High Council of Orion message for 30th May

Welcome dear ones, we come to guide and support at a time when the energies across planet earth now begin to increase. We are the High Council of Orion and we come to explain in order that you are able to move through the unfolding of these energies with grace and calmness. The new world is being born around you and through you and it is this new world that asks for the new energies. We are aware of many of YOU who are now in a state of what is termed “chaos”, this chaos is necessary dear ones to take YOU out of patterns that have enslaved and contained YOU during this YOUr life experience.

The chaos will continue and we guide for YOU to look beneath the apparent chaos, it is chaos that is the forerunner to new experiences and new ways of BEing. We guide for ALL to see the chaos for what it is and to become the observers to the chaos that begins to manifest within YOUr human life experience.
There are many realms and races who are now guiding through channels on planet earth and we guide for YOU to process the words through the heart. There are those who claim to be of the light who are but attempting to wrap the light around their words, we guide for ALL to be aware of this and process the words. As the energies begin to heighten then those skills and natural abilities that YOU have been denied in this life experience will begin to return to YOU.

Sheldan Nidle 5-31-12

Dratzo! We return! Much continues to happen behind closed doors on your world. The dark cabal bankers have created a situation of such unruliness with their mass of illegal debt instruments that they have become the means of forcing the banking industry to take on new management and drastic changes of operation. We have used these fraudulent banking practices as the grounds for bringing in a new global financial system. The cabalists' hubris has forged a debt situation so massive that it has become the weight that will break the back of the dark power that has run roughshod over your world for centuries. The magnitude of their fraud and criminality is beyond question, and with the assistance of a number of brave souls our liaison personnel have gathered enough case materials to force these scalawags to heel. Finally, a method of general resolution is becoming crystal clear. We have asked our liaisons and certain members of the surface world's secret sacred societies to meet with these defiant ones to compel them to affix their signatures to an agreement allowing the new financial system to go ahead.
This will lead to the release of your prosperity funds. Also, the monies destined for specific recipients are all in position and will be sent out as soon as the banking agreements are signed and being properly executed. We have had another group of our liaisons assigned to monitor this process since its inception. Various technological safeguards of ours are in place, and we will begin only when the above agreements are clinched. The prosperity disbursements are to secure the new governance and make possible the new reality we have long discussed with you. To ensure that all happens within divine right time, a number of heavenly Beings, along with our own security teams, have been protecting these funds from the dark and its thoroughly immoral ways. Our task is primarily to carry out a first contact mission with you; whatever can make this operation move forward becomes a crucial part of this mission, and so we monitor all of this closely and are ready to do whatever is required to complete this mission successfully.


Dearest ones, 
we are the Arcturians!
It is now high time to prepare, to prepare for the multi-layered process of shifting on all levels of  your reality. Yes, all shifts always start on the level of thought, a thought that has being dreamed in the Heart of God. From there all truly Divine projects of creation are being initiated, and then all the other chain reactions are following, down to the level where the initial thought has been aiming towards. 
This process of creation is now manifesting increasingly on your world, and many of you have been feeling the new great waves of light which have been arriving in the recent days and which still continue to arrive. They  are the messengers not only of your shifting consciousness, but also of the shifting of your bodies and the shifting of Gaia’s body. This shifting will continue also in other areas of your life, so that your daily routine might be disturbed by these  changes. 
However do not think that there will be one major  catastrophic event leading to the total destruction of your world. Yes, there will be  disturbances in all kind of areas of your life, but if you have been preparing, you will  find ways and the strength how to manage  changes and transitory events who require to let go what has been familiar to you.

POOF for MAY 27: Unconditional Love

Think about it, there must be higher love
Down in the heart or hidden in the stars above
Without it, life is wasted time
Look inside your heart, I'll look inside mine
Things look so bad everywhere
In this whole world, what is fair?
We walk blind and we try to see
Falling behind in what could be
Bring me a higher love
Bring me a higher love, oh
Bring me a higher love
Where's that higher love, I keep thinking of?
Worlds are turning and we're just hanging on
Facing our fear and standing out there alone
A yearning, and it's real to me
There must be someone who's feeling for me
Things look so bad everywhere
In this whole world, what is fair?
We walk blind and we try to see
Falling behind in what could be
Bring me a higher love
Bring me a higher love, oh
Bring me a higher love
Where's that higher love, I keep thinking of?
Bring me a higher love
Bring me a higher love, oh
Bring me a higher love
I could rise above on a higher love
I will wait for it, I'm not too late for it
Until then, I'll sing my song
To cheer the night along
I could light the night up with my soul on fire
I could make the sun shine from pure desire
Let me feel that love come over me
Let me feel how strong it could be
Bring me a higher love
Bring me a higher love, oh
Bring me a higher love
Where's that higher love, I keep thinking of?
Bring me a higher love
Bring me a higher love, oh
Bring me a higher love

Sheldan Nidle 5-22-12

Selamat Balik! We return! Much is happening on your world. A great confrontation between the dark and the Light is coming to a head. This struggle has thoroughly exhausted the governments of the West. These cabal-controlled regimes are at their wit's end as an immense financial crisis continues to deepen. The multiple threats to their stability have increased as the rigors of keeping to a debt-oriented economy are compounded daily by the on-going rebellion of nations like Greece, Iceland, and Ireland, and this rattles them to the core. The arrogance of the large multinational banks is throwing further monkey wrenches into this tottering global predicament. Meanwhile, these same banks are suffering from their own meltdown as the number of liens placed on them accrues. The whole sorry mess teeters on the verge of collapse! As this house of cards wobbles, those nations focused on bringing down the current dollar fiat system are silently enjoying what they have already accomplished. The Light supports their efforts in this, as do those who have worked to create the new and fairer economic system.

    Our task in these proceedings is one of support, advice, and a helping hand that can be used to promote the proposals made by these thoroughly alarmed nations. In the past, the non-aligned nations were considered by the West to be mere 'afterthoughts.' This marginalizing is now changing as the West's once-mighty economies stare over the edge of a seemingly bottomless sinkhole. This present array of potential calamities was deliberately engineered by the dark cabal during the last two decades as part of their arrogant bid for world domination. Now, Heavenly circumstances beyond their control have thrown this goal off course, placing the cabal at the mercy of their own diabolical trickery. Meanwhile, the Ascended Masters' plans to manifest the new monetary system will tie in nicely with the objectives drawn up by the secret sacred societies of those nations that have broken away from the cabal. The die is cast, and your world is living out the final days of a reality that has endured for millennia.

