UFO Dissolves Chemtrails ---- Evidence of Alien Intervention?

Yesterday while I was outside doing my daily meditation I looked up to see planes flying at a very high altitude followed by a long line of what at first glance, looked like a cloud. Now if you have done extensive research on 'conspiracy' topics, you are probably familiar with what these cloud-looking lines are; they are known as chemtrails.

A lot of times, contrails are mistaken for chemtrails. In my opinion, the difference between a contrail and a chemtrail can be found in how wide the 'cloud' becomes. A contrail will dissolve rather quickly without becoming too wide, but as time progresses, a chemtrail will become very wide. The width of the trail after a certain period of time is how one can tell the difference between a contrail and a chemtrail.

Personally I have observed chemtrails since I was a child and never thought much about them. Once I came to the realization of what a chemtrail was, naturally I became concerned. It seems that the mission behind chemtrails is to keep the population of Earth in a lower state of consciousness. Most likely, the chemtrails are made up of a bunch of toxic substances that we then breathe in. Obviously, there is not enough of the substance to kill us or else everyone would be dead, but it is not too much of a stretch to suggest that even the inhalation of a small amount of a toxic substance would have some kind of negative effect on the human body and human consciousness.

For awhile now, the idea has been circulating within the 'New Age' community that extraterrestrials have been neutralizing the chemtrails. In my opinion, I have always believed this to be true because it resonated with my intuition. Then, yesterday as I was watching the chemtrail become wider and wider, I saw what appeared to be an orb flash through the sky. I immediately thought about the extraterrestrials and whether or not I had just witnessed an ET craft dealing with the chemtrail. I went back into meditation and looked to the skies again five minutes later to find that half of the chemtrail had vanished.

A video containing evidence of what appeared to be an orb neutralizing chemtrails has appeared on youtube. Youtube user Crrow777 has video taped what appeared to be an orb shooting something into the chemtrails. He speculates that the orb is either an intelligently controlled ship or some kind of device that is intelligently controlled because of the fact that it is shooting something into the chemtrail. My theory is that whatever is being shot into the chemtrail, perhaps some type of substance that neutralizes the specific chemicals within the chemtrail, eventually causes the chemtrail to completely dissolve, in a similar fashion to what I observed when I witnessed an orb during my meditation.

Despite the fact that chemtrails still do exist and are being sprayed all over the world, it is comforting to know that we have friends in higher places that are looking out for humanity by neutralizing the effects of these chemtrails. The day is soon coming when chemtrails will be an occurrence of the past and we can look to the skies without having to witness the eye sore that chemtrails create.