Intel Update (Real News) Rumormillnews 5-22-17

There has been multiple mind-control projects inside of the United States. This message speaks of the ones connected directly to the old Neocon faction that may or may not have died out with the Bush administration. Mind-control is so abundant in today's society that it has become culturally ingrained. Also at the highest level all mind-control projects have deep underground military elements involved that are often non-human. 

INTEL Update (Real News) via email - "Mind Programs" 5/22/17
Mind Programs 5/22/17

For decades there has been a mind control project that has figured out how to control people's thoughts and use these beings as the cabal's tools for sex and the disseminating of secret messages from stars to audience receivers and from presidents to other operatives of the New World Order bunch.

Mind controlled victim Brice Taylor was treated for this illness and now is recounting her experiences with Government and Hollywood perverts and Cabalists.

Here is the gist of her very long report of 38 chapters.

These people were "Mind Message Senders" only (no sex)...Jimmy Carter...Henry Kissinger...Nelson Rockefeller.

This group indulged in sex and message exchanges...JFK...LBJ...Gerald Ford...Ronald Reagan...G.H.W.Bush...Bob Hope...Ted Kennedy...Richard Nixon.

This bunch were "Mob King Pins" and "Sexual Deviants"...Joe Kennedy...William R. Hearst...J.P. Morgan...Frank Sinatra.

These people were "Robots, Puppets & Pawns"...Elvis Presley...Tommy Lasorda...Gene Kelly...Michael Jackson...Neil Diamond...Casey Kasem...Hugh Hefner...Mickey Rooney...Jane Fonda...James Taylor...Barbra Streisand...O.J. Simpson...Marlyn Monroe.

Key places of secret programming UCLA...CIA...NASA...DOD...Montauk...Vacaville Prison, Cal...Ottawa Prison, Canada.

Cabal stooges...J.E. Hoover...Alan Greenspan...Supreme Court Justices...Prince Phillip and Charles...Lee Iacocca. (Chrysler)

This mess has been going on since the 1950's as a path to infiltrate high levels of American society and gain control to develop a New World Order of Satanic Control and Evil.

A counter operation began in 1979 and is now using the law to arrest, expose and try these hidden operatives.

A secret Federal Grand Jury has nailed many of these perverts without any leaks to their cohorts.
Anthony Weiner got 2 years for his child sex activities and was told to be listed as a known child sex offender.

Many more are being tried in secret as not to alarm the public.

This menace and their financial scheme is being dissected and destroyed at all levels by the good guys.

Be ready for a new currency and changes in American society that will be major and make this nation what George Washington hoped that it would be.