Cleansing with Forgiveness

Cleansing with Forgiveness
Message from Ascended Master, Lady Magda
Channeled by: Julie Miller
June 16, 2012

A beautiful day it is dearest hearts with the delightful sound of children playing in the background as we begin our transmission. Let the unmistakable joy of pure love and delight found in children when they are thoroughly amused reach to you and your heart, thus spreading like liquid fire the warmth of love for yourself and for those precious souls that is sharing your current life stream.

Your heart centre is the central core of your being and it is the fundamental place to work on your love and compassion for others and for yourselves Self-love is crucial dear ones for the development of your Self and the progression of your journey. When you lack the essential Self-Love you are in essence lacking Self-Esteem and without even the smallest trace of this important element of the Self, spiritual healing is incomplete as you yourself are not whole. Reaching the ‘Wholeness’ of the Self in you is vitally important not only for your development but being able empower yourself fully to help others as you manoeuvre through your own individual journey.

The Power of Love is the ultimate and most sought achievement of a person’s life. All your beautiful inner light divinely sends the darkness away, yet it is the pure love from your beautiful spiritual heart that will show you how to overcome the darkness and why it was there in the first place making you stronger than you were before the darkness came across your path. Dearest ones, when you are able to give yourself the much needed love your complete self requires, then your heart will know peace and your body will respond peacefully and less strained. When you discover the overwhelming feeling of love in your heart centre, where you feel you will burst due to the  outpouring of Love that you are filled with, understand dearest ones that that is the Love of God working through you, illuminating through all your interactions you handle each and every day. When you allow God’s Love and Light into your heart you will notice your heavenly bodies being wrapped and surrounded never-ending compassion and Inner Strength. Love is simple joy and through love the innocence of yourself is revealed. Love is never indistinct. When it comes you can at times feel it at center of your stomachs giving you a flutter butterfly feeling I hear often expressed. When you stumble across love, you will not have any second guessing or maybes, you will KNOW through your lovely hearts from the clear and pure feelings your intuition will indicate.

I come today and welcome your call to help transmute all the necessary changes you will need to meet when you begin working on yourself and self-love. Through our collaboration you will find yourself understanding the power of speech and the relevance to learning how to speak without causing harm to another person’s beliefs. You will learn to speak purely from your heart as you learn to work through all your chakras, especially your heart and throat chakra. In time with decent commitment to your development in both spiritual and personal life you demonstrate your Godlikeness qualities as you continue to live and work through your divine hearts. I never said it would be easy, but you know by now when you are aiming to achieve something of importance there is a great amount of discipline and patience required. The building of your future from what you are doing now is not to be taken lightly; it is to be looked at with sincere love.

I encourage each of you to use daily the Violet Flame in concurrence with my own Silvery Blue Flame. Allow the energies of both sacred to wash over you with the brilliant light and love of God. The sparks of your life tingle with the awareness of your divine journey. These sparks that sometimes can be seen are from the Light of your own life force since you blasted into life – they are pure, perfect and joyful exhalations of God. After you go through many moments of self-discovery you will inevitably learn of your true self and through the comprehension of who you really you are, you will come to realize it is God that you want to come home to through your heart. God has never left you dear ones; God has always walked beside you. The clearing that must be done to enable the clarity of this knowing is essential. When you come home to your heart through the love you have for yourself and for those around you, you are coming home to the Heart of God, fore God also loves you and every single person you share this bountiful planet with.

The many lessons you are learning and for some relearning are all part of your growth that will open more opportunities to make more choices that will bring you closer to what you wish for the most. We of the Divine are always available to assist you and love you but it is you that must make the conscious effort to choose as wisely as possible understanding the possible outcomes and weighing in your heart which would be the best for you and those closest to you that would be affected by your decision. Without the lessons on your life journey, you would not have acquired the knowledge and wisdom you all have. No one’s experience is to be judged or ridiculed. Respectfully understand that all of you, each of you are doing what is thought to be the best. Ridicule and opinion based judgments do not help anyone other than increase the influence of negative energy. Remember to love and show kindness to all people regardless of their cultural background or situation. The sacrifices and difficulties each of you has had to face and endure have all taught you very specific lessons and they are not all negatively inclined. They have given you the undeniable knowledge of your own courage and strength to face all of life’s challenges no matter how big or small.

Bottom line dearest ones is the necessity to love yourself first in order to grow, learn and understand others. Deep meaningful forgiveness of yourself will cleanse ALL else that holds any amount of discord and disharmony from your precious hearts. You do this Forgiving Cleansing in order to feel yourself surrounded and enveloped by unconditional love from your friends, family members, me, God and all other spiritual beings both physical and ethereal that love and support you. I wish for you to fill up on this pure love until you feel you cannot hold another delicious morsel in order to share the experience with others and have them bask in your divine glow of pure love that is full of Self-Love. Loving yourself dear ones fully and completely sets the foundation of the path to self-healing, thus self-healing will take you to your Divine Wholeness from the grandeur that all things are available and ALL directions are open to be ventured.

I thank God with my full and complete heart for the time I have spent conversing through your divine sister this afternoon. I ask of you dearest ones, to demonstrate gratitude to God for each new sunrise and sunset, not only to bask in the glorious stream of colour but because of the NEW opportunities for you to discover and learn.

I AM Ascended Master Lady Magda through Julie Miller