SaLuSa 5-21-12

Can you feel the changes around you as the energies continue to rise up, and will continue all the way to Ascension. They are bringing a peace to Earth and your civilization, one that will see many more souls lifting up into the Light. It will have the affect of calming situations that are leading to an aggressive response. Indeed, there are many trouble spots that need it to bring about a cessation of disputes and fighting, and you will see them being turned around. When sufficient people have found the power within to bring a peaceful solution to such problems, they will no longer be a threat to peace. By our reckoning there has not been such a period in your past, when the people have risen up to successfully achieve peace. Naturally there are still Leaders and Dictators that talk of war, and those of the last cabal are still desirous of spreading misery and death. However, talking is all they will be allowed to do, as we can support you in your quest for peace and put a stop to any attempt to do otherwise. 

We are quite active just now, as a number of events are being staged for your benefit. They will be fronted by our allies, and we will 'so to say' stay in the shadows and ensure all manifests as intended. When the need has arisen we have been outgoing, and it no longer matters if you witness our actions as we have no reason to hide them. It will not be long anyway before we will find ourselves free from the attention of the dark Ones, and able to mix with you. We have provisionally sought assistance from some Leaders who work with the Light, so that at last Disclosure can be announced. We desire to tie it in with our intent to give a display of our craft, as a way of celebrating our re-union. As we have often remarked, there are many of you who are directly related to us and the other members of the Galactic Federation. So please bear with us as the weeks pass by, as our promises have not been forgotten. We are true to our word and a series of great events are about to be unleashed upon you. 


If you are a homeowner, this might be something to look into.

Beauty & Light Amplified: the Venus Transit- Message from Naeshira, Ashira, The Pleiadians

Through Meredith Murphy
May 18, 2012
 Beauty & Light Amplified: the Venus Transit Message from Naeshira, Ashira, The Pleiadians
Greetings Dear Ones of Light,

It is a wonderful time to be here with you now, as the Earth approaches her last cycles in this passage toward greater unity and wholeness. Returns of this sort are long anticipated and it is with this sense of enthusiasm and wonder that we join you today.

Within your being are vast annals of information that transmit energy across what you think of as time. You are a multidimensional portal of light and with your focus, give shape to this light in your realm, your world, and also in perhaps a less conscious way, you transmit continually to the whole and also to the streams of consciousness where you have resonance and affinity through focus experiences.

It is these streams we wish to speak to you of today for it will become more important in the coming days for you to trust what you experience within as your guidance will come forth in more specific ways to assist you in knowing where to be and how to ride out this passage into the history of time.
Life will not be the same on Earth as many of you have long sensed and are increasingly noticing.
There will no longer be many of the experiences that you have had in the past of conflict and disorder, as increasingly the higher vibration of the planet will make these energies incompatible with this point of focus vibrationally.

Sakurajima Volcano Erupts...Result of impending astrological alignment?

This seems to be the opener to a potentially intense weekend due to the Solar Eclipse/Pleiadian alignment. The Galactics are busy today...

SaLuSa 18-May-2012

We know that some of you wonder why it seems to have taken so long to get events started. Firstly we must tell you that the activities we are involved in are ongoing, and we have been fully occupied even if you are not aware of what we have carried out. Preparing for these end times is no mean task, and of course circumstances change which we have to adapt to. Plus the dark Ones have been more difficult to remove than we anticipated. However, now that we have been given the authority to take direct action against them, our presence is being felt and our results rewarding.

We have all but stopped the dark Ones in their tracks, and we will not allow them any scope to return to their previous tricks. We must lastly commend you for handling your side of the activities in a most positive manner, so much so that you have carried the battle to the dark Ones very successfully. It has enabled us to give you more responsibility, as we do encourage you to take matters forward yourselves. This is because you have to take responsibility for the situations you have allowed to occur. It does not mean you have to do it all, and that is far from it as we of the Galactic Federation have a most important role to play. We are here to ensure you safely reach Ascension, and introduce you to your Space Family and the many advantages that have been kept from you.


Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012
Beloved Ones,
We Are the Arcturians!

Never give up your positive outlook about what is to happen next in your world! But we need to clarify the difference between the meaning of "positive and negative" related to your limited, dualistic thinking in the 3th dimension and the Positive as an expression of the mind which exists in higher dimensions. But even these higher dimensions still appear in the Source-field Itself, like you do, and we call it "Positive" in the highest sense if they acknowledge their dependency on that One Source.

Therefore the best we can recommend is to focus your mind of  heart directly on the Light of Oneness Itself, in which everything appears as an expression of that Oneness, radiating from the core of it with the Brightness of Ultimate Light-Consciousness. 

All truly positive events in that understanding are therefore happening as an emanation of Source-Light and are not created by the mind that is bound and defined by the body, gross, subtle or causal, but which are fueled by Source Itself, while you are calling with your visionary and heart's intention upon Its primordial power of creation.

How the Illuminati Exert Control Through the Media

Most of the things we see and hear through media is controlled and manipulated. What we see on TV is like a movie almost. We are given this projected image of what is happening in the world which is not necessarily an accurate picture. If you are an avid reader of alternative news sites then you are most likely aware of this occurrence. What people do not understand is how deeply embedded the disinformation really is. 

The elites who have this amount of control over media outlets understand that there is something called the internet and people use it to spread the Truth. As a result, they have people who directly place disinformation on the internet. The most obvious example are the many sites that attempt to debunk the 9/11 conspiracy. This is the most obvious example because one doesn’t have to look very deeply to find evidence contradicting the official story. The “Conspiracy” of 9/11 is based in scientific fact. Yet, because of the vast amounts of disinformation on the internet, even awakened people have a hard time realizing this notion.  Often times, articles that attempt to debunk the events of 9/11 never really attempt to look at the facts. Instead they attack the people who try and speak the truth by claiming they are “insane” or a variety of other adjectives. Often times these articles will have a derogatory tone which is used to make the reader believe they are somehow wrong for even looking into the subject. News Outlets such as Fox News use this tactic as well. They will bring a person on air that has a belief that is considered “crazy” in comparison to the Mainstream. Instead of letting these people talk, the news casters attack their credibility in a derogatory manner. These actions coming from major news outlets are enough to make a rather confident person question what they believe. It is hard to stick to your logic when everyone else is heavily influenced by the mass media and afraid to look into the subject. It is even harder to stick to your logic when you’re being attacked for speaking your opinion. 

