Balance is Essential

Message from Archangel Uriel
Channeled by: Julie Miller
April 25, 2012

Bless your dear hearts on this beautiful day that is before us. I am honoured once again upon the acceptance of our dear vessel’s permission to come forth and speak to all of you. How busy you are with your journey, how wonderful it is to see the busyness and the learning.

All your chakra centres are very important. They hold valuable information about you and how to utilize these energy centres effectively and efficiently. I am to briefly discuss today the Sacral Chakra. This chakra is associated with the colour orange and is very important. This centre is all about your sexuality that is often noticed with creativity and art. These are the vital expressions of the powers of creation; both the non-physical and physical. When this important chakra is open, your true loving feelings flow and you are able to express yourself without being overly emotional. You will find yourself open to intimacy and find your passion thrives when this chakra is open. During this state you are finding no problems within your sexual nature.

Sexuality can be a touchy topic with some people and it has little to do with maturity, it has to do with themselves and their feelings and beliefs on the subject. When this chakra is under-active, you may find yourself not very open to anyone, possibly aloof and detached. If you’re the sacral chakra is over worked, you may find yourself always emotional to all people and during this over active state you might notice your sexual needs are higher and more intense. I will not direct you one way or the other besides to find balance with this incredible energy that is derived from this centre. Just like anything in your life, even in this chakra - balance is essential.

Each of you have been given free will on how to express your creative abilities. You have the choice to direct which way to go with this strong force. I have seen some people; men and women both create a negative situation just to have an opportunity to learn. This does not mean I wish for you to begin fighting with your best friend or your spouse if there is no cause dear ones. There is potential for further understanding and increased growth in your personal and spiritual lives through any situation regardless if you induced it on purpose or if it blew in out of nowhere. All situations and events give you a learning opportunity that will eventually bring you to complete satisfaction and understanding.

The task at hand for many dear ones who share the Earth is learning to find structure and order just for their day-to-day lives. Order and structure does come when you are able to understand the root to what causes the disorder without passing any blame. Through your thoughts and words, your expressions and how you relate if positive or negative has a huge effect on the outcome. It is through your expressions, either verbal or written that receives most notice, but before you speak or write it is your thoughts that need to take precedence. Take the extra time to show compassion in everything you do to all people you meet. How you choose to communicate and greet those that you meet and pass by is what is remembered.

There is an important matrix dear ones that holds the blueprint of your existence. Inside this form, called Metatron’s Cube is anything that you might require to bring forth in your current life for both physical and spiritual purposes and for your progression. This matrix holds every prototype from which you can produce and make things manifest as you develop and improve on all points of your existence. This matrix also holds directions for the many steps you may take to reach a specific part of your journey. Metatron’s Cube also holds a full guide to help you completely understand your spiritual and physical self that includes the most archaic knowledge. It is this knowledge that is sought for that will help bring in more focus and determination that will through study from going within and reading material on your own that will lead you a higher level of appreciation. We will not stay with the talk of sacred geometry, but it is an important part of your self-discovery and growth. The study of Metatron’s Cube is important for you to pursue when you are ready to absorb the deep and primal meaning of this matrix. I do know what each of your individual blueprint is. I will with your help make sure what is written remain true by encouraging you to listen to your body’s wisdom and what it tries to tell you.

With the coming changes that are affecting not only yourself, but those around you and of Earth herself, make a point dear ones to find calm and peace of mind. Learn to stabilize the chaos that moves around you through grounding and being in touch with nature in all her glory. You do not have to actually be outdoors to do this. All you need if you cannot get out is have your feet flat on the floor, close your eyes and visualize your feet growing roots through the floor and into the Mother Earth. You take your visualization further and try to feel the coolness of earth, smell the earth if you can and see the comforting earthly tones and colours. When you feel you have had enough and you are in a calmer state, simply reverse the roots; draw them back up to your feet and gently move your feet from where you rooted yourself. This is an exercise that can be done anywhere. The spiritual foundation that you are creating within the Power, Love and Wisdom will be strengthened when you can approach its creation with calm that you brought out through your love for all people and yourself. The foundations you are busy creating and restructuring is optimized when you can direct your strength to each part with clear focus and dedication. I will help you dear ones understand the true nature of what you are creating at various stages of your journey. Sometimes all you require is a little nudge or reminder, other times you might need clarification through a different learning means.

The ideal way to live your life and is how I live my life dear ones is with your feet firmly rooted with the earth and your head is in heaven. I am both Heaven and Earth and so are each of you. When you are able to see your life from this height dear ones, you will see just how large and wonderful you truly are then you will come to actually see the concerns that affect your daily life is really very small and petty. Each obstacle that you have faced, you HAVE risen from it, become stronger. Have you not experienced feeling 10 feet tall and your head was in the clouds? I know some of you have and many still do and most is not from over inflated egos, it is from living this way. By reaching your full balanced potential; spiritual and physical, this is how all of you can learn to live. The enormity of your purpose is not to think small and be small but you are here to learn on a grand scale and to be all that you are meant to be and that is GREATNESS. I will light that creative fire that exists within each of you, I will work with your creative genius, open and evolve your Sacral Chakra and help you flow with balance in all parts of your journey. Invoke my aid and we will become a divine team. You just might at some point here me cheer for you to reach the sky and actually touch it.

My support, guidance and love is always here for you, it will never waver or change.

I AM Archangel Uriel through Julie Miller