Kevin Annett: Witnesses to 800 Irish children slaughtered; Dutch Prince, Prime Minister, Soros hunting children

I think it is going to be revelations like the ones presented in this video that people are going to have the most trouble accepting. The truth is the monarchies of Europe and the Vatican are complacent in the ritualistic murder and torture of children. My advice is do not make the mistake of thinking that this is simply a European problem. The U.S. cabal are complacent in their own versions of these acts. 

ISIS Militants Have US Passports? Why This Illuminati False Flag Won't Happen

I was pretty hesitant to post this video because honestly, its mostly fear porn and I disagree with a lot of the points that the author of the video is making. That being said, I think there are a few points that are insightful as to where the Illuminati plan to go with this ISIS situation in the immediate future. Of course this will not come into fruition.

Here is a link to the original BBC article.
Now this article can be viewed in a number of ways. You could view this article as just a piece of western propaganda that is trying to muster support for another war in Iraq or it can be seen as the BBC exposing Western involvement in the creation of ISIS. Personally I believe its the latter.

The situation in Iraq right now is a plan that was hastily put together and for that reason it will fail. Wars such as World War I and World War II took years to plan and create. 9/11 and the decimation of Middle East in the aftermath was planned years in advance. All of these plans have been completely thwarted by this point. What the Illuminati are doing now is trying to buy time so they mustered all of the CIA trained jihadists that were fighting in Syria with American made weapons and sent them into Northern Iraq in an attempt to bait the U.S. into intervening. An intervention in Iraq by the United States would help the Illuminati in two ways. It would make them lots of money because of all the weapons that would be needed which is a practice that the Illuminati have been involved in literally since their creation. And it would  allow the petrodollar to survive a few more months because it is quickly on its way out due to the fact that BRICS is about to open up their own financial system in July thus moving away from the dollar.

That being said, if as this video suggests ISIS militants began causing havoc in the U.S., I do not doubt for a second it would only hasten the fall of the Illuminati because it would force the good guys in the Pentagon to act.

 Keep in mind that while I am sure the politicians who have been in Washington for awhile have  a good idea that the Illuminati exists, I seriously doubt that any of them are "in the know" enough to have any idea where this ISIS situation is going. The ones that are under Illuminati control just know that they need to be spewing rhetoric in favor of U.S. intervention in Iraq. What is interesting is the fact that Obama seems to be against it.

ISIS? (Cobra Update 6-18-14)

Here is the latest update by Cobra. He felt that it was necessary to address the current jihadist threat in Iraq. I felt that the situation in Iraq was connected to the new financial system that BRICS is creating. It seems like a 'band-aid' fix for the Illuminati in the sense that it has been hastily put together. Just like Syria this attempt will fail and the jihadists will fall.

Keep in mind, that the Illuminati want a the U.S. to intervene in Iraq because of the amount of money that they will make off of it. What is interesting is the fact that Obama seems unwilling to even commit to airstrikes. To me this encapsulates the enigma that is Obama. Sometimes it seems like he is actively promoting the Illuminati agenda and then other times he blatantly stands against it.

On a side note, I didn't know that Lucifer was originally a positive concept. It's amazing how deep the rabbit-hole really goes. 


Recently, a jihadist group entered Iraq from Syria and conquered a significant part of its territory:

Their purpose is to create a totalitarian Islamic state in that territory and they call it Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). 

That group is a joint creation of the Saudis and the US Cabal (with Jesuits and their Blackwater/Academi friends behind the scenes):

The agenda of the US Cabal is to create a pretext for military invasion and thus prolong the life of the petrodollar:

And for the military-industrial complex to pocket some nice profits:

On a deeper level, there is an occult war going on. 4300 years ago, the Annunaki Archon overlords of the Cabal created what is called the Akkadian empire:

The Akkadian empire was an extremely violent and patriarchal society which was created to suppress a very important Goddess energy vortex, created in the same region over 7000 years ago by the Halaf and Hassuna-Samarra cultures:

Now the same Archons, incarnated into Black Nobility families, want to create a dark empire of horror in the exactly same region to suppress that Goddess energy vortex even further.

Mysterious 1885 Photo Of St. Germain

This has been circulating on for a few days now. I cannot speak on the validity of the picture because I do not know. I do know that there are pictures of El Morya circulating on the internet and his appearance in this picture is very similar to those pictures. Does that mean anything? That's up to you...