Portal 2012: MAKE THIS VIRAL!REBOOT OF THE GRID5-20-2012Aft...

Portal 2012:
: MAKE THIS VIRAL! REBOOT OF THE GRID 5-20-2012 After the great success of World Liberation Day, our efforts for planetary lib...

How Many Energy Waves Will You Ride?

This article provides some interesting insights into the upcoming eclipse. We, as lightworkers, are doing fine. Lets not worry about the dramas that are going on in today's world. The quicker we transform ourselves, the quicker the Earth will transform. 

Welcome to Brenda's Blog

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for

Summary of Brenda’s May 13, 2012 free, 15-minute, channeled “Creation Energies” show at Some of you feel you aren’t transitioning as rapidly as you “should”. You are actually transitioning more rapidly than we thought possible. You started your journey in a covered wagon on a dirt road and are now traveling on an interstate highway in an auto that does not need a driver.

Brenda’s Creation Energies show includes different channeled material than Brenda’s Blog even though both could be about the same topic.

Title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her free, weekly, channeled blog for ”Are You Afraid of Your Future Self?”

SaLuSa 5-16-12

As more of you are awakening to the truth about your reality, so the levels of consciousness are rising never to return to the lower levels that you existed in. Since you are One each of you affects each other on the conscious level, and as you lift up others they are lifted with you. Having reached your present level, it becomes easier to comprehend the greater truths about you and your existence. As you realise how powerful you are, that knowledge can be put to use to continue your journey to Ascension. You can for example use your power of thought to protect yourselves from the lower energies that are all around you. You can do it by visualising yourself wrapped in a Light body, that you know as your aura. It can be damaged by negative emotions particularly such as anger, and also sound if it is very loud and high pitched. Once your aura is damaged you will be prone to illness and disease. If you feel that you have been affected, use your power of thought to visualise it intact all around your physical body.

As you move on to the higher dimensions you will find that your power of thought will substantially increase, to the point where you will be able to create. In fact you have the potential power of a God, but by the time you reach that level you will also have complete and utter control over your thoughts. At your present level you can already learn how to self heal, and all it requires is absolute belief in your power to do so. Sometimes you have the desire to do it, but you belief harbours doubts and it does not happen. You can extend these ideas to acquiring what you want, and those with strong willpower are successful. Have faith and belief in your abilities and you can go far, and once ascended you will indeed realise your true potential.

Sheldan Nidle 5-15-12

Selamat Jarin! We return! Your world is inching ever closer to the sacred shift point. The last vestiges of what needs to be done are now in play. The dark cabalists know that their arrests will shortly commence and so they are busy ramping up global chaos in the vain hope that these imbecilic activities will delay the inevitable. We monitor these goings-on and take note of whom it is who is following these orders to disrupt and distort the fragile nature of various parts of your world. Southern Europe and the Middle East are only two particular trouble spots on your globe. Meanwhile, various financial institutions and national governments are on the verge of collapse, and these constitute the true time bombs that have the dark on tenterhooks. This situation is about to become public and, therefore, news that the dark-controlled media can no longer ignore. This shocking reality will put in train the events that we have long awaited. The new governance is to come into being as the old order is taken down, and the prosperity funding will at long last be delivered!

The momentum toward financial and personal freedom cannot be stopped. A grand upwelling is gathering more and more strength as the days go by. The peoples of Gaia are demanding that the shackles long binding them to their former dark lords be forever severed, to be replaced by an ever-growing freedom coupled with responsible sovereignty which are to restore the precious interactive ties between Gaia and you. This reinstated relationship marks the beginning of the final leg of your journey back to full consciousness. We come at this right sacred moment to assist you openly in reuniting with your cousins from Inner Earth. The Agarthans have long associated with your Ascended Masters and intend, together, to help you in returning swiftly to your natural fully conscious state. We are all one grand family that spans this galaxy and indeed, the whole of physical Creation. This first contact mission is, in essence, a homecoming celebration for you and your extended human family.

James Tyberonn ~ Hold On & Get Ready! Two Powerful Eclipses & Mega-Solstice

James Tyberonn ~ Hold On & Get Ready! Two Powerful Eclipses & Mega-Solstice
Posted on April 17, 2012 by
Earth Keeper Newsletter | April 16 2012
Fasten Your Seat Belts … The Intensity & Magnificence of the Coming Quantum Frequencial Gateways – Ring of Fire Eclipse & Summer Solstice
AAMetatron ~”The remaining Equinoxes, Solstices & Eclipses that lie ahead in the countdown to the Ascension are ‘Frequencial Gateways’ . The auspicious vectors are not constrained by linear time nor by the dimensional access limitations within your current space-time paradigm. And while we have told you many areas in your planet are already in 5th dimension, during the Equinoxes of the precedent 3 years to the Ascension the threshold to greater dimensionality is opened much wider.

As such we tell you that a unique portal from the 12th dimension is enabled thru the Cosmic Trigger Crystalline awakening of that 12th Wave that will manifest on May 20, 2012 and reach its apexial completion on the OM Wave of the June Solstice of 2012. The energies will be powerful and intense….yet offer amazing upshifting codes.

Indeed it is a mandatory prerequisite rigor of the New Earth. Both humanity and indeed the physical earth require and petition this crystalline upshift reformation in order to transcend the duality dimensional paradigm that would otherwise entomb them in the cyclic duplicity of descending polarity juxtaposition.

The twelfth dimensional opening of the Solar Eclipse of May 2012 will be the most prolific synthesis of 12th dimensional energy to eventuate on earth since the Golden Age of Atlantis, some 35,000 years ago as measured in your present linear- time paradigm.”

