A Lemurian Meditation

  I do not know a lot about Lemuria, but this meditation and the picture has an ancient Earth feel to it. 
  This meditation is something I was asked to put together as a guided group
                    meditation for the spiritual development circle I sit in. I am delighted to share it
                    with anyone else who wishes to strengthen or discover their own connections
                    to Lemuria. I hope that you enjoy it and that is brings you much joy.
                                            Peace, Light & Bright Star Blessings from me to you.
                                                                   Namaste ... Star (Kerry)


               For the purpose of this meditation, the use of a Lemurian Seed Crystal is very
               helpful (but not compulsory) in enhancing your connection with Lemuria and
               the Lemurian energies.

               Sit comfortably in a relaxed position, with your feet flat to the ground. Take the
               crystal and gently rub your forefinger from its base to the tip to activate it. Then
               cup the crystal in both hands and allow your hands to rest in your lap.
              Close your eyes and take in a slow, deep breath … hold it for a couple of
              seconds then exhale gently – blowing out all cares, worries and concerns as you
              do so. Repeat this two more times so that your mind is completely clear and
              your body is free of tension.

               Imagine now that you are sitting comfortably on a soft white cloud which has
               floated down from the sky to be with you. Feel secure and embraced by this
              cloud and its soothing, gentle support. Now, allow the cloud to be lifted
              slowly upward on a soft, warm breeze, travelling higher and higher into the sky.
              The cloud carries you calmly across the lands and seas that are far below
              you now.

             The cloud eventually settles over a vast tropical landmass, you have reached
              Lemuria and you are gently lowered down to this land by the haunting calls of
              the dolphins and whales that swim gracefully in the Ocean surrounding Lemuria.
             They are the friends and water guardians of this sacred place and they wish for
             you to be here. The cloud settles serenely on a small stretch of beach covered
             in soft, golden white sand, followed by lush vegetation. Take a moment to just
             sit here peacefully, soaking up the warm rays which softly emanate from the
             two suns shining through the delicate, lacy white clouds in the rich blue sky
             above you. Enjoy also the sights, sounds and aromas surrounding you.

             You can hear the ocean waves lapping peacefully against the shore. Brightly
             coloured birds sing sweetly to you as they fly overhead, the trees rustle
             delicately against a light breeze that caresses your body. The air is lightly
             scented from the sea and the beautiful fragrances of the large, brilliantly
             coloured flowers and plants that are in full bloom amongst the vegetation.
             As you quietly sit here, you become aware of a female figure walking gracefully
             toward you from an opening in the vegetation. As she draws closer to you, her
             features become clearer. She is a young woman, tall and willowy, with striking,
             delicate, almost elven like features. She has long, flowing silvery blonde hair
             woven with fresh flowers and she is dressed in a long, silvery blue robe made
             from soft, chiffon layers of delicate, fine fabric. She is adorned with wonderful
             crystal jewels around her slender neck, wrists and ankles which capture the
             sunlight and sparkle exquisitely. Her hair and clothing move daintily as they
             catch the soft sea breeze.

             She is standing in front of you now and she smiles welcomingly to you as she
             holds out her hand to greet you. You can see that her whole body is almost
             translucent, etheric and her skin radiates with a soft, rainbow like shimmer.
             You take her hand, it is silky and warm to the touch and you slowly rise to
             stand in front of her. She starts to speak in a tranquil, whispering tone. She
             introduces herself as Hina, Sacred Guardian of The Moon, Stars and the Galaxy.
             She is the Goddess of love, peace, renewal, awakening and spiritual union.
             You can feel a gentle, yet powerful vibration flowing from her aura which
             resonates and softly glows with the frequency of the Universe and you know
             that her presence holds great illumination and enlightenment.

             Goddess Hina explains that she has been awaiting your arrival as she has a
             special gift for you from herself and the The Holy Mu Council of Wise Ones -
             The Lemurian Elders. You know that you are safe and protected as you follow her
             slowly back across the sandy beach and through the clearing from whence she
             came to collect your gift. When you reach the other side, you see in front of you
             a beautiful white selenite temple, with a large glass domed roof, this temple too
             glows gently in the sunlight. She leads you up the steps and through a huge
             archway into this glorious building. Inside, the temple is pleasantly cool, you
             smell the sweet aroma of incense burning and you notice that the walls are
             adorned with beautiful, mystical carved symbols. In front of you is a white stone
             altar, with two huge white candles that are illuminating an ornately crafted
             silver box in the centre.

             Hina stands between you and the altar, asking you to kneel before her. As you
             do so, you feel the energies of the Elders come slowly forward as they appear to
             you and stand next to Hina, forming a circle around you. You notice that they are
             very similar in appearance to Hina with the same slender, delicate, etheric elven
             features, the same radiating auras and the same pale silver-blue robes you see
             that some of these beings are male and some are female. You feel strongly the
             ancient star-borne wisdom and knowledge that vibrates from them to you within
             this circle of love, light and unity consciousness that they have projected
             around you.

             Hina turns to the altar, takes the silver box and hands it to you. You open the lid
             and take the gift that is inside. This gift has been created especially for you and
             has been crafted and created with great love and care. It is something quite
             magical, meaningful and very precious.

             Take some time now to ponder over this gift and to commune with the Goddess
             Hina and the Wise Ones. They may have words of insight, intuition, brilliance
             and wonder for you to help you on your path to enlightenment, they may introduce
             you to your Lemurian Guide, they may stir memories within you of your previous
             lifetime in Lemuria. Stay here for a little time with them.

             It is now time for you to leave, you thank the Elders and the Goddess Hina for
             their gift, their wise words and their blessings. The Wise Ones step back and you
             feel their energies subside as you bid them farewell. Hina walks back with you
             out of the temple, down the steps, through the clearing and across the beach to
             where your cloud is patiently waiting for you. Hina embraces you warmly, gently
             whispering that you are always, always welcome to return to Lemuria whenever
             you wish. As you watch her leave, you sit back on your cloud and enjoy again the
             beautiful surroundings of the sacred land of Mu, as your cloud slowly, slowly and
             very safely floats back up into the sky, the calls of the dolphins and whales
             soothingly echo through your mind, body, spirit and soul, becoming fainter and
             fainter, the land becomes smaller and smaller below you until it can no longer be
             seen as your cloud carries you gracefully on your journey back to Gaia. Whilst
             you are travelling on your cloud, you take time to remember and enjoy your
             experience in Lemuria. You have reached your destination now to the point where
             you started your meditation. Your cloud slowly descends down, down,
             closer and closer until you are back in the room, back to Terra Firma, back to
             the here and now but with your gift and memories of Lemuria and the words of
             wisdom imparted to you from the Goddess Hina and the Holy Mu. Take a
             moment to wiggle your fingers and toes and bring your consciousness forward,
             make sure you and grounded and when you are ready, open your eyes and enjoy
             your wonderful day, remembering that you can return to Lemuria at any time by
             using your guided meditation. Now deactivate your crystal by rubbing your
             forefinger from its tip to its base.

                                                     Your meditation is now complete.
                                                            ~*~      ~*~      ~*~      ~*~