SaLuSa 11-30-11

As the saying goes, keep on keeping on, and let nothing distract you from your chosen path. Only you alone truly know what is needed to propel you forward, and exactly where you have set your goals. Normally you would be quite happy to progress at your own speed, and certainly no pressure is exerted upon to do otherwise. However, it must be understood that Ascension is so near that if you desire to seize this opportunity to get out of the 3rd. dimension, you do need to ensure you know what is needed of you. As we have so often mentioned it is your intent that is so important, because as soon as you send out that energy it attracts similar energy, and strengthens yours that opens up the pathway to Ascension. It is about raising your vibration by bringing more Light into your life, and sharing it through positive thoughts and actions.
Do not concern yourself if your path is different to others, as there is more than one way to reach Ascension. Indeed there are time lines that cover every possible combination of possibilities. If you have exercised your choice there can be no wrong way, otherwise freedom of choice would be pointless. You are the creators of your own future whether you realise it or not, which is why you are told that you have created your present reality. That does not mean it cannot be changed, because you have done just that by standing on your own two feet and refusing to bow down any longer to the dark Ones. It is true that we and many other Beings of Light are helping you, but we only do so when you have taken the first steps yourselves. You point the way, and we will place more signposts along it so that you do not loose your sense o f direction.

Sheldan Nidle 11-29-11

Dratzo! We return with lots to discuss with you. Several events are ready to happen which will catapult your world toward a new reality. At present you are watching a number of situations which point toward the coming collapse of your global setup. Furthermore, these social structures are set to evolve out of all recognition. For example, regime change today has assumed a whole new dimension: formerly, those who took down a despot would, in time, revert to what they had so idealistically intended to replace. Now, however, those who have replaced the deposed are quickly discovering that the people are not willing to sit back and let the old ways return. Now there is a sustained effort to keep the new rulership on track and instituting the reforms promised. This focus and determination demonstrates the difference in today's uprisings versus those of yesteryear. The new ingredient that is demolishing the age-old syndrome of tyranny is your rise in consciousness, which makes it impossible for those recently brought to power to veer from the course that the people have set for them.
What we are saying is that your change in consciousness is indelibly altering the way even present societies function. Your kleptocracies are no longer able to obtain the degree of respect they formerly commanded, and there is rapidly spreading irritation with the way your societies and their respective governments are controlled. This perceived 'unacceptability' is the thin end of a very thick wedge. A realization has taken root in your societies which can no longer tolerate the overt, unbridled crassness that passes for governance, and people everywhere deeply desire a wholly new prototype. Moreover, this longing is seeping into the minds of those who serve as minions for the ruling 'special interests.' This creates a quandary that greatly troubles all your governments: how to survive in such widespread and growing unrest? This question hangs in the air and is a clear indication of the import of what is happening around your globe. The center of your reality truly can no longer hold together.

SaLuSa 11-28-11

The amount of love being sent to your beautiful planet is ever increasing and will continue to do so, as it helps you reach a higher level of consciousness. Many great Beings of pure Light are involved and their power is beyond your imagination. They are able to control the flow of Light so that you are not overpowered, and in fact the whole process of Ascension is very carefully arranged to ensure maximum success. Because in general terms you have been able to bring the energy to Earth, the grids have been empowered and are helping you raise your levels of consciousness. We cannot sufficiently stress how important these times are for you all, and we urge you to take advantage of the wonderful opportunity to ascend that is being offered to you. Not for a long time will there be such a focussed energy centred upon Earth, that will offer every single soul the means of upliftment. All it requires initially is the intent to change your life to one where you see all souls as One with you, and treat them accordingly with love and caring as you would wish for yourself.

Nothing else in your life is as important as your spiritual evolution, and unless you desire to remain within the lower vibrations you must look forward to finding out how to raise your consciousness to a higher level. Whatever you may feel, you have within a natural urge to seek the purpose of life and it will propel you ever onwards. Set aside the comments from people who are unable to comprehend the idea that you are more than your body, and know that there is part of you that is indestructible and is the real you. Experiencing as physical Human Being in the 3rd. dimension is just part of a great adventure, that is now ending with completion of the cycle of duality. From thereon for those who ascend, it will move to a new experience in a body of crystalline based cells that will carry a greater degree of consciousness. Al l of the previous drawbacks that were affecting you such as aging, will no longer occur and life will be much more pleasant and rewarding.

