Not All Being Said of the “ETs” is Accurate

 This is a very excellent post that recently appeared on 2012scenario. The ETs perspective is from the higher dimensions which means they can see a lot more than we do.

Earth allies are discussing the ETs at this time and much of what is being said is … well, I’m afraid, questionable, in my opinion. I have the difficult task of offering a different view, based on the sources we look at here, but without driving a wedge between us and the allies. Here are some questionable statements.

The ETs are not lenient

The ETs are not only lenient; they are loving, fair, and honorable. Their entire justice system is more fair than anything we have in Third Dimensionality.

They have no vindictiveness as we do; they do not “judge”; and their decisions are based on irrefutable, totally-objective evidence such as the Akashic records.  Everything about the manner in which they go about their legal duties conforms to universal law and is of love.
The allegation that the ETs are not lenient is not only not true, but should anyone be opposed by the galactics, I’d imagine they can count themselves exceptionally lucky for the fair and loving treatment that awaits them.

The ETs screen people and separate the good from the bad

The galactics have no need to screen anyone and will not be engaging in such a process as is being described by some Earth allies. The galactics have already located the members of the cabal and know where they are at all times. They do not need to “go through a crowd,” “scoop up a whole city of people,” “screen the population,”  etc. Moreover, they would not engage in any kind of activity that is so intrusive and invasive. In saying this, we may be projecting our own ideas of what we would do onto them.

They’re here to help us ascend and everyone who chooses to do so will be assisted. They’re not here to “separate the good from the bad” in Earth’s population, although they are here to stop the cabal from destroying the planet and enslaving the population. Beyond that, they play no such intrusive or invasive role as is suggested here.

Some dark ones will be cycled through the sun and disintegrated

I know of only one individual in history who was returned to Source and started over and that is Nazi butcher Irma Grese. (1) But very, very few people ever are accorded this treatment. And before they are, they are given one last chance or lifetime to rehabilitate themselves, as Irma, a former black witch, was. If any of the cabal were treated in this manner, we might be thinking of perhaps two or three. The way the allies discuss it makes it sound as if it would be used on perhaps a large number of recalcitrant cabalists. I don’t think so.

The ETs will paralyze the cabal with an agent that can also kill them

Some allies say that the galactics are using an agent that will paralyze them in its first stage of use and kill them in its second stage.  There is no need for such “weapons.” The galactics, as SaLuSa has said often, have the ability to simply remove them to whatever setting they want. On June 22, 2012, for instance, he said: “In one way or another they will be removed and placed where they cannot interfere with the Divine Plan.”
The ETs are battling the Archons or Annunaki

My understanding is that the Annunaki left the planet many years ago. I’m not aware that any remain. I’m not aware that any such battle continues at the present time.  The report that an Annunaki undersea base was recently destroyed was, according to Archangel Michael, a true vision but an event that happened some time ago.

A few individual Greys continued to live on the planet until recently, but no dark civilizations can approach the Earth as Hatonn said in 2010: “The light grid around the planet prevents any civilization with dark intentions from being anywhere near Earth.” (2)

Or the Arcturian Group in 2010: “In the past there were beings who indeed did not have your best interests at heart, but they are no longer being allowed to come here as this is such a powerful and critical time in the shifting energies of your evolutionary process.” (3)

I’m going to stop here but I could go on if time permitted. It’s wonderful that the Earth allies are now sharing their knowledge of the galactics and affirming some of what has been said in the channeled messages given to us for some time now. But I do ask that you treat their words with discernment because it doesn’t follow that because they are white hats, their knowledge of the galactics is necessarily correct.

I think sources like SaLuSa, Matthew Ward, Hatonn and the Arcturian Group are far more reliable than the Earth allies are at this point in our learning curve and we may have to treat the views of the latter with a degree of carefulness.


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