Energy Forecast - A Healing for the Ages

If you are an empath or suspect that you are an empath you should read this article. This will help you understand your role more clearly.

Energy Forecast - March 2012

A Healing for the Ages

Hi my beautiful friend,

How have you been feeling lately? As a direct result of the heightened energies at this time, many of us are catching more glimpses of the magic anchoring and weaving itself into our daily experience. On the lighter side, these energies are showing up in a few ways. Many of us are noticing more synchronicities, moments of clarity, déjà-vu experiences, and quicker manifestations.

With heightened energies also comes major cleansing. This cleansing period is making many of us feel weighed down a bit more so than we have in a while. This feeling of heaviness can sometimes get confused with old feelings we thought we let go of a long time ago. It's important to be aware that even though some of the current energy movements are triggering us back to those points in our lives we felt we had overcome, we have in fact made great progress. The triggers are simply a sign that we've got a little bit more releasing to do. Also, for those of us who are highly sensitive to energy, we may simply be feeling into the collective cleansing happening at this time, which we sometimes internalize as being our own. I'll be expanding on this a bit more later in the forecast.

A Healing for the Ages

Throughout March & early April, we will move into a historic healing cycle. All healings we've received up to this point have prepared us for the ultimate healing we are about to receive. The current healing cycle is different than anything we've experienced prior, because we're now in a time where we can no longer keep repeating the same patterns that have kept us in energies of lack, limitation, separation, and fear. We used to have all the time in the world to get the lessons from being in these vibrations, but now we are being pushed to learn them instantly. This in itself can feel uncomfortable, almost like we've been turned inside out. However, it has become even more uncomfortable and painful to actually continue being in these energies. Because what we've been used to is no longer working, and the new energies are feeling intense, it's absolutely normal to feel overwhelmed at times.

The important thing right now is to remain consistent with our personal spiritual practices, and to take comfort in the knowing that soon we will come out on the other side feeling better than ever.

I know this may sound odd, but once upon a time, many of us found solace in the old energies of lack, limitation, separation, and fear, even though we knew they didn't serve our greatest good. It may not make sense as to why we found comfort in them, but at the end of the day there is a part of us that finds comfort in what is familiar. It's the mind's way of keeping us safe and protected. So, at some level, when we bought into these energies, we did it as a form of self-protection. Just with this awareness alone, we can start to break the cycle.

The good news is, we no longer have to buy into these energies in order to feel protected. We're in a time right now where we are being supported out of the old survival ways of living directly by the Universe within each of us. As our awareness expands, we are beginning to realize that there's no need to protect ourselves in the ways of the past, because we're starting to realize that there's a Divine and Higher Universal Aspect of ourselves that has kept us safe all along. As the energies continue to emerge and rise collectively, our connection with our Divine and Universal Aspect is becoming stronger to the point where we are able to feel into it even more deeply.

So, true protection becomes more about putting our trust in our Divine and Higher Universal Aspect, and less into those old energies that no longer serve our greatest good. Everything we are going through right now is simply aligning us back to becoming our truest most authentic selves.

On the global stage it will be no different. Starting this month, we're going to experience a series of events that will refuel the energy of uniting people together with the intention of bringing to light the covert and dishonest dealings of many systems still promoting false-realities of separation and fear. The people of Earth have had enough, and it will become more evident soon. There will be a great deal of action happening in the world, so it's absolutely imperative for us to remain detached from the drama that unfolds. It's important to ground ourselves and consciously choose to carry the energy of love everywhere we go.

Healing Defined

As we move through periods of healing, it's important to have a good understanding of what healing really means. As a society, we view healing as having to do with fixing something that appears broken or less than whole in some way. In reality, this is just an illusion we've created for ourselves. True healing is about remembering who we are and what life is all about. It's about breaking through the veil of illusion and connecting with the part of ourselves, others, and ‘all that Is' that has always been whole and perfect. It's the part that has never been hurt or harmed in anyway. Healing allows us to move out of the mind, where we may have created limitations for ourselves and into our hearts, where we already know who we really are. It's when the mind is willing to let go of what it thinks a healing should be or look like, that true healing can occur.

So, the healing happening all over the world right now is not about fixing anything, it's about remembering. With each person that remembers (also known as an awakening) the world vastly shifts. That is how powerful each one of us is. With this realization, we can look at what's happening in our lives and in the world as a journey back to true remembrance. The minute we remember, we no longer allow ourselves to be at the mercy of anything that appears to be outside of ourselves.

The Sponge Effect

Earlier in the forecast, I briefly mentioned that many of us who are quite sensitive have been feeling into the collective cleansing happening at this time more so than others. Usually, those who are feeling into this at this time are known as ‘empaths’. An empathetic person is someone who unconsciously or consciously absorbs energies in their local or global environment. What is the purpose of being empathetic? Empaths are natural ‘alchemists’ without even knowing it. They have the gift of transforming density into light. So, what ends up happening is an empath will absorb those not so good feeling energies around them without knowing it, and when they have the proper tools they are able to transmute them into much higher frequencies. The thing is, many empaths may have not learned how to transmute the dense energies they are absorbing. What ends up happening is they take on the energies of others and their environment as if it were their own, which leaves others around them to feel better, and they, as empathetic people, feel worse.

All the empathetic people in the world are being called to action right now, whether they are aware of it or not. So, if we are someone who is feeling a bit down, helpless, or heavier than usual, and can't really understand why especially after all the spiritual work we've been doing all these years, it could very well be that we are absorbing the density in the collective like a sponge with the purpose of alchemizing it. That's why we see some people who seem completely unscathed by the change happening at this time, while others who have done the work for many years seem to be struggling. This doesn't have to be the case. Simply by learning how to intentionally alchemize the density we are feeling into, we can move back into our power and realize that being an empathetic person is a gift and doesn't have to be a burden.

As we navigate through the next months, the glimpse of magic we've been able to tap into every now and then will become a more permanent fixture in our reality. It's just about letting go & letting love. That's when everything falls into place.

Till next time,

Miraculously yours,


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