient top soil dated back to at least 6000 BC, and the age of the hard soil in the lower strat to be of 7500 BC.

Prior to testing, a series of excavations were carried out claiming, "that a number of covert rock inscriptions were spotted," and that the pyramid buried within the hill would be larger than that of the Great Pyramid of Giza. "The height is estimated to reach 200 meters," and "it was figured to have been constructed around 10,000 years ago."

The Deutsche Orient-Gesellscaaft (DOG), with research Prof. Bonatz, will meet with another interested researcher, Stephen Oppenheimer of Oxford University, and author of Eden in the East, in Bali to discuss a way to fast-track excavation.
Image: "Garut Pyramid" by AstroMarvels on Flickr courtesy of Creative Commons Licensing. 

Sheldan Nidle 1-10-12

7 Men, 8 Chen, 8 Manik

Dratzo! We return! The events that promise to transform your world are close to manifesting! We have been told by our Earth allies that a massive global event is close. We are approaching what is known on your world as the New Year of the Chinese calendar. It is the Year of the Water Dragon, which is characterized by dramatic change. Many of you are waiting, as are we, for the dark to receive its just desserts, and indeed, the current economic realities are beginning to force the dark cabal to scramble for a way out. Its fiat currencies are being challenged. Many nations that hold large natural resources, such as oil, gold, and precious stones, are no longer willing to accept these fiat monies as a true exchange, and this is putting additional pressure on the dark-controlled banking system. Reforms that have been announced but then delayed are being asked to come on line now. This is forcing the dark to move toward a policy of debt forgiveness, but this is depressing even further many stock and commodity exchanges. Moreover, it is forcing a slowdown in the so-called recovery process.

The multiplicity of fears weighing in upon the dark cabal is, strangely, making them even more arrogant. The main rulership committees of the cabal have recently broken off talks with our Earth allies, which we interpret as a panic response as they have in effect very little to negotiate about since the die has been cast as far as they are concerned. As they see it, all these dark ones have left to them is to continue to stoke the flames of several possible large-scale war scenarios; thus, our immediate task has been handed to us. We have instructed our liaisons to monitor all aggressive momentums now unspooling on your world and see to it that none of these develop into major conflicts. The longer a no-war option is upheld, the quicker the remaining issues can be resolved. The main delay now is the fact that your various global political communities have never before acted without the full oversight of the cabal guiding their every action. This last-minute case of ‘cold feet’ is being addressed and we fully expect a series of revolutionary events to happen and transform your world forever.

A Short Message from Kauilapele…”Be Ready for Action”

There is so much occurring at this moment. Messages are flying out left and right. All pointing to "this is our moment". We have been "working" at this for various periods of time, each one of us.

I encourage each of us to hold all of what is transpiring right now, on whatever levels, in whatever dimensions, in the Highest Light of the Divine (and take that in whatever way it means to you).
This is such a Grand Process.
My current sense on this is that the upcoming article by someone we all know, once it comes out, will be like the dropping of the "Start" flag.
Be ready for action. Be ready to follow your Guidance. Be ready to shine your Light wherever needed, and wherever you feel so moved.
A few more posts will follow shortly.

SaLuSa 1-11-12

Dear Ones bear in mind that it is your beliefs that can hold you back, so it is particularly important this year you have an open mind. As it progresses so greater truths will come out, and depending on the source you will be wise to carefully consider what is being given. Certainly the final decision is up to you alone and no on else can take responsibility, but this is a time to be honest with yourself and follow your hearts prompting. As your consciousness levels increase, so you will be able to discern the truth more easily, and slowly build up your understanding. You have had many lives and opportunities to push on with your spiritual evolution, and now you have reached the very last chance to join all of those who have already prepared for Ascension. Of course some will continue to have little or no interest, having made their decision to have further experience in the 3rd. dimension. Allow for such souls who are entitled as much as anyone else to follow their own path.