Tolec - Emotional Healing on the way to Spiritual Awareness

New Tolec on the need to release fear-based patterns

Question for Ben Fulford Regarding Brazil

This post offers an interesting insight on the ongoing financial wars. Examples like the one discussed in this post are visible ways that one can tell that things are changing in the financial world.e

commercial bank
 Banco do Brasil slashed its rates by 50% on a single day, in an effort
 to push the private banks to do so.
> Here are the weirdness of this move:
    Brazillan government NEVER – EVER – messed with the banks, 
I’d like to call your attention to something, I would say “weird”
 that’s going on here in Brazil. Just recently, right after the BRICS summit in India, our President
 Dilma started a nasty offensive on Brazilian private banks, urging
 them for STRONG interest rate cuts. Brazilian stat
> as long as my 39 years old can tell. On the contrary, we were known
> for bailing out banks in the 90s, years before the 2008 Wall
> Street-Bernanke bailout party.
> REASON. And – at least for Brasil – the interest rate is the tool, or
> at least the primary tool to be used.
> And it started right after the BRICS summit in India.
> What I would like to know, however, is whether or not the other BRICS
> countries are making this sort of aggressive move as well. Be it in
> the interest rate side or anything else. Any move that might sound
> “weird” from their part, could be considered a BRICS summit aftermath,
> couldn’t it?
Thanks for that information. The move to cut interest rates and increase the money supply is part of an offensive against the Western financial mafia who are printing too many dollars and trying to use those dollars to buy assets in Brazil and other countries. It is a way of fighting back by saying that if they keep trying to print too many dollars, other countries will retaliate by printing more of their own currency too.
Please note that President Putin is not going to the G8 or NATO summits in the USA but is going to the environmental summit in Brazil.
The whole world is sick of those gangsters in the G7 countries and is fighting to remove them from power.
Your president is a champion of humanity.

Ben Fulford 5-14-12

The top US criminal corporate government representative in Japan, Edward Nye, will no longer be welcome in Asia following the release of new information about his links to the March 11, 2011 nuclear and tsunami terror attack on Japan. He is believed to be the author of a February, 2000 CIA report on the Japanese energy sector that stated the following: “In order to prevent Japanese national power from becoming any stronger and to prevent a resurgence of anti-American feeling in Japan it is necessary to put hand-cuffs on Japan’s energy sector over the long term. Nuclear energy now accounts for 30% of Japan’s power production. The most effective counter measure would be to neutralize the main concentration of Japanese nuclear know-how, the Tokyo Electric Power Corporation. TEPCO has Japan’s largest market capitalization and it is a leader of Japan’s corporate and financial world. It is also very trusted by the Japanese people. To prevent Japan from becoming a nuclear power, it is necessary to destroy trust in TEPCO and drastically set back Japan’s progress in nuclear power.” This CIA report was quoted in the November 2002 issue of Zaikai Tenbo, a leading Japanese business magazine.

Many of the top Japanese and Korean agents working for the US corporate government in Japan have already been or are about to be purged and now all “Japan handlers,” working for the criminal corporate US mafia government are being advised to get out of Japan and never come back.

There was also a meeting last week between representatives of the committee of 300, the White Dragon Society and an Asian secret society last week to discuss the new financial system.

HILARION'S WEEKLY MESSAGE 2012 May 13-20, 2012

May 13-20, 2012

Beloved Ones,

The times that are upon you require that you allow yourselves to just BE instead of doing. It is a period of inner contemplation and adjusting. Many changes are occurring within yourselves and your physical bodies are continuing in their transformations. Remember to drink plenty of pure clean water and be out in nature as much as possible. Your connection to the Earth is very important right now and it will help you in your transition as you go through your changes.

Many people are expecting an instantaneous change to take place and we say to you that the process of change takes place gradually so that there is no burnout occurring within your human operating system. Honor your body temple and do what is necessary as it is revealed to you. Our Scribe is spending more time out of doors and concentrating on restoring her physical body to wholeness once again. She is listening to the inner promptings that come to her and following that guidance. Our messages will be coming forth sporadically as she adjusts to the increased solar flares, for she becomes affected in her ability to receive during these times.

Montague Keen: May 13th 2012

Greetings, my dear, and to all who endeavour to wake others up to the Light. As so many more move out of the Third Dimension, they suspend 3-dimensional thinking and see, for the first time, how the control system actually works.

Money was created solely for the purpose of control. It is continually used to keep you trapped. Banks were designed to ensure the maximum is borrowed by countries which should never have gone down that path. Consider the fact that this money is created out of NOTHING. Your world is held to ransom because of it. This is part of the evil you are up against.

All this was carefully planned and executed. It is a crime against humanity. They make a lot of money out of war and they can exist on the energy of the suffering they create. No matter how much you give, they always want more. They ensure that the cost of living continues to rise causing maximum stress in your lives.

They want your planet and they have put much time and effort into acquiring it. They do not give up easily, so the waking up of mankind was not part of their plan. All of you are guilty of propping them up, since they cannot exist without your cooperation. They see you as lesser mortals, to be used as slaves and servants; who exist, only to help them realise their dream – the total domination of your planet.


I can't really comment on the specifics of this channeling. I do know one thing though and that is that it feels really good. 

Watch on YouTube (recommended)

My Dearest Ones,
I Am Sandanda!

You all are now at a threshold. It is the most important one since the last 26.000 years in your history. But it is even more important than that, because what is happening now, is for the first time about the complete removal of the dark forces. In all these last Millenniums, and even in the last great cycles before, they have been able to interfere with the light. Even though there have been epochs where they were existing outside your experience, they still were able to wait for a time when it would actually become possible for them again to impede. But even this possibility has now come to an end!

They will not be able to interfere for good on your planet and in your universe anymore, as you now have gone through all the challenges of growth in Divine Consciousness, as all the steps required by the Mind of God to deal in consciousness with the archetype “light and dark” has now been sufficiently explored and lived, so that there is for your existence no need anymore to deal with this great affair of creation!

Please understand what this means: a grand cycle in the process of creation has been coming to an end, and creation is now on the way to return to its very Source. Although this process of the full reverse will happen in what you still experience as time and will not just occur overnight, in the mind of God this reversal has been sealed already. The difference with this new 26.000 year cycle to earlier ones is, that there will be no return into darkness anymore. This is the decree which has been granted to the human races in the universe after they have been suffering and struggling in endless wars and times with the forces of the dark.

