Karen Doonan - Upgrades to the human energy system – next linear 48 hours

 Since the New Moon on Thursday, the energy has been really intense. It could be true that upgrades are occurring within our energy bodies. On a personal basis, I have found that I have been able to reach deeper levels of meditation in a shorter period of time over the last few days. Also my ability to perceive entities in other dimensions and communicate with them has definitely sharpened. It will be interesting to see what revelations and changes this energy will trigger in the 'mainstream' paradigm.

As many of you are now experiencing the linear year 2014 as defined by the calendar used by the human race generally upon planet earth has been unlike any other energetically.  It may have taken some of you by surprise how “full on” the energies are and are continuing to be.  Personally over the last linear 24 hours sleep has been erratic to say the least and the influx of higher dimensional frequencies has at times sought to place me in a sort of meditative state, somewhere between full sleep and being awake.  It is vital that when this unfolds that you RELAX into the process, for the human logical mind may try to teach you that you NEED to sleep and then it will DEFINE the type of sleep that you need.

The human vehicle is going through the transition process from a carbon based vehicle to one that is CRYSTALLINE based and as such the “needs” of your human vehicle will change and shift as the energies change and shift and you begin to anchor the higher dimensional frequencies within the cellular structure of your human vehicle. It is not TRUTH to state that the entire human race will experience ” a shift” all at once for all are unique and all are in personal transitions. It IS TRUTH to state that the planet herself is shifting and this shifting will now INCREASE RAPIDLY. This is to support the birth of new ways of living and BEing in human form upon and within planet earth. It is also to support ALL races/realms who wish to have a physical presence upon and within planet earth.

Whilst there have always been races who live physically upon and within planet earth, the planet is now preparing for ALL, there are so many hundreds of thousands of different races that share the UNIVERSE of 3 with the planet earth.Indeed many have incarnated into human form to help the human race but they have not been identified publicly. This is to help further feed the distortion that is in place within the old 3d earth paradigms in relation to contact and our galactic presence.  For if the old 3d earth reality can get you to align with a specific race and maintain this definition within your human vehicle then you will remain within the created frequency of said distortion.  It is not TRUTH to state that many upon this planet are Pleiadian for example, it may be that you align with Pleaidian traits but that does not make you Pleiadian. Indeed the Pleiadians have shared many frequencies with ALL for ALL ARE ONE and ALL JUST IS.  It is a teaching of the old 3d earth paradigms to define SELF through a race without fully checking with your SOUL where you come from and why you are here.

Many are filtering out TRUTH in relation to ALL ARE ONE, there are various races/realms alive upon this planet in human form, indeed the human race is not an indigenous race, there are a CREATED race, created in order for the energy that YOU ARE  in TRUTH to experience this planet and all that she has to offer.  Many are starseeds, incarnated from various planetary systems in order to help from within the human race. Galactic law states that no outside interference is allowed, something those who interacted with the human form incarnated upon and within this planet ignored. Hence the mass incarnation of certain races, realms and other energies into the human race in order to help from within. Many are falling to the very human appearance of those around them. The only way to tell who an energy is in TRUTH is to FEEL the energetic signature of the energy that has incarnated into human form.  EACH BEing in the UNIVERSE has a unique energy signature and this is what you now in human form are attempting to anchor and to align with fully at a SELF level. Only by identifying your OWN energy signature can you even begin place your incarnation onto this planet into a context that works at SOUL level.

Many are trying to logically fit themselves into the CREATED profiles of races that are deliberately placed in the outer waking reality in order to further contain and suppress at a human conscious waking mind level.  For those who are moving and shifting and coming into full alignment with the New Earth the coding will now continue at expansive and deepening levels.  This coding works to expand and to add volume (to use a very human context) to your UNIQUE energy signature.  You can state who you are and then define who you are using human words but you cannot bypass your actual energy signature which will show who YOU ARE in TRUTH at all times to those who are able to read it.
The coding that now unfolds across the planet is to help ALL do just that, only by FEELing the energy signature of those who you share your human life with and who are incarnate into the human race can you begin to work at an energy level. Prior to this you work with the smoke and the mirrors of the old 3d earth. Again I would reference the analogy of the present that is wrapped in xmas paper but contains a rattle snake. At this time you are asked to FEEL TRUTH and to disconnect from the glitz and the words that are used by those who seek to cover their energy signature at this time. ALL KNOW that this coding is unfolding and many are now trying desperately to cover SELF with the filters of the old 3d earth and this is not TRUTH and therefore not supported.

In a world that is now born into a new age, no longer do you have to logically work out whether someone is TRUTH or not, simply move into  the HEART space and FEEL, the energetic signature of an energy CANNOT be altered, hence the reason the old 3d earth spent so much time keeping you OUT of the heart space and into the logical mind for the human logical mind has no reference points for the energies that are incarnate into human vehicle upon and within this planet. The HEART space DOES.

At this time you are asked to relax and BE and to move fully into the HEART space, it is not possible to live a new life by holding tightly on to the life you have been living within the old 3d earth and your SOUL seeks to show you this at all times.  Over the next linear 48 hours you are asked to BREATHE and to BE and to allow the shifting of your outer waking reality which for many of you may be intense and chaotic before once more finding balance at a higher energetic level.