The Switch of All Switches Is Being Turned On ~ A God Message Channeled By Suzanne Spooner ~1/10/12

January 10, 2011
[Hi God.] Hi Suzy, I am here to share with you a message for the masses. [That sounds great, I am ready.]
My Loved Ones,
You are walking this planet as a true connection of Divine love. You are here with purpose, with reason and with knowledge from your prior incarnations. The gift you are is the energy you bring when you incarnate.
Understand you are operating on many levels and many dimensions at the same time. When you feel ‘wonder’ that is you recognizing how multi-dimensional you really are! It is your heart nudging your memory, letting it know how wonder-filled All parts of you are.
Given your divine place in the cosmos, only allow yourself to be in awe. You are Me and I am you. Given this understanding, why sweat the small stuff? Why sweat anything?
Yes, you came into this third dimensional reality with a serious case of amnesia. No longer though are you forgetful of why you are here. You are here to witness the grand shift of consciousness called ascension. You are a major player and your energetic signal is activating. The switch of all switches is being turned on!
In your quiet moments, imagine light feeling like warmth on a chilly day. Find your happy spot and just Be.
Quiet your mind, open your heart and know the curtain is rising on the most magnificent show of the universe. Give yourself a front row seat and reset your clock. In a short while you will have a new perspective. Imagine big and then imagine BIGGER!
Message Channeled Through Suzanne Spooner of The Art of Universal Knowing

41 Facts About The History Of Central Banks In The United States That Our Children Are No Longer Taught In School

 I was introduced to this article when I read the latest Poof update. Central banks are the main way the Elites are able to control human consciousness. If can stop people from feeling too prosperous, then they can easily keep them in fear and in a mental state of trying to survive. This allows the Elites to easily control the thoughts of the masses through the mass media. All of this comes from the Central banks power to issue money with interest.
Today, most American students don't even understand what a central bank is, much less that the battle over central banks is one of the most important themes in U.S. history.  The truth is that our nation was birthed in the midst of a conflict over taxation and the control of our money.  Central banking has played a key role in nearly all of the wars that America has fought.  Presidents that resisted the central bankers were shot, while others shamefully caved in to their demands.  Our current central bank is called the Federal Reserve and it is about as "federal" as Federal Express is.  The truth is that it is a privately-owned financial institution that is designed to ensnare the U.S. government in an endlessly expanding spiral of debt from which there is no escape.  The Federal Reserve caused the Great Depression and the Federal Reserve is at the core of our current economic crisis.  None of these things is taught to students in America's schools today.
The following are 41 facts about the history of central banks in the United States that every American should know....

Benjamin Fulford 1-9-12
In a very major development, the Federal Reserve Board faction that is in de-facto control of the Obama regime and Israel has approached the White Dragon Society to negotiate a way to unfreeze their funds. They have promised to use any released funds for humanitarian projects and to develop hitherto forbidden technology.

The 130-nation group that announced a new financial system through the Conscious Media Network on January 1st also contacted the White Dragon Society and said they will prove with action, and not words, that they represent extremely powerful interests. This writer initially, and apparently incorrectly, denounced the announcement as a psy-ops because this group was not identical to the 117 nation Monaco group previously reported about in this newsletter.

All of these major factions will now have to reach an agreement. There will some serious horse-trading over the coming weeks before any sort of agreement is reached or public announcement is made but it appears a solution to the financial crisis is now on the horizon.

SaLuSa 1-9-12

The energies around the world continue to build up, and are carried by the grid that is lifting up the Earth. All is preparing for the final thrust of energy, that will propel it into the new level of expression and out of duality. It will also fulfill the promises of a new Age that will be unlike anything you have experienced previously. and truly bring about a heaven upon Earth. Only those of you who have lifted your vibrations sufficiently, will be able to join those energies. Thereby lies the outworking of a truth, that only those of the Light can exist in the new dimension. The choice has always been yours, but with it comes the responsibility to carve out your own pathway to Ascension. You can have all of the help and encouragement in the world, but only you can take the necessary steps that will bring it about for you.
It matters little whether you ascend or not, inasmuch that all souls will continue to make progress. All happens in its own good time, and you have no need to feel pressurized to do other than what you personally desire. You have an infinite amount of time to make your way back through the higher dimensions, and at all times help will always be there for the asking. In fact your Higher Self is always with you, although when you drop your vibrations it cannot always penetrate them to reach you. However, once you have the intent to rise up the link becomes stronger and more open. You can work together if you follow your intuitive promptings, and they will keep you firmly on the path of Light.

