Collapse of Illuminati Financial System Moments Away?

This email has been circulating around in response to this message from Oanda.

Dear ones,
Are we finally there?????????? Several friends have reported that CNN & on MSM that several references to this very thing were mentioned in not the same context but were hinting of this. On CNN they talked about a global currency revaluing this Thurs!! and on MSM Pelosi made the comment that we are going back to the constitution. I did not hear the interview but according to friends several other comments were made eluding to the info below. It has also been said recently that info will be made slowly due to the major shock of those who are not awake yet.
So if this is not a rumor, you can celebrate as now other info will be revealed as we experience the major changes that are taking place.
Love, blessings & peace,
Suzy Star
Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, And Gratitude!