Sananda/One Who Serves - Changes Now Imminent

 I've never heard of this channel before, but the message feels good. One point really stood out to me. This point was mentioned towards the end and it was about how this is the first time a population has ascended along with the planet. I imagine in most cases, a population has reached an utopian type society long before the planet actually ascends into the 5th dimension. This would probably be the case for humanity as well but the Illuminati has caused problems. The Illuminati is a leeching, blackhole on Gaia's energy field and the collective consciousness of humanity. Yet, this leeching effect is quickly dissipating and the light is shining through. Mother Gaia is farther along in this ascension process than most of humanity. She has a lot of light inside of her and it is due to all of the work of the lightworkers. Lets keep it up.

I am Sananda. The time that you and we have been waiting for such a long time is now fast approaching and upon us. We have been waiting and preparing a very long time for these moments to come. All is in readiness, and the great plan of the creator for this planet and mankind is about to be realized. All that has been planned, is now coming to fruition and all the pieces are coming together. All of this has been orchestrated and you each one, are now ready to play your part and have been playing your part. Your main focus is soon to come into play. All that you have planned and prepared for over these many lifetimes and certainly in this life also, is now here.

The first stage is nearly over, and the second phase is now underway and this phase will see a great many changes. Not only to you who read these words, not only to you the light workers, but also to those who are still in disbelief, those who still walk in the darkness and will even for some time yet. Even those who do walk in the darkness now will begin to see the light and yes even those who have created the darkness will eventually also see the light.. They will come back to the light, for just as you came from the light you will return to the light.

You must know that your part to play, those things that you have been readied for and that the various sources have been speaking to you about, all of those things now are about to come into fruition. Because of your readiness, all that has been foretold is now going to become reality. So you must allow for the process to happen, believe in the process as it is happening and know that you are a great part of that process. Without you, none of this could be, for you the light workers, are the ones that continue to push this plan along.

We of the Galactic Federation, the spiritual hierarchy, and all of the brotherhoods applaud your efforts and as has been said many times, are awaiting those times when we can find ourselves together again. Those times dear ones are what could be considered now imminent. No longer soon, now they are imminent. What does that mean you might ask? Yes it is true that we have a different sense of time but you are moving into that sense of time as well or rather into that sense of no time and you'll begin to understand exactly what imminent means and how it comes to play and how it can become a part of the great expression of the great plan that is unfolding even now as we speak. So you all dear ones, be prepared for all is about to change in the twinkling of an eye and your time has come. I am Sananda.

Ohm Mani Pad Me Um. This is One Who Serves to answer questions of group.

Question: What is the time frame of immanent as Sananda used?

Answer: We can say to you that immanent to us is certainly somewhat different for you and as was given, those times are changing for you as well because you are moving more into a frequency vibration that is moving you out of time sense and into a knowing sense. As you move into a more knowing sense, you are going to let go of those things which are more time related. They will have no meaning to you in the future times. We cannot say how far in advance that could be, as all we can give you is understanding that when we say imminent, it is very short in deed, can be even days. Watch all the various sources, the Internet and others that will come on line soon, those of your mass media. These things are coming forward and soon there will be those expressions that will be coming through and you'll know and understand, those things which are happening now in the background, will be in the forefront. So these are coming, watch for these. Major announcements are on the way.
Question: What can we do to better prepare for out upcoming advance/retreat?

Answer: Begin to work with the Violet Flame of Ascension as you have been instructed and when you find yourselves at the advance, that you can easily bring that up in just a matter of seconds. You will notice if you do this each and every day before you go there you'll not only be able to bring it up easily but there will be a great deal more energy generated from this. For now it is simply only a visual expression of the flame. But if you would do this, you will know more than just a visual acuity of the flame, you will know a strong energy running through your body and filling your body. Also that you and prepared in advance within your minds as far as letting go of those various attachments that you hold onto. Just allow yourself each day to let go of another attachment. Just one each day and let it go. Little things that annoy you that others do. It is all an attraction process and when you let go of these things, they will no longer be attracted to you.

Question: Will the veil be lifting more and more before Ascension?

Answer: It already is lifting more and more, each and every day. If you would focus in and know what is occurring you'll begin to feel and know the frequency vibrations increasing within you. You will look at the trees or various things in nature and you'll begin to see an energy around them. The more you focus on this, the more you will become aware. The veil you speak of is lifting and the differences between the three dimensional and fifth dimensional are disappearing. That can be somewhat disconcerting for some. You must understand that as this lifts, there is a reason for this veil. It has separated those who were alive here in three dimension and those who have passed on. So you may begin to get glimpses of other things, some of which you may not want to see. So understand as you're passing through these times you may begin to notice some of this as some already have. Some have even exploited this in some ways for money. There are some who can do this but it is just a natural progression because of these changes. They just developed it earlier, but each one will begin to have more and more of this. So be ready because these things are coming.
Question: How can we protect ourselves from the negative influences within the fourth dimension as we are passing through?

Answer: This is why we have been working with you on your Light Merkaba. We know what is going to happen as it has happened many times before on many planets. Many systems have gone through this, you are not the first. You are the first though that is doing it along with the planet at the same time. This is unprecedented and has never occurred before. You might even say this is an experiment and everyone is watching. The more you are able to let go of those attachments and have your Light Merkaba surrounding you and protecting you as well as working with the Violet Flame before you pass through the fourth dimension the more you'll be able to avoid the attraction there. As here your thoughts will immediately become real, even negative ones. So it is very important to learn how to control your thoughts and let go of attachments. Most importantly let go of all fear, as you would not want to manifest some of your darkest fears. This is the reason for the veil in the third dimension to protect you from your very thoughts.

If there are no further questions, we will release the channel. Shante. Peace be with you. Be the One.
Channeled by James McConnell
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