As far as St. Germain goes, it took me a long time to come to terms with his existence but I am positive that he does exist. Apparently he is deeply involved with the operations that are going on to free this planet. Also keep in mind that Ben Fulford and Poof have both mentioned him in their updates in the past

Understanding the Isis Threat in Syria and Northern Iraq

This video does a job of summing up the current situation in Syria and Northern Iraq. Keep in mind that there are many insiders that claim Al Qaeda was infiltrated and trained by the CIA. I have always assumed that Al Nusra and Isis were infiltrated by the CIA as well.

Also keep in mind that the unrest that lead to the civil war in Syria was created by intelligence agencies through the use of snipers.  Here is another article that outlines the use of snipers to cause unrest in Syria. This same template for social unrest and regime change was most recently used in Ukraine.

David Wilcock Comments On Benjamin Fulford 6-16-14 Post

OK… it seems like everyone here agrees that the intel about the ISIS invasion being a positive thing is incorrect.

Infowars has already done a great deal of work to show that this is more Cabal stuff.
Furthermore, isn’t it interesting that this invasion by a group with the Cabal-friendly name ISIS happened after the Neocons suffered a stunning defeat last week, where they lost the House Majority Leader to an unknown.

This occurred after Drudge Report had nothing but a wall of headlines about illegal immigration for two days. The scariest thing for the Cabal is that Drudge probably was the main reason why Brat won out over Cantor.

In case you haven’t tracked this story, here’s a big “reveal”:

Benjamin Fulford June 16, 2014: "Are all of these emergency meetings of world leaders leading to some big announcement"?

 Here is the latest article by Benjamin Fulford. He suspects that the plane accident which killed Richard Rockefeller was sabotage as well. Regardless of what happened, condolences to the Rockefeller family.

Seemingly unrelated events like the trouble in the Ukraine, the emergence of new countries in the Middle East and a never ending stream of meetings of world leaders are all inter-connected and leading to some world altering event. The event could be the announcement of an entirely different, and more benevolent, way of running this planet.

For example, the emergence of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria or ISIS, combined with the de facto new nation of Kurdistan reflect an agreement reached between the gnostic illuminati and the White Dragon Society to eliminate the colonialist and insensitive Sykes-Picot borders drawn by the English and French at the end of World War I. The end result of this ongoing process is expected to be the birth of a pan-Islamic Caliphate or loose federation of Sunni states. There is also expected to be an expansion of Iran or the Persian Empire into Shia lands in places like Southern Iraq. Ideally, the Sunnis and Shias should then bury their 1334 year old hatchet and start friendly relations. There will likely be plenty of turmoil before this new structure, based on the history and ethnicity of the region, jells into place as different groups jostle for advantage.

The situation coming to a head now in the Ukraine, for its’ part, is beginning to look like a move to force Russia and Europe into some new arrangement. As this newsletter went to press, Russia announced it was going to cut off gas to the Ukraine. If they do that, the next chess move will be for the Ukrainians or the mercenary army in the Ukraine, to make sure no gas goes through to Germany and France either. This would then cut the Europeans off their gas and the Russians off much of their money.

The Archons --- Overlords of the Illuminati

The Archons are a group of negative extraterrestrials beings that reside on the 4th dimension. The 4th dimension is the bridge of consciousness between our world (third dimension) and heaven (5th dimension). This dimension of consciousness is constantly interacting with our world energetically although only the spiritually inclined and young children have the eyes to see how.

The term archon comes from gnosticism which was a Christian mystery school that existed during the early days of Christianity before the Church gained complete control. The gnostics understood how the Archons were able to exert their will over human-beings without ever having to show themselves physically. The trick is to pollute the minds of human-beings by introducing patriarchal belief systems that provides information and understandings that are contrary to what human-beings know innately. Through these religions, the archons have been able to create a matrix which has enslaved humanity for thousands of years.

The matrix of control that these beings have created is more than just a belief system; these beings have many humans that pay homage to them. These humans are a part of groups that we know as the Illuminati. It is my belief that the people that become a part of the Illuminati are unknowingly (and knowingly at the highest levels of the Illuminati) implanted by these beings thus rendering them under the control of the archons. The infamous Lucifer, the being that many claim the Illuminati and other dark secret societies worship could very well be one of these archons that have control over humanity.