SaLuSa 14-May-2012

There is evidence of the inevitable collapse of the dark cabal, and you need to be on your guard. They will try every possible ruse and disinformation to make a last attempt to create doubt and fear. Be aware and ignore anything that feels other than the Light, and focus on all that is pure and harmonious. There is nothing to fear any longer, as your future is absolutely assured and nothing is going to prevent Disclosure and the arrival of our Space Friends. The opportunity to ascend is the natural conclusion of this cycle, and although you have missed out on earlier occasions, this time if you are ready you are absolutely certain to ascend. Mere mortals cannot stop what has been divinely decreed, and bear in mind it applies to the whole Universe.

There are many people of good heart and compassion who are unaware of what is coming, but that will not preclude their opportunity to ascend. It is the many human traits that are accepted in society that holds one back. However, providing your life is one that is full of good intent, and that you value and respect all forms of life you are still of the Light. God desires that as many souls as possible rise up and leave the lower dimension, and are rightly restored to their place in the higher ones. Yet you are the one who makes the decision as to your future, and you are totally free to decide what you do. Anyone who is in doubt can trust their intuition/Higher Self, as you may not necessarily have finished with your experiences in duality. It comes down to what you feel comfortable with, but please do not fear change as it is happening quite naturally all of the time. The impulse is to drive onwards ever consuming more Light, that is in any event going to raise your level of consciousness and awareness.
So many people have low opinions of themselves that are keeping them in the lower vibrations. For whatever reason that occurs, find a way to love yourself and forgive yourself for having gone astray. All souls have elected to experience duality to speed up their evolution, and all at some time will have dropped into the dark recesses of the mind. You will as you see it have made mistakes, but it is human to err and you must move on and benefit from them. If there are additional lessons to be learnt, then you will pick them up at some future stage or in another life. Concentrate on the Light within because even the most hard hearted persons still have it, and it can be developed. Shake off those undesirable attachments that you have carried around with you, and once you vow to do so you will be helped by your Guides.

Ron Paul is Winning in Virginia!

I don't really follow politics anymore or care much for the upcoming election (because most likely there won't be one) Yet, I have always been interested in Ron Paul. I feel as if the fact that Ron Paul has become relevant is due to the heightened energies that have been bombarding the Earth due to the upcoming Ascension. I really believe Ron Paul is an honest, real candidate. This is why I feel postings about Ron Paul are relevant to this blog. 

Here are the author notes from the video on youtube....

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POOF for MAY 13: Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day lyrics
She lost one to pneumonia and the other to prison,
And now she spends mother's day sitting in her kitchen.
Looking at her pictures of the past felt surreal,
She had a couple people, some friends that helped her heal but,
Days like today, she doesn't want to be a bother
And as far as she's concerned, her boys didn't have a father.
Nut-uh, she had to teach 'em the ways
Teach 'em how to be behave, be brave, and even how to shave.
Some days it makes her feel like a soldier,
And other times it makes her feel like a failure.
Why did the stronger one die from a cold, huh?
Why did the smarter one end up in jail, Nah.
She gave them boys everything that she could,
Two full time jobs to keep them in a good neighborhood.
They understood how to love and how to live,
Now she doesn't understand how it comes down to this.
Maybe she should go work in her yard,
And take her mind off the past, try to let the day start.
But she's waiting on one of those annual calls
While she's looking at the photos on her hallway walls.

His big sibling died, and mom's by her self
And now he spends everyday inside of that cell.
Looking at the photos of his past makes him crash,
So he never takes them out of that folder under his mattress.
Days like today he doesn't think about what happened,
No, still gotta call mommy, wish her a happy one.
Uh huh, mom, if only she'd have been around,
Maybe big brother would still be living now.
Some days, it makes him feel like a traitor,
And other times it makes him feel like a martyr.
Seems like some displacement of anger,
Seems like he blames her more than his father.
She was gone all the time at work,
Never around to play the part of the police or the nurse.
She understood how things fall apart,
So why'd she let the nest hit the ground this hard?
Maybe he should go walk in the yard
And take his mind off the past, try to let the day start.
Cause this soldier forgot to admit it's his fault,
When he's looking at the faces in his hallway walls.

Gratitude Lifts our Vibrational Frequency

The frequency of gratitude holds the power to release the shackles of suffering and transport us into the realm beyond dreams where past struggles reveal their blessings and we look out on all that is with a crystal clear vision of love and acceptance.

This past year has taken us on a long journey designed to help us revisit any energies we still hold around past circumstances. At times, old issues resurfaced, amplifying our emotions so we could hold them in awareness and examine them from a new and more empowered perspective. Any lingering resentments about the past can now be dispelled by surrounding them with gratitude.

Gratitude is a Frequency in the Universe

Gratitude is a frequency in the universe that draws us into closer union with our higher self’s vast storehouse of wisdom. As we align ourselves with the frequency of gratitude, we are able to download the higher vision for any situation that once tethered us to frequencies of victimhood and blame.

Choosing an Identity Self Aligned with Love and Abundance of Spirit

We are always free to choose an identity self who is experiencing peace and joy -- regardless of the circumstances of our past. We are free to choose an identity aligned with our highest visions. In order to step fully into a positive and empowered identity self, you may need to experience the process of "releasing past negative and limiting identities."

As you undertake this transitional process of releasing past limiting or negative identities, you may find some or all of the following steps helpful:

One) Give yourself permission to withdraw from any realities or interactions associated with old, limiting or negative identities. Even if there are those close to you who are still "invested" in your old identity, you can choose new ways of interacting with them that are aligned with your new identity. It may be necessary for a time to limit your interaction until you are strongly aligned and centered in your new identity. In time, others will learn to interact with the perspective of your new identity.

Two) Allow and welcome the changes your new identity brings into your life. Understand that a change in identity often equals a change of vibration. In accordance with the Law of Attraction, a change of vibration effectively de-magnetizes some connections in your life while magnetizing new ones. If you shift to a new identity, you may find yourself drawn to a new career, a new course of study, new friends, activities, a new diet and exercise regimen, or other new ways of being.

David Wilcock - Coast To Coast AM with George Noory 05-09-12 - Divine Intervention

There is a lot of information in the Coast to Coast interview. 

SaLuSa 5-11-12

 Despite what everyone else will lead you to believe, Obama is a good guy. He is like a double agent in the sense that he had to play by the rule of the bad guys in order to get anything done.

