Starseed Blog on How to Discern Channeled Information

 A friend of mine posted this blog on the Starseeds social networking site. There is a lot of vital information about how to accurately discern whether a channeling is coming from a legitimate source or not.

 How to Tell if your Channeling is coming from Dark Forces or not

Okay so, this will be my first blog on here. I have been hearing and reading a whole bunch of different things about what will be happening this year and with the ascension process. We all know that dark forces are always watching, so are light forces. I want everyone to be able to not depend on anything but themselves and their own heart and intuition. We all know that dark forces are capable of being channeled in and acting as though they are light beings. That can mislead people if those people follow the dark forces thinking they are light.

There are ways to be able to tell if you are being tricked or not. First of all, all spiritual and inner work must be done by ourselves as individuals. We all must live the alchemical ascension process ourselves, nobody does it for us. We are all capable of doing it, life is what you make it, believe in yourself!!
The easiest way to tell if the channeling is from dark forces is if they are talking about themselves or someone else, and not you! Another way to tell is if there is ego involved. If they are talking about doing all this work for you and you don't have to do anything everyone will be "saved".... How is that going to enlighten you and help you go through the process YOURSELF. How does it seem likely that you work on yourself (a lot of you do it for years) doing inner work and awakening... and then others who are just open minded and didn't seek themselves or what's in their heart and they just get a magical easy ride. They can most certainly do it themselves. We are powerful.

This is the time of awakening, more and more people will be awakening faster, our vibrations will be speeding up to ascend with the new earth. We need to do all the inner mind/body/heart work ourselves, we will be vibrationally in range (for 5d) We are evolving. there's that saying... "we are the ones we have been waiting for." With help of the galactic and solar energies we are evolving/ascending so we don't need to be saved. Life is how we make it. We are transmuting ourselves to transmute the planet, we are cleansing the planet and putting good energy here. We are the ones who are helping with the speeding of the vibrations.

Here is a quote (DON'T TAKE TOO LITERALLY)..... "we [the gods] have not taken away any of your original integrity because no one can do that. But we have badly distorted one part of your reality. since we journey so far, we are great warrior, and we are very male. You are meant to make home and live in harmony with all species on earth. To resonate with Gaia, you need to be very female. We have forced you to be warlike, too compulsive, too focused in linear space and time, too fearful. Now these incompatible tendencies are exploding your cells. Luckily your genetic matrix also has stellar contributions, and now this stellar-cellular matrix must awaken. You must interact with other dimensions to heal."

and that's all I have to say, hope this helps all of you to help yourselves and be full of light! Love you all, I send my love
-Chelsea Michelle =)