POOF for JAN 8: Shake and Bake....and I helped..(grin)
Somethings Happening Here Lyrics
Artist(Band):Buffalo Springfield
There's something happening here
What it is ain't exactly clear
There's a man with a gun over there
Telling me I got to beware

I think it's time we stop, children, what's that sound
Everybody look what's going down

There's battle lines being drawn
Nobody's right if everybody's wrong
Young people speaking their minds
Getting so much resistance from behind

I think it's time we stop, hey, what's that sound
Everybody look what's going down

What a field-day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly say, hooray for our side

It's time we stop, hey, what's that sound
Everybody look what's going down

Paranoia strikes deep
Into your life it will creep
It starts when you're always afraid
You step out of line, the man come and take you away

We better stop, hey, what's that sound
Everybody look what's going down
Stop, hey, what's that sound
Everybody look what's going down
Stop, now, what's that sound
Everybody look what's going down
Stop, children, what's that sound
Everybody look what's going down

Greetings and Salutations,

"Give me control of a nation's money
and I care not who makes the laws."
Quote by:
Mayer Amschel Rothschild
[Mayer Amschel Bauer] (1744 -1812), Godfather of the Rothschild Banking Cartel of Europe

41 Facts About The History Of Central Banks In The United States That Our Children Are No Longer Taught In School (at 

Some of you remember the old 'eazy board' site originally set up by me, which became 'the sword of truth'. I made a statement that I've followed to this very day, I would slice and dice rumors to be put in the public to be 'spat' upon and ridiculed. I would point you in the right direction so, you could claim the info as your own, and not be repeating internet chatter to make you sound intellectual. Some read the 'Creature' book and kept going, others couldn't take that type of exposure to core held beliefs and went back to sleep. Oh well, the bucket of cold water has been filled and ready or not, they are about to 'get woke up'. So, to clear the air let me state; there has been no deliveries going on, not something I would miss, here is someone who actually gets that done and mr reagan chose him and a part of his crew. When they start dropping it will be full court press and they'll be finished in 3 days and you'll notice some 'weirdness' on wall st. MK's dead, CH is in the land down under, BW has just been let out of the big house, and Gary was mia sitting outside of a mailbox etc...with a 'tea cup dog' looking for them to come with drops. So much for reporting to your manager. Wanna reach a 'manager' call 911 on your cell and ask for God, as it has an antenna. (digital vs analog) God's using wi fi. too. What, you thought some tekky came up with it all by himself? This is a result of the misinformation campaign that went on steroids when the bad guys could see, the darkness was at an end, their 'days' were ending. 

Few noticed when I said and it was 'official' the chinese were behind the rv's, as they(dragons) created the new banking system the whole world is about to go onto. Since the IMF is now connected to the(dragon clan families) they would not be working against their own interests, have you heard Lagard recently, she keeps saying 'hurry up'. She can see the fuse is lit and burning. The old enemies of the populace, had their bad ways and associations compromised.. Fiat money does not rule anymore, precious metal is being returned to its place in banking and economics. Once, just once, the rothschild got the word directly from the dragons, a change was gonna come, they moved quickly to survive it. One of the 'usual suspects' was responsible for the rv not going public on friday as intended, as mr t used to say, 'I pity the fools'. Every last one of them who have been riding herd on the masses are getting their last chance to choose a side, being neutral is not an option! Butts are puckering out here, save for they who had a surgical removal of their sphincter muscle. They need pampers, they've already lost control of the leakage. 

On the real side, certain folks have been made aware of the imminent arrival of their 'interest' money. They didn't get paid yet, it takes the regular folks to free up their access. Yes, even now, 'the little child shall lead them'. They have no problem eating or paying their bills, the regular folks do so, they come first. Don't trip about being missed, if your name is in the list, like santa you'll be found. I remember a trustee in europe saying, 'we know where everyone is and what they are doing'. The exactitudes have been a better kept secret, than the cia. Many things the cia were informed the no more printing of money to feed their operations. The folks with the gold rule! At this point new codes have not been needed to be inserted, the dragons have been testing the new system steadily, I mean hacking, to look for weaknesses.
Now, as far as this military movement, the good stuff always takes so long to get out. There is order tho it may not seem apparent. The world court knew their would be folks acting out once the announcements were given so they issued a paradigm for two specific branches to follow to keep peace in the us. Having received a kick in the crotch a few years ago, I guess mr cheney needed to get another to make him feel alive, having no pulse and all. Damn, he even sounds like Darth Vader these days, are we living an episode of Star Wars, or what? 

