Poofness 11-20-11

Greetings & Salutations…

Well, here goes, people have been snatched and put in undisclosed locations, thievery is being met with ‘instant karma’, so the arrests have already begun.

I’ve heard of 3 locations, offshore on ships, the hague, and mainland china. Europe can’t make it without The infusion, yes, and some banks will shut their doors as the new system takes over.
*Damn, is it so hard to be honest in today’s world?

They also had to fix something at the us treasury, no names were mentioned, so it’s just pure speculation at this point. That comes down to who somebody hates the most. That judgement is going to come back and bite some butts out here. Folks just don’t have enough information to be pointing at anybody, plus some folks have had to keep their cards really tight to the chest so you’re free to let your mind wonder. The news is only giving you folks reactions, but it is not telling you what they are reacting too. Last week 60 minutes, exposed the money making going on in congress [kp note: see the previous post for a couple videos]… and this past week I watched politicians in some really bad moods. Catch it tonight, Lagard will have some choice comments for you to hear.

The ‘platforms’ have been funded, by metal, so the freakout will only get louder. Fiat currency is headed for the toilet and the big boys know it. None of this is really a secret anymore, you are watching the reaction of the end game being put right in their faces. Kimberly Clark stock has got to be rising right now, with all these folks losing control of their bowels right now. Intense abdominal issues are up for all kinds of folks, so the flight and fright zone is being hammered. Hang on to your shorts folks, the ‘fix’ is here, and they won’t lose the moment on somebody trying to throw a monkey wrench in. People are poised and in position and some of these folks running their mouths are going to be embarrassed for having led a bunch people off a cliff. These forthcoming announcements in the east and the west, will get the public hip to what has gone on for 100+ years. It’s really just a foreclosure on a planetary scale. You will know who borrowed but did not pay. The word given to me was ‘because they did not share’. Greed, got ‘em in the end.

BTW, level 1 and level 2, are done…we make all that stuff liquid. That puts things in a position where the unhappy will start becoming vocal.

Have a wonderful future and don’t take any wooden nickels.
Love and Kisses,