Richard Rockefeller Plane Crashes --- Signal of Internal Fighting Inside Illuminati?

Obviously this is speculation but when a Rockefeller dies of unnatural causes questions tend to be raised. If you've done any research into the Illuminati and New World Order you would know that the Rockefellers are a 'big time' family in the secret society. I have heard insiders claim that the Rockefellers are more important to the Illuminati than the Bushes and the whole Neoconservative gang that brought us the Gulf War, 9/11, Afghanistan and the latest war in Iraq
What is even more suspicious is the fact that this man died in a plane accident. It doesn't take a lot to sabotage a plane and there have been a few conspiracies involving plane crashes. Remember JFK Jr.? Remember Senator Paul Wellstone

It is also interesting that all three of these men were claimed to be "experienced pilots" which is suspicious. Much like Senator Paul Wellstone and JFK Jr., it is possible that Richard Rockefeller's plane was sabotaged. 

Assuming all of this is true of course, then why would this member of the Rockefeller family be murdered?
My guess is that this is a sign of an internal struggle within the Illuminati. This could be a continuation of all the banker 'suicides' that have been occurring over the past year or so. The bankers that have been dying were probably only mid-level management guys in the Illuminati hierarchy. Richard Rockefeller has an obvious and direct blood connection to the family which indicates that he would  be a higher-up in the hierarchy.

Perhaps due to the major changes that have occurred in the world that have gone unreported in the mainstream news such as the fact that the BRICS alliance is finally moving away from the petrodollar by starting their own financial system a major split has occurred in the Illuminati. This move by Russia would have been absolutely devastating because if the rest of the world turns to this new system then it would render the IMF and the World Bank powerless. It would also isolate the United States and make it a lot harder for the U.S. to keep piling on massive amounts of debt. These occurrences would be devastating and possibly fatal to the Illuminati because the United States, the IMF and the World Bank have been at the center of the Illuminati's ability to exert control over the world. Perhaps the Illuminati ordered the hit of this member of the Rockefeller family because he  clearly saw the "writing on the wall" and was planning to surrender or worst, testify against the family. Or perhaps this wasn't even a sanctioned hit and this was a personal vendetta against the Rockefellers. Either way, it seems implausible that the light forces would have been involved with an assassination.

It will be interesting to see if Ben Fulford or David Wilcock mention this occurrence in their next update. 

New Gordon Duff Post "VT Nuclear Education: Undeniable Proof of 9/11 as a Nuclear Event"

Some of this information is really "out there". All I have to say is wow. Keep in mind that weather manipulation is a concept that many insiders such as David Wilcock and Benjamin Fulford have spoke about in the past.

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor and the NNP (Nuclear Non-Proliferation community)

“We may well be looking at the signature of a very “advanced” nuclear device  carefully set up to produce maximum radiation.”
The documentary evidence below was available to all years ago.  Some used it, what they could find of it.  The entire NNP community always knew 9/11 was a nuclear event.  They always knew nuclear weapons have been used continually as a handy solution that avoids the potential embarrassment of not having enough casualties or destruction during a state sponsored terror attack.  Getting nuclear weapons is so easy we could be selling them here.
One Suggestion
One Suggestion
We are beginning to enter new ground.  We are now finding evidence that stolen Cold War era nuclear weapons slated for destruction were stripped down, remachined and built into enhanced radiation weapons of advanced design so they could be used with impunity, New York, Bali, intended for London, Iraq and Afghanistan, Damascus and more.  Among the released information, the “leaks,” is key information regarding weapon design, more efficient fusion reactions and the ability to cover up nuclear terrorism through systematic disinformation campaigns through Hollywood that utterly misrepresent the endless capabilities and flexibility of nuclear demolitions.

There are also reports of weather manipulation, two hurricanes, which helped dispel radiation that would have wiped out half of New York instead of simply killing the thousands who have died “mysteriously” of “toxic pixie dust” so far and the 70,000 reported by the New York Daily News as having cancers any idiot knows are radiation sickness.

Again, with weather manipulation, we enter a new ground.  VT has published on weather manipulation on several occasions, successfully predicting impossible storm behavior.  We have seen typhoons blocked and hurricanes created and in one instance, the use of an energy weapon to stop a storm blasting a hole 30km into the earth’s surface causing a quake and nearly a tsunami.  We will begin publishing these documents too if we have to.

