3 New Intel Updates from Real News

Here are three new intel updates from Real News that have been posted to rumormillnews. The messages are a but cryptic to say the least. A lot of this message resonates with me. The general vibe is that there is a lot of volatility currently within the United States as well as on the world scene. For the first time since Breton Woods the world looks to be rearranging power centers. 

Also  is talk in this message of some type of new currency or financial reset occurring. 

INTEL Update (Real News) via email - "Tonight's Intel" 4/28/17
Tonight's Intel 4/28/17
1. 28 countries are releasing their UFO files to their citizens.
2. The Catholic Church has spent $3 billion on the pedophile mess.
3. NASA is studying religious groups to see what effects will be on their members when the E.T.'s are exposed to the people.
4. The latest Nukes have their half lives reduce to weeks or months and not thousands of years.
5. Again, Hillary did die on September 4th, 2016.
Her clone is failing and her double is ill.
6. Two sailors who dove over the side of the USS Eldridge during the 1943 experiment were found 40 years later in 1983 in Montauk New York. It was a distortion in time.
7. More and more people are realizing that the Totalitarian Creep of the last decades must be stopped.
The book 1984 was 33 years ago and yet we all let it continue to this time.
People's inaction has given the bad guys consent without even realizing what they have done.

INTEL Update (Real News) via email - "More Intel" 4/29/17
More Intel 4/29/17
1. The exchanges will happen after the new currency goes in. There is enough money to finance it.
2. There is a remote possibility that a civil war is possible in city areas. 
The deep state is falling apart as arrests continue and there is a possibility that they might start an uprising as a last ditch effort. Pelosi, McCain, Nazis and evil remnants of the cabal are desperate.
If this happens, it will happen in about 3 weeks. 
Keep your mindset in a possible frame and store supplies.
80+% are on the side of the people.

3. They have managed to partially compromise Trump but not totally. 
4. To what extent the military joins us is not yet known. 

INTEL Update (Real News) via email - "Here is How it Works" 4/29/17 (with comments from CapnGriff Agent @ RMN) "CG"
Here is How it Works
1. Archons & other invisible matter that can also be physical are also called Parasites.
CG: Ever feel like the system was sucking the life out of you?

2. High Level Malevolent extraterrestrials like the Anunnaki who helped create us and built the pyramids.
CG: Does the story in the Bible about Satan being cast out of heaven down to the earth, make any sense now?

3. Lower Level Malevolent extraterrestrials-Dracos & Reptilians of the Vatican and secret Dulce base in New Mexico.
CG: Exposed by Phil Schneider, here is just ONE link on YouTube with Phil telling his story. He was eventually murdered while sitting in his chair by strangulation (extension cord). Don't negate this info, without listening to a guy that paid with his life for telling us.

4. Vatican Gray, Black and White Popes - some are Draconians or Homo Capensis (enlarged skulls)
CG: Why do you think they wear those tall funny caps? Once you grasp that on this planet nothing happens with out a reason, it all begins to fall into place. Luciferian Satanists.

5. Bilderbergers-Elites who hold secret meetings to plan systemic manipulation to favor their desired outcome.
CG: Need more info? Search Alex Jones on this one.

6. Business Advisory Council-Liaison between President, corporate management and industry.
CG: Where the presidents get their marching orders. Ask Jimmy Carter. He didn't know until the night he was elected. Ever wonder why he didn't run again? Dots connected.

7. Council on Foreign relations. New World Order fraternity think tank founded in 1921.
CG: They think about how to take advantage of humans by building a case that we begin to believe we should all participate for the good of mankind. The reality is, it is for the good of the "elite" only in most cases.

8. United Nations Banking Community-U.N. members who provided financial services to the community. Poverty elimination program has failed.
CG: No surprise there. Poverty means someone at the top is empowered and enriched.

9. Federal Reserve and Central Banks-Cartel of financial control and theft located in London's Center City.
CG: That one-square-mile in the center of London is owned by one single family. The Rothschilds. Any questions?

10. United Nations-NYC meeting place for foreign leaders with agendas, has never really accomplished very much. Scheduled to move to Asia.
CG: Good riddance.

11. Council of 13-Bloodline families that rule behind the scenes led by the PINDAR or top Reptile which used to be Rockefeller.

CG: I doubt that Rockefeller was/is the Pindar. Anyone ever see any photos of him as the Pindar? I haven't and realize that doesn't mean he wasn't. We just need proof.

12. Committee of 300-Led by the Queen which includes the elites from all over the world who discuss world events. Illuminati
CG: Anyone seen the Queen lately. I haven't either. The probability is age is keeping her from maintaining her facade as a human. Most famous quote by Princess Diana, "they ain't fuckin' human."

13. Secret Societies - KKK, Skull & Bones, Rosicrucians (Georgia Guidestones) Odessa-16 total.

14. WE THE PEOPLE 99.99999999% of the population worldwide that have been oppressed, murdered, robbed, taxed, degraded, lied to and goaded into a false paradigm of control.
CG: Think about this one. When was life not tough? Who made it this way? Not us. The light begins to go ON! The reality is they lied to us for thousands of years telling us we had no power that we had to pray to a deity, that in fact, had endowed us from birth with all of his power. Can't use what you don't know you own. Hmmm?

You may look up these entities and read for yourself who and what they are.
"The Human/Hybrid animal is a very successful 2 strand DNA creature that was put together thousands of years ago as an experiment by 24 different alien species"
It was done to help the Anunnaki mine gold after they came to earth.