4 Reasons Why Obama Is Not Under Illuminati Control

Everyone has heard the conspiracy theories regarding Obama and the Illuminati but are they true or simply a disinformation campaign set-up with the intention to smear Obama? Let's face it, Obama has gone through with some actions that suggest that he is under the influence of the power elites, but is Obama just influenced or is he a willing participant? The answer is the latter. Here are four reasons why Obama is not under the complete influence of the Illuminati or the power elites.

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            The first reason why Obama is not under the complete influence of the power elites can be found in his dedication to ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. As we know, the Bush Administration used the 9/11 false-flag attacks to justify going to war with Afghanistan and then later Iraq. These wars were a part of a bigger scheme to completely destroy the Middle-East in hopes of taking over the oil supply and triggering a conflict that would escalate into WWIII. Obama campaigned on the promise that he would end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. As of 2011, combat operations have officially ended in Iraq and the vast majority of troops stationed in Iraq have left. When it comes to Afghanistan, Obama has pledged that the majority of troops will be out of Afghanistan by the end of 2014 and if President Karzai (President of Afghanistan) does not agree to the security pact that the United States has offered in order to protect troops in Afghanistan, the United States will completely withdrawal from Afghanistan by the end of 2014.

            Besides Afghanistan and Iraq, the Illuminati's plan to trigger a world-wide conflict involved going to war with Iran. For years, the notion has been present in the media that Iran is months away from obtaining the capability to create a nuclear weapon. The rhetoric against Iran really ramped up in 2008, and in fact Iran was a major topic of debate in the 2008 Presidential election. The Republican Candidate, John McCain, vowed that he would not hesitate to use military force against Iran and criticized Obama's stance of diplomacy over war. Barack Obama vowed that he would take a more peaceful approach and use diplomacy to solve the issue which brings us to our next reason why Obama is not under the complete influence of the Illuminati. In late 2013, Obama did just that by successfully negotiating an interim deal with Iran that would ease up economic sanctions on the isolated country in return for Iran's complete cooperation and word that they would not create nuclear weapons. It is too early to tell whether or not Iran will keep their word, but because of the higher-dimensional energies that are washing over the Earth causing current events to steer towards love and peace, it seems likely that peace with Iran will ensue as a result of this deal.
            Another reason why Obama is not under the complete influence of the Illuminati can be found in the purging of many officers within the U.S. military. While the mainstream media and many conservative blogs portray Obama's purging of the U.S. military as a negative action and a sign that Obama does not tolerate anyone that does not have 'liberal' ideals, it is most likely much more. Websites such as Veterans Today have reported on some of the dismissals in the U.S. military including the dismissal of two of the top nuclear commanders in late 2013. Instead of military officers being fired based on their political views, websites such as Veterans Today and Press TV present a different view. Basically, from insiders within the intelligence community, Veterans Today learned that there were officers within our military and navy that were planning to commit a false-flag attack against an United States aircraft carrier and then blame the attack on Iran in hopes of pulling the United States into a conflict with Iran. It is plausible that all of the military officers that have been purged over the last couple of years were under the influence of the Illuminati or were a part of the power elites. Even insiders such as Benjamin Fulford have recently changed their minds about Obama by acknowledging the purge that has seemed to have taken place within the military. If this is the case, then Obama has done positive deed for the country and the world by removing men that would rather see a dictatorial one-world government with the majority of the population enslaved instead of a peaceful, abundant Earth.

           The final reason why Obama is not under the control under the Illuminati can be found in what appears to be the strong 'other-worldly' reaction to his election. Ever since Obama first appeared on the national scene, many of the more popular channels of extra-terrestrials, ascended masters and other entities proclaimed that Obama was a light-worker who was out for the good of humanity. This notion appears to have been backed up by the prolific number of orbs that were present at Obama's acceptance speech.The term orbs refers to balls of light that often appear in photographs and videos. Skeptics hold to the belief that these orbs are nothing more than dust or other material; others believe that orbs are the manifestation of higher-dimensional beings appearing in our third-dimensional reality. Assuming that orbs are indeed the manifestation of higher-dimensional beings in our reality, then it is plausible that these beings were present at Obama's acceptance speech because Obama's election was a crucial event in the march towards higher-consciousness on this planet.

            To conclude, this article is not stating that Obama has been the perfect, enlightened President; it is simply stating that he is not under the complete control of the Illuminati. Yes, Obama has been a part of some negative actions such as the bombing of Libya as well as the attempted bombing of Syria but is Obama really at the head of these events or is he just a minor player? It is easy to blame everything on the President without taking into account the other forces within our world that have a lot more power than the President of the United States. It also needs to be taken into account the vast repercussions that Obama could have faced for blatantly standing up against the plans of the Illuminati. Regardless, as the planet continues to climb into the higher-dimensions and as Obama's presidency begins to wind down, Obama will ultimately have the chance to show his true colors and hopefully his light.