So much is happening, but we are not always at liberty to give you the details. It must be sufficient to say that we are well in control and our allies are close to commencing a series of actions, that will show everyone that we mean business. No longer will we put up with being obstructed, and we will quickly deal with those involved. There are a number of trusted allies that are in the forefront of releasing information, that makes clear what our intentions are. In short time we will also play our part in bringing out the facts directly to the public. You are looking at weeks rather than months, for the mass arrests to take place. However it is a big operation that cannot start until everything is in place. Having come this far we want it to run smoothly, with as little trouble as possible.

Our craft are busy monitoring the activities of many countries that have the potential to use nuclear devices, and along with our warnings we will prevent them from being used. Wars have always been for profit mainly for the Arms Industry, who have no scruples and will supply equipment and arms to any side involved in the conflict. They shall answer for their involvement in the wars, as will any member of the Forces who have engaged in crimes against the people. Many atrocities have taken place that you are unaware of, but the truth cannot be concealed. Once the media commence reporting the arrests that are already underway that include many public figures, there will be calls for retribution. We do however ask that everyone avoids their emotions running away with them, as we assure you justice will be seen to be done. Unlike earlier times, no one will be able to cheat justice or buy their way out of it.

Message from the Ashtar Command 5/9/12

I am posting this channeling because it really rings true with my intuition. It is evident that not everyone is going to choose Ascension, and this is completely alright. It still isn't clear to me how this split is going to occur. However, the time is soon approaching. Are you going to ascend and begin a new journey in the higher dimensions, or are you going to stay in the physical dimensions? If you're reading this, then you're probably going to ascend. Either way is fine and its a personal decision that has to be made by the individual.
 Expand each day into something new and something creative, as each morning is another opportunity for you and another gift to make a reality what you have come here to experience. Unfolding before you is the roadmap you have drawn up for yourself, and it is this map that will take you to the places and the people that you wish to experience while you are here in this 3rd dimensional world.

To leave here without experiencing all that you came here to taste would be a lost opportunity that you may not get the chance to experience again in this type of setting, as many of you will not be coming back this way as your forays into the physical are over for you if this is what you wish for yourself. This is one of the choices you will be asked to make in the days ahead, as presenting themselves to you will be opportunities for you to travel ahead or to come back behind and perhaps do things a little differently.

There are no penalties for you if you choose to come back again and do things over. Not everyone is ready to leave the physical realm behind and continue their journey on into the spiritual realms of existence. There is a great deal to learn and to experience here in the physical, and there will always be plenty of opportunities for you to ascend into the higher realms. It is a wise soul who understands when the time has come to begin a new journey and when it is time to retrace the steps they have taken, and use this blessed opportunity to make different choices that will allow them to experience things that they may have missed and may wish to experience before they move on.

SaLuSa 5-9-12

There are those amongst you that are now awakening to their missions, as you are approaching a most intense period of activity. These Beings have been waiting for this particular time, to be available for the masses who will need guidance to understand what is going on around them. Events are going to move quite quickly, and there will be some confusion and fear as a result. All Lightworkers can assist in such times, and we ask them to be ready to share their knowledge with others. We shall continue to assist our allies and many Starseeds will come into their own, having been carefully prepared for exactly what their experience allows. There is so much being done to ensure you make the transition with Mother Earth, and that as many of you as possible succeed. Even those that are not yet ready require help, as they too need to be made aware as to what lies ahead for them.

According to your perspective of what is happening, you will go into shock or surprise when matters really gather speed. People need to understand that the upheaval is unavoidable, and is necessary to cleanse the Earth of low vibrations that cannot carry forward into the higher vibrations. All will find its rightful place and it cannot be otherwise. The Laws of the Universe are irrevocable and cannot be ignored without invoking karma. We will hope to have sufficient outlets that will provide all of the information that will be needed. Certainly the whole concept of the changes will need to be carefully explained, as some will undoubtedly feel that what will happen is an unwanted intrusion into their lives.

Sheldan Nidle 5-8-12

9 Ix, 7 Moan, 8 Manik

Dratzo! We return! A great foreboding is pervading the ranks of the dark cabal. Those in charge of bringing this once-invincible force to heel have started the final countdown for releasing a legal 'wrecking-ball' on them. The G-8 governments of your world, centered mainly in Europe and North America, sense that their long jig is truly up. They can see that the process to remove them formally from power, which has in fact been going on for decades, is now in its final crescendo. Despite a recent series of private meetings between their leaders and our liaisons, these G-8 nations have refused to distance themselves from those who have secretly ruled them from the headquarters of their banking and financial empires. This decision is to prove fatal to these once-mighty nations. Each of them, at one time, formed the backbone of a great economy which trod triumphantly over the world's nations, but now they are to suffer a massive reversal of fortune, and this will free your planet from the clutches of a tyranny that prevented the rise of your freedom and the establishing of your personal sovereignty.
The dark cabal's demise is the beginning of a series of positive developments that will be further enhanced by a huge boost in the level of electronic technology that is to be made available to you. Consciousness is an ever-growing awakening process, and is stimulated by interaction with electronic communication technologies. Every human carries within them much wisdom which can be unleashed by the mere presence of this growing artificial intelligence; as the quality of the interface increases, so consciousness increases. The dark has been drip-feeding you where this technology is concerned. You have been held back, both technologically and spiritually, by a dark governance that fears your awakening and is covetous of your dormant collective powers. These fears drove this cabal to use a type of mind-control that diminishes your abilities and encourages you to perceive their dominion as immutable and permanent. This is now about to be seen for the illusion it is, and a whole new ethos put in place which is far more compatible with your divine natures. This new ethos will form the foundation of a fully conscious society.

Tolec Q&A Relationship Between Reptilians and Illuminati

 I got this from Kauilapele's blog. He asks Tolec a question regarding the relationship between the Reptilians and the dark secret societies. This is very interesting. I am fairly new to the Tolec material. I get a sense of peace from what he is writing and a lot of what he is saying corresponds with my own understanding of what is happening and my intuition.

At some point, a question arose in my mind about how exactly did the Reptilians work with the "Dark Ones" here on Earth? Now, it's not like my life (as it is now) really depends on knowing this, but the question came up, and, there it was. So I asked Tolec for a response from the Andromeda Council he responds to. My question to Tolec was:
"Have you ever received specific information about how the Draco-Hydra reptilians influenced/worked with those of the "dark agenda" groups (Illuminati, Masons, etc.) here on Earth?"
Below is his response. The answers he received are quite detailed, and pretty amazing (in my mind). Considering what he found out, I can understand why some who work with the "dark ones" might really want to get out.
Thank you Tolec...

