NASA Psy-Ops Video Shows Real Vehicle on Mars

NASA Psy-Ops Video Shows Real Vehicle on Mars

A video posted recently on the internet shows an alien craft that is landed on what appears to be the Martian surface. The video shows a craft that has just landed on the Martian surface. A few moments later a man exists the craft wearing a grey suit. His intent appears to be to use some type of tool to monitor the Martian surface or atmosphere. The man reenters the vehicle, the vehicle then tilts backwards and lifts up off the surface of the planet. Judging by the picture and the energy it appears to be very hot on the surface. Desert environments tend to be very hot during the day and very cold at night. Also the energy suggests the surface presented in this video is the same as the energy of the Viking rover pictures.

Judging by the desert surface of Mars the main theory is that the man is measuring the surface temperature of the planet. The man could be a part of a faction operating out of a deep underground facility. A common theory about Mars is that the planet clearly had life in the not-so distant past and that it experience some type of catastrophe that devastated the surface but left it still inhabitable to a certain extent. Evidence of this can be shown in Viking orbit photographs of what appears to be near surface structures that outline a sewer system as well as quarries of water.

It's generally considered likely that the surface of Mars is inhabitable. Orbit photographs show anomalies that appear to be people walking on the surface photographed by the Viking II satellite. There have been multiple structures uncovered throughout the last two decades that indicate there is clear life on Mars. As well it is a common notion in the conspiracy theory community that underground factions on Earth may have the capabilities to physically visit Mars including the U.S. military base Area 51. The triangle craft, a commonly seen UFO  often-cited by insiders as being back engineered anti-gravity technology developed by the Nazis during the second World War is claimed to have the capability to enter Martian orbit from the current position of Earth in only 6 hours.