Gordon Duff Exposes Use of Nuclear Weapons on 9/11

If you're reading this blog, then you've probably come to the conclusion that 9/11 was an inside job planned by the Bush Administration in order to destabilize the Middle East along with a lot of other reasons.

For me personally, 9/11 has always been an issue I was interested in because it really initiated my spiritual awakening. 9/11 is the most blatant evidence of the Illuminati's control over a lot of different institutions in this country and throughout the world. Just think about the cooperation that it took to successfully complete such an operation. We're talking about cooperation between the military, executive branch, media, air force and more.

When one realizes that cooperation to a large extent did occur on that day between all these institutions, one is able to begin the process of figuring out what exactly happened on that day. For years, I have always accepted the notion that nano-thermite was used on that day in order to cut the steel columns and cause the demolition-style collapse. But recently, major claims have been made by Gordon Duff and that nano-thermite could not have possible done the job. Well if nano-thermite wasn't used then what was? The answer apparently is a low-grade nuclear weapon.

Gordon Duff, a military veteran with connections to the intelligence community, has presented this document on Veterans Today which he claims he received from Russian Intelligence. This document thoroughly spells out how nuclear weapons were used and how they better explain some of the events that were witnessed on that day.

Personally, I believe Gordon Duff and I believe his connections to Russian Intelligence are real. If there was an intelligence agency out there that is free from corruption by the Illuminati, it is Russian Intelligence. Insiders such as Benjamin Fulford have made the claims in the past that the Illuminati were kicked out of Russia by Putin many years ago. If you want evidence of this, just look at how Russia has stood up to the United States in the past year. They made sure that the United States did not get involved with Syria and they have successfully avoided falling into the Illuminati's trap by not getting into a military conflict with the Ukraine.

When it comes to the claims made by Gordon Duff and Russian Intelligence about the use of a nuclear weapon on 9/11, it makes a lot more sense. Albeit I am not an expert on physics or explosions but there are occurrences and coincidences present that cannot be ignored. For instance, there have been thousands of first responders that have died of cancer since 9/11 and this has been reported by the mainstream media. The official story of 9/11 or the argument that nano-thermite does not explain these cancer-related deaths but a nuclear weapon sure does. This same occurrence was witnessed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the years following the use of the atomic bomb that brought the second World War to an end.

The next question that comes up is this, where did the nuclear weapons used come from?