Fear and Attachment. Freeing Yourself From Both

Here are some excellent ideas about the nature of fear. This was a posting that I found on
Fear comes when our relationship to something is in danger
Fear is a result that comes from an attachment to something outside of yourself.
For fear comes when the idea of something that is the way it is , is no more.
Let's look at some examples.

The fear of losing a job is the attachment to money and comfortable living. Losing a relationship, that's easy the fear of losing love and affection.

In just these two most easy examples you can see that attachment is there by dependence. When we depend on our job we are that much more attached to it. When we depend on our lover for happiness instead of ourselves we become attached to that lover for we depend on their emotional support. How do you honor a love relationship and not get attached to the point of the fear of losing them? By loving yourself before anyone else. Self love has to come first to honor any relationship anyway. Self love destroys fear of loss of love because no matter who you sleep with or hurt you love yourself enough to not make yourself feel bad for the trials that are you.

For the need to feel bad about anything is a response of judgement of others or your own judgements of yourself which come from the seeds of doubt that are planted in us by our "friends". And sure enough we become attached to the ideas of what our lovers and our friends say we should and should be doing. We no longer live for ourselves we live by the ideals and passions of others and then begin to fear criticism from them because we are attached to the idea of having superficial acceptance. But this kind of acceptance is not real because your pears are accepting you for living by their ways. While if you lived by what you felt was right you would not receive love from your friends or lover. What kind of friendship or love is that?

How many people do you see that just are so obviously miserable in their marriages in their circles of friends, and why? Becuase they have to partake in activities and talk of things that have no meaning to who they really are. And they tuck away their true selves because of the fear of being alone.
It's easier to pretend to be someone else for personal security of friends and love. Both of which are not really true because this love is being shown to something that isnt even being that which it really is.
But false security is better than none so we attach ourselves to these things that we are convinced give us security for the fear of being lonely.

With self knowledge you love yourself SO much that you are never lonely or bored not for a second.
Let's look at some more.

The fear of drowning or getting stabbed or being burnt to death. What attachments are those threatening? In these you are attached to your physical being and well being. And in that you fear the world and what it can potentially do to you even though a majority of the time these things wont happen. But your attachment to your well being and physical safety bring about the fear of such things. The fear of pain is the very fear of generation and destruction. Life on earth without contrast is not possible. A life without contrast is not a life on earth. Such lives are livable, just not here. To detach from the fear of pain is the knowledge of yourself to overcome it. For knowing your self before knowing your pains do just that. And you can go to yourself to take away your pains. Any healer will tell you.

So now that we have these attachments we must further our attachment to them to gain our security, so we Desire things to broaden our attachment to them. And these broadened desires bring about greater fears as we have worked hard to build our jobs our loves our bodies now we are even more afraid to lose them. Because we desire so much for them even though ultimately none of it is truly ours. Our attachments to these things we fear losing take away our attention from the only thing we really have and that is our selves. Our own inner self knowledge. And instead of focusing on our self knowledge we look at what we desire to bring about an even greater attachment to the things we are so afraid to lose.

What if you werent attached to your job, your spouse/significant other, your physical body. What would you be left with? Would you still fear these things? And if we arent focusing on these seemingly essential life principles what are we supposed to be focusing on? For without those what are left? What's left is YOU.
You and yourself. You and your self knowledge. Who you really are. Our attachment to all these things that make up our day to day leaves make us forget just that. We forget ourselves.

This attachment to this life that we've been brought to believe we depend on and desire the further attachment of for our security. With this attachment to wordly material things we forget that we have all that we need with our own inborn understanding.

With self knowledge you have true security, your happiness your understanding and security are your own as they depend on nothing but you. The world is within and you realize your godhood. All is tended to, with no fear of loss you no longer attract loss to you (Law of Attraction). You understand that your higher self has everything you need. You go to god for what you want you dont have to ask for more hours, You dont have to go on heart breaking dates week to week. You can free yourself from burdening pains in your future by realizing just how good your condition is in this now moment and all moments to come.

But first one must free themselves from their attachments, buddhism is a big fan of detachment. Quiet those thoughts of this world and these things. Cut your cords by saying to yourself "In this moment now i cut all emotional physical and mental cords to all things of a lower nature" and say to your self "In this moment now i want and expect to know who i really am and be fully conscious in this moment now." And meditate, visualize just you and not just your body but that higher part of you that has nothing to do with these physical earthly things. Your higher self. Sit with your higher self often you will see who you really are what you desire for your purpose, instead of what you desire for the security of your attachments.

I hope this helps some of you. Most of this was inspired by Krishnmurti, but the stuff towards the end is more Law of attraction, power of now stuff.

So free your self from fear and realize what you are attached to for fear of loss of security and what you are attached to that is part of your purpose.

Love and Light!