Read More 

David Wilcock Comments on Latest Benjamin Fulford Update 6-2-14

Here is the latest update by David Wilcock which appears in the form of a comment on Benjamin Fulford's latest blog post. Basically what I am getting is that there is going to be a major shift in the alliances that currently exist in our 3d society. It appears that Germany is going to side with the BRICS countries. Whether or not this will be public or not is yet to be seen. Regardless the only thing that has kept the Illuminati alive is the fact that they could send most of the first world countries spiraling into poverty if the U.S. military or any other positive groups moved against them. Apparently their ability to do this is about to be eliminated due Russia and China's move to create a new financial institutions that are separate from the IMF and the World Bank. 

It’s quite a challenge to stay focused and positive in the midst of all these sweeping changes. There are so many stories intersecting at the same time that it’s difficult to track them all.
In case you didn’t see this yet there was a major revelation about the government being able to drive your car by remote control if it was made in 2008 or after. They didn’t get into technical details of when this started, but remote-control car hacking was demonstrated in a Motherboard video that went viral on the front page of

There’s much more that needs to be / should be covered. It appeared the US was going to be forced to sign a massive deal to reform the global financial system as of April 10-11th but they refused. The problem, then, was that there was no means to immediately force them to change their minds. Instead, the response is taking more time. Perhaps the Alliance didn’t expect such a blatant move.
Now it appears that the massive equity in the Collateral Accounts is going to be used to create an alternative financial system that will dwarf the IMF and World Bank in size, with the full backing of BRICS and other allies. This will be a gold and commodity-backed currency. Once people start using this for international trade instead of the dollar, it’s curtains for the FRN.

Master Hilarion 6-1-14

 There is a lot of wisdom in this message from Master Hilarion channeled through Maria Swetlishoff

Beloved Ones,

You have been passing through many portals through the last few months and now comes the process of assimilation of the energies and the shifting into a new perspective on your personal and collective journey. Many of you are arriving and perceiving, however dimly at first, the underlying potential that lies like magical seeds within the garden of your life. You are realizing that it is YOU who does the creating of the direction your life should go and it all involves the constant use of your focus and your thoughts.

It is important to remember that your thoughts are now in position to be more potent and more powerful than ever before, for the energies you have passed through have cleared many obstacles that were standing in your way forward. If you have been working on being attuned to these new energies, the way forward will fall into place in magical and wondrous ways. What seemed so difficult and unreachable before will now come into manifestation without too much focus from you.
With these potentials comes a warning to be responsible in your every thought, word and deed, for your power to create has been greatly magnified. Use self discipline and discerning awareness of the thoughts you are holding in each moment. As they come up, along with the associated feelings with them, learn to change all those thoughts and feelings that are from the old paradigm that were keeping you small in your perceptions of your own abilities and how you might use them.

Realize that you are no longer in that place and space and that now, you can be all that you have desired to be and that you can have all the good in your daily life that you have desired and deserved. You have done the work and now you are preparing to create the beauty of your new life. Celebrate each moment by rewarding yourself often. Surround yourself with the beauty of nature as often as you are able, for in this lies the power to regenerate and rejuvenate your human operating systems in a safe and conducive way.

Ben Fulford 6-2-14

During his recent trip to the Middle East, Pope Francis was able to get agreement from Muslim and Jewish authorities for a unified monotheism but was unable to convince the Orthodox Christians, according to P2 Freemason sources.

As the Pope visited the Middle East, the head of the Italian P2 Freemason lodge was in the Philippines where he tried to cash six bonds, including the one pictured here:

These 15 quadrillion dollar bonds are supposed to be backed by “King Solomon’s tunnel of gold,” according to the P2.

The White Dragon Society suggested to the P2 that they start by bringing just one kilo of gold to generate cash to bring over more kilos of this mythical gold. The WDS also suggested the Orthodox Christians might be more open minded about unity when the mass murder stops in places like Syria, the Ukraine, Iraq and Afghanistan.

The push for a one world religion comes as a series of public and private pronouncements by Western elites makes it clear that there is panic in the ranks of the Nazi/Zionist leadership.

As this report was going to press, King Juan Carlos of Spain announced he was abdicating his throne, thus joining the King of Belgium, the Queen of the Netherlands, and pope maledict in quitting recently.