Lightworkers and Ascension Timelines

During this time of rapid change and new possibilities, many lightworkers have moved to advanced timelines based on themes of oneness, ascension, service and transformation. The broader the timeline, the more expansive the identity options available. After shifting to a timeline of service, you may begin to see yourself as a world server, life coach, intuitive, shaman, spiritual author, visionary, spiritual seer and much more.

Whenever we adopt a new identity, we begin to see the world through the eyes of this new role. This new way of seeing the world represents a new focus personality. All events, possibilities and decisions are examined in terms of the focus personality and its needs, preferences, choices and goals. During times of spiritual transformation, your identity and focus may change quickly and unexpectedly. Navigating such quantum leaps in identity requires a great deal of awareness and personal mastery as major shifts can cause feelings of losing one's identity. This can be troubling if we are not firmly grounded in a strong sense of our overall self and our spiritual purpose.