Melchizedek’s Weekly Message 7/7-7/12

I am posting this message because of the amount of wisdom it contains. Forgiveness is a powerful force if one allows themselves to embrace it. When one learns to forgive, the pain centered around the issue that needs forgiving ceases to exist and the inner-child becomes a bit more free. On the flip side, if you dive into your subconscious and release negative experiences by reliving them and releasing the emotion (crying), the pain leaves and one forgives naturally.

Melchizedek’s Weekly Message ~ July 07 – 12, 2013
Received by Julie Miller
July 07, 2013

We are aware that there are many dear souls across this fine globe that are still haunted by circumstances that occurred many moons ago, in their past. Some of what repeatedly filters into your sub-consciousness are wrongs done to you by another, possibly you yourself made a decision you have regretted ever since. The heaviness of carrying those negative memories creates unnecessary burdens dear ones and through the Power of Forgiveness, and a little courage you can let the pain of these experiences go. Let forgiveness be the essential key to begin rebuilding your foundations, creating a new path of positive possibilities. When you make the conscious choice and apply the effort to forgive dear ones, you are finally providing self-care and self-love that has been absent far too long. When you forgive dear ones, remember this action does not mean you suddenly approve of what occurred that caused the pain you have been carrying around for so long, it only means you are finally ready to get on with the rest of life, leaving the pain behind – you are permitting yourself to be free from the memory’s hold.
Because forgiveness is a choice, you must be at a place within your mind that is ready to confront these troubling past issues. It is better to work through the Power of Forgiveness instead of waiting for it to someday flow through you. Forgiveness doesn’t work unless you are willing to choose it and work through it.

