Question for Ben Fulford Regarding Brazil

This post offers an interesting insight on the ongoing financial wars. Examples like the one discussed in this post are visible ways that one can tell that things are changing in the financial world.e

commercial bank
 Banco do Brasil slashed its rates by 50% on a single day, in an effort
 to push the private banks to do so.
> Here are the weirdness of this move:
    Brazillan government NEVER – EVER – messed with the banks, 
I’d like to call your attention to something, I would say “weird”
 that’s going on here in Brazil. Just recently, right after the BRICS summit in India, our President
 Dilma started a nasty offensive on Brazilian private banks, urging
 them for STRONG interest rate cuts. Brazilian stat
> as long as my 39 years old can tell. On the contrary, we were known
> for bailing out banks in the 90s, years before the 2008 Wall
> Street-Bernanke bailout party.
> REASON. And – at least for Brasil – the interest rate is the tool, or
> at least the primary tool to be used.
> And it started right after the BRICS summit in India.
> What I would like to know, however, is whether or not the other BRICS
> countries are making this sort of aggressive move as well. Be it in
> the interest rate side or anything else. Any move that might sound
> “weird” from their part, could be considered a BRICS summit aftermath,
> couldn’t it?
Thanks for that information. The move to cut interest rates and increase the money supply is part of an offensive against the Western financial mafia who are printing too many dollars and trying to use those dollars to buy assets in Brazil and other countries. It is a way of fighting back by saying that if they keep trying to print too many dollars, other countries will retaliate by printing more of their own currency too.
Please note that President Putin is not going to the G8 or NATO summits in the USA but is going to the environmental summit in Brazil.
The whole world is sick of those gangsters in the G7 countries and is fighting to remove them from power.
Your president is a champion of humanity.