Keys to Recognizing Intergalactic Souls

 I can't admit to knowing anything about star charts, but this seems interesting...  It makes sense that intergalactic/angelic/old souls would incarnate at specific times as this guy is suggesting.

One of the keys to older or intergalactic souls and as well those souls who orient from the Angelic Kingdom is an astrology chart with the fewest lines of definition.I’ve done charts with no trines, two squares, one semi-square and a two sextiles. There were barely enough lines to define the soul. Angels love to place this limited glyph in the upper heaven. They also favor the 11th and 12th houses.

Another key to an older soul is the use of conjunctions and having several power points for transit definition. Still another key is loading up the ascendant or mid heaven with multiple planets. The mid heaven allows the use of the higher self during the lifetime and the ascendant allows the personality and character to exact their spiritual nature.

Grand Trine and Grand Cross Configurations

Two very important aspects are the Grand Trine and the Grand Cross. Pleaideans will use multiple Grand Trines as they are graced with abundance and most often fall in career fields that include health care and teaching.

Grand Crosses are different in that they are earned through past lives. Although a Grand Cross in the chart can offer as much burden in the life as grace, it does, however, serve as an indicator of an older soul’s efforts throughout many centuries.

Excerpt from Discerning Planetary Origin and Soul Age through the Astrology Chart by Peter Phalam