Mainstream Media Lies About Syrian Rebels

As time goes on, more and more evidence is beginning to present itself that completely contradicts the 'official' story about the conflict in Syria given to us by the Mainstream Media. What is beginning to show up in the mainstream news is that the rebels are not what we think they are. The rebels in Syria are controlled opposition being funded and armed by many states. These states include Turkey(Ben Fulford reports Turkey has agreed to stop arming the rebels), Israel, Saudi Arabia and probably the United States. While the rhetoric coming from the White House is that Obama is open to funding and arming the rebels, in truth, the United States has been arming the rebels from the very beginning through the CIA.

If you want to know the truth about what has been occurring in Syria, or at least, a version of the truth from an actual historian who is not in league with dark secret societies, then listen to journalists like Webster Tarpley. This guy knows what is really going on and is an advocate for truth. Anyways, it is beginning to become obvious to the public that the rebels are not out for the interests of Syria. From the beginning, the rebels have been committing atrocities, largely against Christian groups. This has been going completely unreported by the Mainstream Media.

In actuality, the rebels are just a loose conglomerate of militants from various states in the Middle East. The Mainstream Media would have us believe that President Assad is evil and that the rebels are fighting for freedom. In truth, the rebels are fighting for foreign interests. While President Assad probably is not the best person in the world, he has a lot of support in Syria. This is a fact that the Mainstream Media does not want the people to know. A good portion of Syria prefer President Assad over the rebels.

The conflict in Syria is providing many functions. The main reason is that, if all-out war were to break out in Syria, it would probably lead to a world war. This is because of how aggressive Russia has been at trying to make sure Syria remains independent and free from Western interference. A full-out war is not going to occur under any circumstance but if it did, it would drastically slow down the banking changes that are occurring and provide the Illuminati with new funding. The various factions that make up the Illuminati are broke and they need money to continue their efforts to sabotage the new financial system and to remain in power. Another reason why a war in Syria is needed is so that a pipeline can be placed in Syria. This would give Europe access to Middle Eastern oil and would free a lot of the Illuminati-controlled European states from being dependent on Russia for oil.

Here is further evidence that the rebels in Syria are not what the Mainstream Media says they are.

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