We encourage you dear ones to regain the power you lost through those painful experiences, the ones that still flood your memories from time to time. Don’t give your precious power away. It is understood that the pain of the situation was unavoidable at the time, but allowing it to continue to control you now is an option you can accept or refuse. Remember dear ones; your journey is yours. You have the power and more than enough ability to make choices that will increase positive choices that will have long term effects on your life and those around you. You are not meant to remain in the clutches of past difficult situations. Every time you allow yourself to relive the circumstances that bring you to the main cause of what happened, you are freely giving away more of your power to the person  or possibly persons that have wronged you during that memory. It is time to let these past difficult situations go and reclaim that power that is yours and use it to re-create a new you that is filled with love and compassion, who has the ability to touch others that reflects God’s Presence in all facets of your life.
We see the difficulty of trying to pull away from negative feelings, the ones that are buried deep within a painful memory. One of the emotions many feel while repressing these memories is anger. Understand what anger is dear ones. Anger is often seen as an external signal that you have been hurt; something inside of you fears, there is guilt, sadness and definitely certain amounts of frustration. The totality of the pain you carry from a difficult memory may not completely dissolve, but with the Power of Forgiveness as your healing aid you are giving yourself the opportunity to release your anger, and bring life and the ones you love closer to you instead of further away. Forgiveness is the first step towards release and rebuilding of you when you have been carrying heavy negative feelings of a past memory that you have tried for so long to remain buried.
Utilizing the Power of Forgiveness is not something you can slot down into your notebook or plan it on your agenda. When the feeling and need overcomes you to forgive that is the time dear ones. For many dear souls that have discovered the Power of Forgiveness, this energy and power created a spontaneous action that encouraged the release of pent up anger, frustration, pain and so forth. Not everyone works in this fashion. We know there are planners out there, people who prefer to put time aside for certain things that they know will take more than a few seconds, they know they are not going to make an appointment with forgiveness, but they will take the time of that moment where there is quiet and allow the Power of Forgiveness to move through them. There is no right or wrong time to forgive. When the time is right for you, you will know. With forgiveness, closure is more than a possibility it is reality. You are consciously letting go of any resentment you may have been carrying regarding a specific person, releasing the pain that will finally allow you to begin living your life. Do you know dear ones who accepts the release of your pain and anger and all the other negative feelings you may carry from difficult memories? It is God. As you sit and go through the Power of Forgiveness, He too is with you while you are reliving those events, seeing with the clarity you may not have seen during the moment the situation occurred and as you release each part that you have been carrying, He takes your release, He is loving you, and encouraging you and He replaces the negative feelings you just released with the power and strength of His own Love and Light.
You know by now dear ones, you know the past cannot be undone. What has happened is over. Each past experience, even the difficult ones are filled with lessons to be learned that are not all negative. The knowledge gained from these lessons are incredibly profound and they can help you with new upcoming challenges. It is up to you dear ones how to respond to the lessons. Each situation you face has the potential of inspiring you to rise above any difficulty and to bring that knowledge learned into new areas of your life as wisdom. There is nothing in your life that you can’t see the positive lessons inside if you make the choice to view with optimism and hope.
Pay attention dear ones to your internal self-talk. Are you aware of the messages you are sending to yourself? During your busy day if you make an error or mistake, do you insult yourself or belittle yourself? If you have a habit of being self-judgmental and self-critical, try and take the time to write down the words and feelings you are expressing to yourself without bias. Then look at them as see if what you say holds merit and fairness. If what you see is really untrue of who you are, then dear ones you have been gifted with the opportunity to produce newer and more positive ways of thinking. You are not the negative words that can appear inside your mind.
Understand your internal negative self-talk are just reactions that you have created in response to something that has happened. Even though these reactions are internal, they can become toxic and affect your work and personal life. Depending on how you think of yourself, you can choose to create a path that will bring you success or choose to create a path that will bring you more misery. We encourage you to believe that you are special, and yes you are competent. Believe in your own truth even if you are just exploring what your truth is, what you have uncovered so far you need to believe in it. When you truly believe you are competent and special then you put in motion the steps to live up to that truth.
One of the concerns we have observed while many dear souls are taking part of being self-critical is labelling. There are more separate groups of people in your age that is necessary. And what is also observed is within many of these created labels of people are even more labels that are based on character and personality, and this is often broken down to even more labels of who is considered to be winners or losers. There is no love here when this kind of labelling occurs; this is an unsavory opportunity to create deception of what a person may think of themselves. None of you are losers, or mistakes. To us each dear soul no matter what they have experienced or where they are mentally are loved by us. End the need to categorize yourself with negative labels, remove the heavy attachments labelling can create. Free yourself dear ones knowing not just in your heart, but in your body, mind and spirit that you are special and yes you are definitely a winner.
When it is time to anchor the Power of Forgiveness, learn what it is you need to do in order for you receive the closure your emotions need. Sometimes a simple apology is all that is needed. Creating more complexity during forgiveness is truly unnecessary. Make this step towards healing yourself to be simple. It is okay to share your experiences with another dear soul that you trust and feel a certain closeness to, and sometimes talking to a stranger can be very liberating. Who you choose to share with, will help you discover the lesson within the difficult memory and through the lesson you will learn how to end your negative self-talk, dissolve the anger you have carried and begin living a life no longer stuck in the past that is lighted through your release of the pain that memory once carried.
Forgiveness is healing; you know this. It is liberating and offers you closure. During the time you give yourself to forgive past wrongs you are discovering more of your own authentic self, the person you once were before any difficult situation took your power. You are rediscovering who you are, how great you are in all you do, even within areas that you know you can do better, you are great because the energy that is involved is yours and it is beautiful and most definitely it is great. When unburdening yourself from those painful memories that carried and created negative labels, fear, unreasonable distractions, etc., what you uncover and find is that up to now you have been living a fictional life. By consciously choosing to remove the pain of any past moment where you were wronged by another you see where your true authentic self ended and this other self was created. Remember dear ones, you are not the loser or hated, you don’t always make mistakes, you are perfect to us and you are finally seeing after letting go through the Power of Forgiveness just how beautiful and special you are. Now it is time for you to become the person that you were meant to be, not the person others told you to become. Learn through the direction of your heart and through the guidance of God’s Presence how to demystify the concept you have created for yourself and reclaim your authentic true self. When you take the time to evaluate your life, which is often done during the time you take to work with the Power of Forgiveness, see the facts that has always been there underneath all the emotions and past pain, move beyond those, letting go of excuses and fears that have for so long covered up your sacred and divine beauty and become the person you know in your heart you always wanted to be. Believe in yourself more dear ones and watch doors that were once closed open and opportunities become available that are there for the benefit of your journey. Be one with yourself. You will never walk this journey alone, when you have God not just beside you but all around you and within you, providing you His Light to guide you out of your darkest moments and His love to encourage you to reach and to continue reaching to be all you can be.
And so it is…
I AM Melchizedek through Julie Miller