From what I'm hearing, we may be. Extreme discretion must be used from now on...paradigms will be blown out. What the masses have been told and believed for over 100 yrs, is getting reset and much will be uncomfortable to hear. oh well, we all must graduate from grade school and become adults. In this analogy, you refer to me as the hall monitor and I'm just reporting what the office said. Plus I have no problem telling on those that would create chaos to disguise their own misdeeds by blaming the lower class members. Like trying to blame the dealer on the corner for all the drugs in this country, as the dealers take care of their neighborhoods, helping out with bread, eggs, and milk. Gawd, what's this world coming to when drug dealers are 'socialists'? 

So be ready, change is upon everyone, the old grey mare ain't what she used to be, how ever you want to phrase it. The 'moment' comes when it's time....yea I know, you hate that crap. Listen, when you're standing out in the middle of a field on a clear day and you feel a sudden shift in the atmosphere, at that instant, you may know you need to vacate that field for fear of getting zapped by a lightning bolt. If you hesitate you may find yourself drenched, too. The weather is changing right now, the rv's have to go public, because the new banking is being engaged...this isn't about opinions or speculation. This is about upsetting the gobal applecart, the arrival of what I have been writing these missives for all these years, which frankly tired of speaking of it. The atmospheric pressure has changed, hang onto your shorts. You will be the trustee of what is given you, I say Given, because I have detected the sense of 'entitlement', why? Because, you 'waited' while others did the job. A 'check up from the neck up' is the door we all must pass thru and the old 'judge not, lest you be judged' to get you 'right' in this new future before us. What ever shall you do, when no one is telling you what to do and you have no money issues? I guess well see.
Love and Kisses,

Fear and Attachment. Freeing Yourself From Both

Here are some excellent ideas about the nature of fear. This was a posting that I found on
Fear comes when our relationship to something is in danger
Fear is a result that comes from an attachment to something outside of yourself.
For fear comes when the idea of something that is the way it is , is no more.
Let's look at some examples.

The fear of losing a job is the attachment to money and comfortable living. Losing a relationship, that's easy the fear of losing love and affection.

In just these two most easy examples you can see that attachment is there by dependence. When we depend on our job we are that much more attached to it. When we depend on our lover for happiness instead of ourselves we become attached to that lover for we depend on their emotional support. How do you honor a love relationship and not get attached to the point of the fear of losing them? By loving yourself before anyone else. Self love has to come first to honor any relationship anyway. Self love destroys fear of loss of love because no matter who you sleep with or hurt you love yourself enough to not make yourself feel bad for the trials that are you.

Yes, Well, Yes… Here We Are…

This is a post from Kauilapele's blog. There are some very potent energetic events coming up. Keep focused on the life you want to live. Keep higher-dimensional thoughts in mind such as peace and happiness for everyone.

I know tomorrow will be a full day, news wise, and remembering the Poof, SaLuSa, Montague Keen, and who knows what else, will be coming through. So I'd better dash off this quickie before tomorrow.
I'm including here a couple of photos of the sun, from Aspen, taken yesterday, as I understand it.