Benjamin Fulford 11-28-11 Chaos prevails at the highest levels of government in the West as the financial fraud unravels

by Benjamin Fulford, November 28, 2011
Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction and that certainly fits the situation now seen at the highest levels of power in Western civilization. In essence, the story is that the true source of power in the West, control of the financial system, fell into the hands of fanatical religious cultists who wanted to artificially make the prophecies in an ancient religious text (the Torah or Old Testament), come true. This fraud-based is enterprise is now falling apart. The result is unprecedented chaos at the highest levels of power in the sect-controlled governments of the United States, England, France, Italy, Germany and their slave states. One of the immediate triggers is a lawsuit that was filed in New York on November 23rd, claiming the assets of the global financial system belong to the people of the planet and not a powerful religious cult that uses the United Nations as a façade.
The immediate story behind this lawsuit is the hidden history of the 20th and early 21st centuries. It goes back the 1930’s when the world’s gold was confiscated from private citizens and placed into centralized storage areas by the families that controlled the Western financial system. Since neither most Jews nor many Asian wealthy families wished to hand over their gold, the cult staged World War 2 in order to confiscate it.
At the Bretton Woods conference in 1944, control of the post war financial system was given to England, France and the United States for a 50-year period in exchange for promises to develop the planet.
These promises were broken when a subtle cultist coup d’etat began with the assassination of President Roosevelt. Instead of global development, the religious cultists started the cold war. Their aim was to stage an end-times war between “Gog and Magog” that would result in the death of 90% of humanity and leave the remaining 10% of humanity as slaves of the cultists.

Poof 11-27-11

The Fall

Artist: Joe Cocker

Strange how this world works
I don't care about your place
You better believe you're gonna get her
You gotta let go, it's out of your hands

One day you're gonna look back
See the reason that you got back

It's all in the fall
That's when you find out what you're all about
We've all been hurt, we've all been burnt
You get knocked down, kicked around, then you get back up
It's all in the fall, starting over again, starting over again.

Somebody once told me
Trouble is, trouble's gonna be coming your way
When the world gets dark and lonely
You might stumble and fall but you get thru it all
It's gonna be okay

One day you're gonna look back
And see it all happen so damn fast, so fast.

It's all in the fall
That's when you find out what you're all about
We've all been hurt, we've all been burnt
You get knocked down, kicked around and then you get back up
It's all in the fall

You don't know who you are til it all come tumbling down
Next thing you know you've found

That it's all in the fall,
That's when you find out what you're all about
Yes, it's all in the fall
That's when you find out what you're all about

We've all been hurt, we've all been burnt
You get knocked down, kicked around
and then you get back up

It's all in the fall, it's all in the fall,
Starting over again, starting over again

9-11 WTC Biggest Gold Heist in History: $300 Billion in Bars

This is one of the reasons why 9/11 was carried out by the elites. This video deeply correlates with what Benjamin Fulford has been saying all of these years.

Increase Joy and Pleasure Through Increased Sensitivity and Receptivity

 This is a good way for an empath to successfully shield themselves from other peoples emotions. When one goes inside and feels themselves, one doesn't feel the emotions of other people.

You want your mind and perceptual-body to become very sensitive and receptive. The aim of much of your work, then, should be to increase sensitivity and receptivity. This will increase your intelligence, increase your ability to experience pleasure, and increase your ability to abide joyfully in your own presence. How is this to be done? Put out the unquenchable flame of desire that burns within you, causing you to run to and fro in pursuit of habitual thought-patterns that you believe will bring about fulfillment, but instead keep you running the same circle which you have been running for eternity, which serves only to add fuel to the fire that is causing your sense of unease and incompleteness.

As you lose the pull towards external actions and objects, you can lose the urge to stick to one logical story about reality and your life, and you can see how your mind freely and naturally flows, without you getting in the way by translating your natural mind-stream in terms of accumulated notions of being realistic, right, or good. You can see the relationship between your ideas/desires and reality, and how effort is not required on your part for things to flow how they are supposed to. It is freeing to know that you do not have to do something the moment it pops into your head. It is, in fact, more fulfilling to wait, allow anticipation to naturally build, and engage when it is more natural. This will make your actions more enjoyable.

As you become more comfortable in your presence of non-doing, your body will also adjust, and begin to notice more subtle sensations. You will start finding more and more fulfillment, joy, and pleasure in very subtle things, that really require no effort on your part. This is your mind and body becoming more sensitive and receptive! This will continue increasing the more you abide in your non-activity based presence. This will greatly increase the pleasure, joy, and fulfillment you find in the actions and interactions you do partake in. As you see how all of this works, you will see the foolishness of running around for everything, making the pull of the external reality disappear more and more, which will aid your progress further.

Benjamin Fulford 11-24-11

A lawsuit was filed today (November 23rd US time) that could end the secret government that has ruled Western civilization for at least the past 300 years. The lawsuit claims that close to $1 trillion was stolen by, among others, UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and the UN, former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and the Italian government, Giancarlo Bruno and the Davos World Economic forum and others believed to include many of the owners of the US Federal Reserve Board. The lawsuit was filed in New York by Neil Keenan, acting as representative of the Dragon family, a reclusive group of wealthy Asian families. This filing is the result of extensive evidence gathering by international police and law-enforcement agencies including Interpol, the CIA, the Japanese Security Police, Eastern European secret services and ha s the backing of the Pentagon as well as the armed forces of Russia and China.
The ultimate defendants in this legal action are believed to be the same cabal behind the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy and many other major international crimes.

