Honoring the Role of the Physical Body in Consciousness Transformation

There will be a full moon next week and many more powerful energetic portals in September. This means that on the world stage, there will probably be a lot of chaos in the coming weeks. But, as outlined in this message, energetic portals allow us to make profound changes in our lives; that is assuming that we develop the proper technique and practices to create these changes. This message outlines the importance of cleansing our bodies along with our minds over the coming weeks.

Honoring the Role of the Physical Body in Consciousness Transformation
by Archangel Raphael

Beloved Child,

In this time of metaphysical transformation, it is important for Light Workers to understand and honor the role of the physical body in consciousness change.

The physical body, my Dear One, is where energy (intension) is transformed from spiritual to physical through biological acts such as the conversion of oxygen to life through breath, the transformation of material food to energy through digestion, the removal of impurities through the ingestion and release of water, and the transference of energy through movement of muscles. Of course, your intelligent cells will perform these functions without your assistance, but supporting them intentionally will magnify your power as a creator of a new consciousness.

Many of you have lived, sometimes alone, in a state of transcended consciousness for years. Many of you have developed magnificent healing gifts, both physical and energetic. Yet in this time you may have neglected the important role your own body plays in your gifts. It is through your hands that healing is given; it is through your voice that comfort is shared. In other words, your body is the means through which you work Light.

I lovingly challenge all Light Workers to intensify in the coming weeks the habits by which you honor your physical body by an order of magnitude.

For some this will mean more physical activity. The importance of physical motion in the community of Enlightened ones cannot be underplayed, as you are leading transformation through your physical acts. Physical activity can be gentle: for example, slowly walking outdoors for 10 minutes or dancing to a favorite piece of music.

Others have a golden opportunity in the coming weeks to release old physical patterns (and the thought patterns that precede them) that no longer serve them, including self-hatred and addiction. To do this, use simple prayers and affirmations several times a day such as: “It is easy for me to make healthy lifestyle choices,” and “It is easy for me to allow my angels to remove patterns that no longer serve me.”

Some must focus on appropriate consumption of food and water. Please listen closely to your body, for it will tell you what nutrition it needs to perform optimally. A balanced diet rich in vegetables, healthy proteins, and consistent hydration provide an excellent starting point.

Please take time each day to focus on breath. While a formal practice of yoga or mindful meditation can facilitate this, some find such practices daunting. Do not be discouraged: if you are not ready to focus on your own breath, start by tuning into a similar but external rhythm such as the breath of a sleeping child or pet. In time, your breathing will naturally synchronize with this rhythm. Simply observe as it does so.

Always and in all ways we are here to help you care for yourself, Beautiful Spirit. Call upon us to assist you in loving behaviors towards your physical body. Pray to see yourself through our eyes: with unconditional love, peace and joy.