These balls, spheres, of light are, to me, ships that have arrived here to take us through this time. The sun is now completely changed from even one month ago. It is a crystalline light that beams from this orb, and we are immersed fully in a Higher Dimensional light that is increasing, now moment to now moment.
I realize today that I was in the presence of two Light Beings yesterday, on my walk through the tunnel of Light down to Kealakekua Bay (this post). They are here. Now. Appearing to us. In a variety of ways, in a form which we can see. Each in their own way. This is contact. This is a step to the next step. More and more are seeing this now.
On 1-9-12, we ramp up to a new paradigm (see this post) of 999. Then on the 12th, it's another leap in paradigm-ness, 85 to 87. Well, here's the whole chart.
December 29, 2011 – 69th paradigm: Crystal of Divine Intervention
January 1, 2012 – 177th paradigm: Crystal of Holy O Love
January 9, 2012 – 999th paradigm: Crystal of Holy O Knowing
January 12, 2012 – 8 to the power of 5 to the power of 7 paradigm: Crystal of the Star of Ascension
January 14, 2012 – 9 to the power of 7 paradigm: Crystal of the Holy O Health & Wellness
February 3, 2012 – 15 to the power of 7 paradigm: Crystal of the Holy O Right Action
February 6, 2012 – 69 to the power of 7 paradigm: Crystal of the Guiding Light of Inner Knowing
March 3, 2012 – 177 to the power of 7 paradigm: Crystal of the Holy Omega Model
May 6, 2012 – 999 to the power of 7 paradigm: Crystal of the Goddess of Holy O

So hang on, folks, it's only just begun.
And, by the way, the song I will sing tomorrow at a local church... "Sunshine on my Shoulders."

Jim Self: What Do You Mean the 3rd Dimension Is Going Away?

This is a great explanation of dimensions and the dimensional shift that we are in the middle of right now. The changes are happening inside of us and our external environment is only a representation of that.

As 2012 approaches there is an increasing urgency to this message because we’re all, literally, running out of time to play in the third dimension.

In simple terms, the habit of thinking and feeling and behaving that we know of as the third dimension is going away. Everyone is shifting into a fourth dimensional consciousness and experience, and then into a fifth dimensional consciousness and experience.

However, most people on the planet are not prepared for this Shift. But it is happening nonetheless, and for those who are unaware of what’s going on it will not be an easy or comfortable experience.
Yet this can be a wonderful, enjoyable time as well. With some basic information about what the Shift is, and what “dimensions” are, and with simple tools to help manage our thoughts and feelings, everyone has the ability to evolve their consciousness and move gracefully and joyfully into these higher vibrational realms.

Disturbing Images from Iran You Rarely See

Well there is a lot of war mongering coming from the Mainstream Media about Iran. At this point, there is no chance of a war with Iran starting. The Elites do not have the power anymore. This is just a desperate attempt by the Mainstream Media to keep the majority of people in bondage by keeping them in fear-based ego patterns. If you watch the video, you will go on to see that the title is meant to be sarcastic. When you watch the Mainstream Media report on Iran, remember that the people of Iran are people that eat and breathe just like us.

Starseed Blog on How to Discern Channeled Information

 A friend of mine posted this blog on the Starseeds social networking site. There is a lot of vital information about how to accurately discern whether a channeling is coming from a legitimate source or not.

 How to Tell if your Channeling is coming from Dark Forces or not

Okay so, this will be my first blog on here. I have been hearing and reading a whole bunch of different things about what will be happening this year and with the ascension process. We all know that dark forces are always watching, so are light forces. I want everyone to be able to not depend on anything but themselves and their own heart and intuition. We all know that dark forces are capable of being channeled in and acting as though they are light beings. That can mislead people if those people follow the dark forces thinking they are light.

UFO creates cloud and shocks city in Russia, 23 December 2011

I have been aware for awhile now that often times UFO will hide in clouds. Sometimes if you're outside you will get a feeling that something is in a particular cloud. If you quiet your mind and trust your feelings, you will most likely find yourself channeling the ET's.

It never occurred to me that UFOs actually make the clouds. Here is a comment from the youtube video posted by PeregrinusHumilus

"UFO activity is increasing worldwide in order to accustom people to the reality of the existence of those that will soon be revealed. As 2012 comes into existence, so will consensus reality be changed in preparation for the golden age."

This basically sums up what is happening. Keep focused on doing your inner work. At this time, any limitations that you feel about the future greatly affect the group consciousness.

Message from Matthew 1-4-12

Outlooks on state of the world; importance of light to bodies; changes in Nirvana; departure of souls, other developments this year; no armed conflicts with Iran or North Korea; US national defense authorization bill; Illuminati recent history in US, President Barack Obama

1. This is Matthew, with loving greetings from all souls at this station. In these first few days into your new year, we are seeing that the energy streamers of most people are moving slowly—for some this may indicate sighs of fulfillment now that all holiday preparations and celebrations are over, and for others, the ebbing of sadness that intensifies during your traditional season of holy days and family time. In any event, there is the settling back into the rhythm of life’s usual pace of responsibilities and interests.