Ben Fulford 5-7-12

The battle behind the scenes continue. In the full article, Ben Fulford goes on to validate the military insider known as Drake. 

The elections last weekend in Europe showed the inevitable popular backlash against government mandated austerity. The problem is that the new governments will also find their purses empty unless they start talking with the White Dragon Society. This time, they need to send official embassy representatives with valid IDs and not another batch of anonymous agents. When the new financial system starts up and the criminals are removed from the core of the Western financial system, then money will pour like rain on Europe (it already is in the non-cabal controlled part of the world).

The basic outlines of the new system are as follows: The US dollars owned by people outside of the US (and those created before 2008 in the US) will be backed by gold and a basket of commodities and other currencies. This will then become the international dollar (or perhaps international yen or yuan) and be used to facilitate world trade. The Euro will be split into a fortified Deutschemark shared by Northern countries while the Mediterranean countries will revert to their traditional currencies and devalue them until their real economies are competitive enough. This will be followed by a one off massive debt write off.

To read about the back-room maneuvers leading to the birth of the new financial system please help finance our investigations by subscribing to this newsletter or else, if you cannot afford it, ask a friend to e-mail you a copy.

SaLuSa 7-May-2012

Few of you have any real recollection of your previous lives except perhaps for the occasional flashbacks, yet you have had so many lives full of experiences that have brought you to where you are today. It has been a long journey, and now many of you stand at the door of Ascension but you do not fully understand what a great quantum leap forward is going to take place. Be patient Dear Ones, and know that you are one of those chosen to be here at this time, and that is indeed a great privilege and experience never to be forgotten. Whilst evolution occurs much quicker in duality, it is in some ways a paradox because you see it as a slow process, Yet in this particular life time all has been speeded up, and it is only in recent times that some are awakening to the rapid rise in their consciousness levels. This is really what you came for, knowing that in some way the end time would be exciting and one of fulfilment. So we ask you to look on the bright side when things get tough, knowing that it is only a passing phase. The Golden Age beckons and once you are there, all that has preceded it will seem irrelevant and soon forgotten. You have all but completed the hard bit, and now all that awaits is to get the cleansing underway which with our help will take next to no time.
You are to become the warriors of love and peace, and many lesser experienced civilisations will look to you for guidance. Life exists everywhere and there will never be a time when you will be able to claim to have seen it all, because the Creator is thinking new creations into being all of the time. Start now to think peace, and act peace wherever you are and not be distracted by anything outside of yourself. You can do it and will find it becomes easy to hold on to it regardless of what is going on around you. It becomes a way of life whereby you always experience a calmness and understanding of the Oneness that you dwell within. You will be able to let go and let God be within you, and your life will take on a new meaning. You will also be one who is helping uplift all others, and by your example they will seek the same pathway.

POOF for MAY 6: Move On
Wilson Pickett — Get Me Back On Time, Engine Number 9 lyric
Engine, engine number 9
Can you get me back on time?
Move on, move on down the track
Keep that steam comin' out the stack
Keep on movin'
Keep on movin', keep on movin'

Engine, engine number 9
Keep on movin' down the line
Seems like I've been gone for days
I can't wait to see my baby's face
Been here, been so long since I held her
Been so long since I held her

Been so long since I held her
Been so long since I kissed her

Engine, engine number 9
Move on, move on down the line
Seems like I've been gone for days
I can't wait to see my baby's face
Move on, move on, move on
Got to get on, I got to get there
[ Lyrics from: ]
Oh, this soundin' alright?
I think I'm gonna hold it a little bit longer
I'm gonna let the boys do this a little bit

Keep on movin'
Keep on movin', keep on movin'
Move on, move on
Get, get, get, get it
Got to, got to, got to
Got to, got to get it

Move on, Lord have mercy
Feel alright then
Keep on movin', keep on movin'
Got to keep movin', gotta get
Gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta
Gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta keep movin'

It's alright
Play your guitar, son

Get it
Get it
Get it

Feel alright
Get me to my baby's place
Got to hold her in my arms

Move on 

Hilarion's Weekly Message - May 6-13, 2012

 This message from Hilarion sheds light on the coming energies. We are experiencing an increase in energy as we get closer and closer to the Pleiadian Eclipse. Thank-you to everyone who participated in the meditation on the full moon. Keep your focus on the manifestation of the New Earth.

Hilarion's Weekly Message - May 6-13, 2012

Beloved Ones,

This is a very powerful time in the line up of planetary configurations and the energetic influence from the Spiritual realms. Many special dispensations of blessing and Love are being offered to Humanity, all that is required is being open to receive. Another passage of the Cosmic wheel has been made and we now embark on our new journey into unknown lands of new potential. As these time codes open up the portals, the influx of Cosmic Love and the waves of Light being sent to the Earth will activate the awakening of greater masses of Humanity.

These are the times you have been waiting for, for it means that you are all getting closer to the remembrance of your reason for being here in this Cosmic moment of the cyclic movement from one age to another. From this point onward, life will take on an impetus of one revelation after another coming into the Light of each person’s consciousness. Many of you will have your ‘aha!’ moments as the pieces of the puzzle start to fall into place and all the mysteries of your life become more clear. There is now an unstoppable awakening Light that is inundating this Planet and it is a peaceful, loving and powerful energy.

Power Path ~ Full Moon Update May 5, 2012

There is a very powerful full moon coming up. It would be a good idea to sit down and meditate on this day. Focus on releasing any negative traumas and the manifestation of the New Earth. 

Dear Friends,

Full Moon is Saturday May 5, at 9:35 PM Mountain Daylight Time. This is a super moon, the largest moon of the year and very powerful. Harness the power for some commitment or bid for power that you are working with right now. We remind you here that you do not need to KNOW all the steps and all the details of how it will all turn out. In fact it is best if you give the "how" of it over to spirit . Having the right intellectual information before embarking on a bid for power and a commitment to it is not essential. In fact it will often get in the way and hold you back from just going for it. Stretch yourself this full moon. Get outside your comfort zone and commit to something you never thought you could do. Just make sure it is something you want. We also recommend doing something that honors some kind of shift in your point of reference. As the earth goes though major changes, all points of reference must change as well. This full moon provides an opportunity to embrace the new in a very positive way.



