Katy Perry's Occult Performance at Grammy Awards Screams 'Illuminati'

 Last Sunday, millions of people around the world watch the Grammy's live on television. The Grammy's are meant to be a celebration of the music industry; a tribute to the achievements of recording artists globally over the course of the year. Yet due to the popularity of the awards show, it serves as the perfect outlet to expose millions of people to the occult practices of shadowy organization, the Illuminati.
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On Sunday, when Katy Perry took the stage to perform her hit single Dark Horse, it appears this is just what happened. Early into the performance, Katy Perry takes off her cape and a red cross illuminates on her chest. The bright red cross appears to be similar to the symbol that the Knights Templar chose to wear. Obviously, besides the Knights Templar, the cross is a major symbol to Christians. It is common for the Illuminati to mock Christianity through the outlet of performances by major recording artists. Remember Nicki Minaj's Grammy performance in 2012 in which she appeared to hover above the ground during an exorcism?

The performance got even stranger when Juicy J arrived on stage to perform his verse in the song. As Juicy J began his verse, Katy Perry walked over to a broom stick and began to dance around it with two other dancers.This is definitely the over-sexual part of the performance. Her whirling around the broomstick was reminiscent of a dark, corrupted Maypole dance or the dance of a stripper. Regardless, it is not a surprise that this performance contained such a sexual portion. The real occult rituals of the elite reportedly feature adulteress activities such as mass orgies; a perfect example being the occult ritual portrayed in the movie Eyes Wide Shut .

Yet despite the theme of witchcraft that seemed to define the performance given by Katy Perry on Sunday night. The only symbol that was in the performance that suggested 'Satanism' or the "Illuminati' was the Baphomet that was immediately visible at the very beginning of the performance. This symbol has been present in many artist's videos and performances.

Performances like the one given by Katy Perry on Sunday show us that the Illuminati still have influence in the music industry and other industries as well. Despite this, more and more people are beginning to see these performances for what they are, some kind of dark, occult ritual.This can be seen by the reaction of many people on Twitter immediately following the performance  For every person that wakes up to see the darkness in front of them, the Illuminati loses a little more power and the world becomes a bit more brighter. The next major event in which the Illuminati have been known to leave their mark is the Super Bowl which will occur on Sunday, February 2nd.