2. From other quarters, however, energy streamers are surging straight forward with steadily increasing momentum or they are frantically dashing hither and yon. Those movements reflect, respectively, the purposeful activity of the light forces and the frenzy of the dark ones, whose mere toehold on former strongholds is slipping away.

3. The vast majority of your populace has no idea whatsoever about those energy extremes. They see your world as tumultuous, and their thoughts range from despair to guarded optimism about short- and long-term outcomes. The outlook of many is heavily influenced by your analysts—individuals you consider experts in their fields of economics, national affairs, foreign relations, military readiness, electoral processes or religious ideologies—and their predictions of the future are based on recorded history. Nothing in your history applies even to this day at hand!

SaLuSa 1-6-12

Nothing will be able to stand in the way of the changes that are about to commence, as they are essential to bring the end-times into being. It is all change as you step up into the higher vibrations, and quickly move through the Ascension process. The thought that you will never have to return to Earth on the Wheel of Rebirth, must be one that makes all of the effort you have put in well worthwhile. More so as you get a good idea of what it means in reality, by leaving behind the drudgery, harshness and strength sapping energies of the lower dimension. Even now as so many lift up out of it the aggression, antagonism and hatred still wreaks havoc on Earth, but will soon play itself out as the energies of peace settle upon it. One day very soon the futility of confrontation and war, will make way for loving relationships and co-operation amongst all people. Even now the young ones amongst you see the pointless waste of life and energy in the pursuit of conquest, and want an immediate end to it. Peace is coming and this time it will not be temporary, but be permanent and carry you forward to a blissful and ecstatic state.

However you are in the midst of so many different energies that are creating turmoil at present. The old guard cling onto their paradigm that kept them in power, but the new one is all powerful and will brush aside all that remains of it until Love and Light permeate the Earth. In just a few months the changes will be under way and more noticeable, and will serve notice on the dark Ones that the New Age is in progress of manifesting. Their actions can no longer carry the threat that they used to have, as their power structure continues to collapse. So Dear Ones, at this important stage on your path to Ascension do not let any fear laden prophecies take hold of your imagination. We of the Galactic Federation are with you all of the time, and well aware of what is likely to lay ahead. We cannot do everything for you, but will assert ourselves if necessary to protect you.

This is it.

Well, I am taking a break from blogging. Perhaps it will be my mission to restart this blog when this world is under a new set of circumstances.  It brought me great joy updating you guys with information that I thought was accurate. The new world is upon us now. I love you all.

Follow the blog sites below if you are looking for a blog similar to Ascension News.

SaLuSa 12-12-11

\The waiting has been long and a measure of your faith and ability to focus on all that is of the Light, because there have been many distractions including those sources that have set out to confuse people. However, you have become much wiser and able to discern what is truly of the Light. There are in any event different interpretations of events that are lined up to carry you forward to Ascension. The important thing is that you see whatever happens the ultimate goal is Ascension, and how you get there is not an issue that should lead to dissension amongst you. It is certainly in your interest to make allowances for the differences, as at any time the plans and timing can be adjusted. This you know only too well, but understand that changes are sometimes necessary to fine tune our activities. As the dark Ones are being forced to retreat, they leave a trail of failed attempts to cause disarray. We are determined to block all such attempts, and now have the divine authorization to use more forceful means to do so. Nevertheless, we do take care so as not to involve innocent people.

As you might imagine, after you have entered the year 2012 there will be much speculation and sometimes adverse comment about what it will bring. The Mayan prophesies will be used according to the beliefs of the person involved, and as you know many will interpret the end time as the end of the world. The last thing we want to see is that idea energized so that it establishes a fear factor amongst you. It may suit some because they already believe in the end as a punishment from God for the evil upon the Earth. However, we want to emphasize that there will not be mass destruction and loss of life on a great scale. That is not the plan, and since God is All Love it is clear that God would never withdraw that Divine Love in any circumstances. You are all Godsparks and whatever happens you will always remain immortal.