In honor of our new website and in response to your requests we are offering a new product, an audio recording available by mp3 only: Monthly Support: A Shamanic Healing for May 2012, by Anna Stevens. This recording includes a short visualization followed by a couple of Icaros or Medicine songs designed to help you navigate and make the most of this month. $3.99 (link here).

SaLuSa 5-4-12

Let no one persuade you to change your beliefs, except that you intuitively feel the Light within the words you are given. That which is of the lower vibrations will not resonate with you, and at this time when Ascension is so close there are those who would deliberately misinform you. The dark Ones thought to conquer Man and his world for their own agenda, but now grasp at any opportunity to stop each souls path of Light that leads to completion. It will be to no avail, but it means you still need to tread carefully and not fooled by those peddling fear. Naturally physical changes are happening, but they will not be on such a scale as the biblical prophesies. At one time they were actual probabilities, but with your acceleration of consciousness the vibrations have been lifted up. That has allowed for a less chaotic end time, and we of the Galactic Federation are determined to help you through the period that remains before Ascension. There are many ways in which we can help, and where earthquakes are concerned the flow of energies can be directed in such a way that it minimises their effect.

Our mission is now reaching a critical point where we will be brought into action to monitor events, that are about to impinge upon your consciousness. The immense work put in to rid you of the Illuminati and their minions, is about to pay off and result in large scale arrests. This requires our allies to be at the ready, and for us to back them up to ensure it all runs smoothly. We do not wish to see panic result from the purges taking place, or violence resulting from the news of such events becoming public. Sooner or later you will have to face the awful truth of how you have been used all along, to fill the coffers of those who have for eons of time been the driving force behind your governments. The extent of their power will truly astound and shock you, and more so when you realise how a large proportion of the population was destined to be eliminated. With our coming that threat has been removed, but history will show that the lives of millions were nevertheless subject to their insidious plots.

Divine Complements--Transmissions from Home

Transmissions from Home About Divine Complements
Sixth Message

Our Dear Ascending Ones,

I am Commander Mytar, a Pleiadian member of the Galactic Federation. I am the Divine Complement of Mytria of the Violet Temple of Alycone in the Pleiades. Mytria is one of this writer’s higher expressions of SELF. Since, Mytria and I are Divine Complements, then I, too, am a higher expression of Suzille. We, Mytria and myself, wish to speak with you about Divine Complements, also known as Twin Flames. Since the merging with your Divine Complement is a component of returning to your Multidimensional SELF, this topic is forefront in the consciousness of our ascending ones.

As I have said, I serve in the Galactic Council and Mytria serves on Alycone. However, since we are ONE being, our consciousness is continually joined. Hence, our expressions of form are located in different places, yet we are never apart. How can that be? Allow me to describe that which is impossible for third dimensional thinking to understand. Let me translate the sentence of: “Our expressions of form are located in different places, yet we are never apart.” into Light Language.

Mytria and I resonate to the ONE of our ascended reality. Within the NOW of the ONE, our unified Lifestream flows beyond time and space into diverse manifestations of our one Being. Mytria is the anchor for the Violet Flame of Transmutation as it is expressed in the initial fifth-dimensional expressions of Alycone’s Violet Temple. Our expression of Oneness also flows into another initial fifth-dimensional expression of the Galactic Federation’s Debriefing—Welcome Home—Center for newly returning ascending ones.

SaLuSa 5-2-12

We have often told you that you that there is nothing you cannot achieve, and we wish to thank you for supporting our allies who have done extremely well in such a short time, by bringing the truth into the public domain. Your acceptance of their revelations and intent to make them generally known, has sent the information far and wide. It has opened the eyes of many people who had no idea that covert operations existed on such a large scale. The truth needs to be spread to as many people as possible, and that will make disclosure and our coming much easier for them to accept. Fear still dwells within the minds of some people, and anything that can lessen the shock of our existence will help them to move on. The facts about our relationship to you cannot be held back much longer, and we are eager for disclosure to take place. It must precede our coming which has been planned for a long time.

Most of you are aware that there are whistleblowers amongst you who have put themselves forward, to reveal what is happening where both the military and financial activities are concerned. Their help is important to ensure that until the media can be freed from their restraints and truthfully report the news, that you know that we are very active in backing up our allies. Our presence and back up will ensure that any attempt to start another World War will be unsuccessful. We are also making sure that where the arrests for criminal acts involving financial matters are concerned, that those who are guilty do not escape justice. However, we ask you to leave such matters to the authorities, and when you learn the facts not to let your anger result in reprisals. All will answer at some stage for their actions against the people. Your energy is best spent spreading the Light and sending Love to all those that need it at this special time.

Sheldan Nidle 5-1-12

Dratzo! We return! Your realm continues to exhibit much turmoil. The dark cabal's agents are being watched closely as agencies of various major governments prepare to arrest and then prosecute droves of prominent people in government and finance, and across the board in the private sector of their respective economies. This process is getting to a point where you can shortly expect the start of an immense cycle of arrests. The dark tried hard to sweep this process under the rug but was unable to do so. A series of far-reaching liens has been formally pressed on many central and private banks that in the past flaunted the epithet "too big to fail." These financial-services corporations readily and repeatedly violated many laws designed to police international commerce, the worst offender being the US Federal Reserve Bank. This private enterprise has been the ringleader of many notorious schemes which threatened the very foundation of your world's well being. This is why this particular institution is being dismantled first, to be followed in rapid succession by a landslide of fellow conspirators.
These institutional reorganizations and arrests are the thin end of the wedge. They will be followed by new governance, prosperity deliveries, and a series of, what may be for you, shocking announcements. These will address debt forgiveness, the new banking and financial system, and the radical new policies that will lead to world peace, general disarmament, and the end of the destructive manipulation of your globe. The new governance intends to reform the operation of its legislature and the whole approach to the election process. Furthermore, the instituting of universal sovereignty will totally transform the manner in which government approaches its citizens. These changes will also be instrumental in accelerating the momentum toward your return to full consciousness and a respectful interaction with Gaia. The Agarthans wish to begin a more open exchange with you once these particular measures have been secured. Then it will be time to prepare the public for the vast transformations that the release of your sequestered technologies will bring, and to introduce you all to your origins on other worlds.