Ben Fulford 2-3-14

So I am not posting the full Fulford posts anymore out of respect for him and his wishes. If you want to read it though, it is very easy to find. Here is a blog where you can find the full article.

Basically there is a lot of internal fighting among the banker elites which is leaving a lot of bankers dead. Also the notion that events may begin to get interesting next week seems plausible due to the fact that the energy hitting the Earth from space is really intense at the moment. I just want to say this, personally I would trust Ben Fulford over a lot of other 'insiders', especially ones that focus on events regarding the Dinar. I agree with Cobra that the Dinar is a CIA operation meant to distract people from what is really going on; the same technique was used with the 'NESARA' funds for all those years. My guess is that the real funds will come from the "massive campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction", as Ben Fulford puts it. 
By Ben Fulford

The Lunar New Year’s holidays have begun and our sources say we can expect fireworks to start in the week starting on February 10th (If you are of the school that believes Monday is the first day of the week). In essence, the new Chinese government recognizes they have created a real estate bubble and have decided to take it down once the New Year’s work starts in earnest. This will have a ripple effect worldwide, especially on commodities markets that have grown dependent on Chinese demand.
Weather warfare is also continuing with the ongoing cold front in the US and the drought in California devastating US food supplies and bringing the US cattle herd down to its lowest size in 60 years.

Australia’s cattle herd is also being devastated by a drought and a newsletter reader managed to find proof of HAARP weather modification weaponry being used against Australia.

There is also a lot of fighting going on under the surface in the banking world and it is connected to a concerted attack against J.P. Morgan, Skull and Bones and the Bush (Scherf, Pierce, Pecce) family. The mysterious deaths of three bankers last week were all connected to this battle, according to MI5 and other sources.

Gabriel Magee, the J.P. Morgan banker who died in London was an IT specialist dealing with Europe, the Middle East and Africa including Saudi Arabia. He worked on a market ‘predicive’ program which spots market movements. These are the closest to AI and generate huge profits. UK investigators suspect he was killed to silence him after he spotted and was about to blow the whistle on huge dollar transfers being made out of the BRICS countries.
William Broeksmit, the Deutschebank banker died after Deutschebank pulled out of