Sheldan Nidle 11-23-11

Dratzo! We return with more to say about your world and its divine transformation. As Gaia moves ever closer to altering your surface reality, the Agarthans are using their abilities to prevent the dark from having any hope of mounting a comeback. Right now the Agarthans have teamed up with our Earth allies and a general plan has been put into effect, the first part of which was the dismantling of the vast network of underground and deep underwater bases maintained for decades by various secret governments. This major military action has now been achieved. The dark has lost tens of thousands of vital personnel and is denied the services of most of its exotic research scientists and technicians. Despite this, it was not until the recent arrests of mid-level personnel that the illuminoids became really panicked; they now k now that their own arrest is near. Those who have for so long 'managed' your world see the time is rapidly approaching when each of them must face the large crowds of angry citizens they once so arrogantly manipulated. And the roundup strategy does indeed include these 'kings of darkness.'

Benjamin Fulford 11-21-11

A senior representative of the Rothschild banking family was in Japan earlier this month demanding money, according to a high level source in the Ruling Democratic Party of Japan. When he was told the Rothschild’s Japanese piggy bank was now cut off to them, he threatened to have Japan sued for releasing radio-activity into the ocean. The fact the Rothschilds have had to sink to such low level threats is a clear sign they are suffering from a serious power loss. The Rothschilds also need to realize that if they are to sue anybody for the Fukushima nuclear disaster, it would be their erstwhile US allies like Henry Kissinger, J. Rockefeller and the usual Council on Foreign Relations suspects. In any case, this ruling party source has now confirmed what multiple other sources say and that is that Senator J. Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger and now Jacob Rothschild have all visited Japan during the past month and have all left empty-handed.
What happened was that there was a show-down in the Japanese underworld and the criminals who had been sub-contracting here for the Rockefellers and Rothschilds etc. agreed to stop working for them. That is why Emperor Akihito suddenly went to the hospital and ceded responsibility to crown Prince Naruhito. This was to make sure there was no royal family member available for these Bilderberg thugs to threaten and bully.
As a result of this underground change, the White Dragon Society has now been given detailed information about politicians who have been bribed in the past by the Sabbatean Jewish gangsters. Some of the main conduits for Rockefeller/Rothschild bribe money included former Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone, DPJ power broker Ichiro Ozawa and Tokyo governor Shintaro Ishihara. These people are now being isolated from the Japanese power structure.

Poofness 11-20-11

Greetings & Salutations…

Well, here goes, people have been snatched and put in undisclosed locations, thievery is being met with ‘instant karma’, so the arrests have already begun.

I’ve heard of 3 locations, offshore on ships, the hague, and mainland china. Europe can’t make it without The infusion, yes, and some banks will shut their doors as the new system takes over.
*Damn, is it so hard to be honest in today’s world?

They also had to fix something at the us treasury, no names were mentioned, so it’s just pure speculation at this point. That comes down to who somebody hates the most. That judgement is going to come back and bite some butts out here. Folks just don’t have enough information to be pointing at anybody, plus some folks have had to keep their cards really tight to the chest so you’re free to let your mind wonder. The news is only giving you folks reactions, but it is not telling you what they are reacting too. Last week 60 minutes, exposed the money making going on in congress [kp note: see the previous post for a couple videos]… and this past week I watched politicians in some really bad moods. Catch it tonight, Lagard will have some choice comments for you to hear.

The ‘platforms’ have been funded, by metal, so the freakout will only get louder. Fiat currency is headed for the toilet and the big boys know it. None of this is really a secret anymore, you are watching the reaction of the end game being put right in their faces. Kimberly Clark stock has got to be rising right now, with all these folks losing control of their bowels right now. Intense abdominal issues are up for all kinds of folks, so the flight and fright zone is being hammered. Hang on to your shorts folks, the ‘fix’ is here, and they won’t lose the moment on somebody trying to throw a monkey wrench in. People are poised and in position and some of these folks running their mouths are going to be embarrassed for having led a bunch people off a cliff. These forthcoming announcements in the east and the west, will get the public hip to what has gone on for 100+ years. It’s really just a foreclosure on a planetary scale. You will know who borrowed but did not pay. The word given to me was ‘because they did not share’. Greed, got ‘em in the end.

BTW, level 1 and level 2, are done…we make all that stuff liquid. That puts things in a position where the unhappy will start becoming vocal.

Have a wonderful future and don’t take any wooden nickels.
Love and Kisses,

SaLuSa 111-21-11

Once you have made up your mind where you are going, let no one divert you from your goal and know that you have been preparing for this period for a long time. You have come this far and should by now know exactly what you have been working towards. Your karma should to all intents and purposes almost be at an end, and in this lifetime many of you have elected to clear it away completely. Do not concern yourself if you know that there is still work to be done, as whatever remains at the time of Ascension can be covered by the Law of Grace and is not therefore carried forward. Because of karma, many relationships have suffered but please remember that once you have left this dimension you can easily come together again. You will accept that your Earth family were put in place for the outworking of the collective karma of you all, and once you drop your roles that puts an end to the matter. Families often incarnate together many times over, and as you can imagine play different roles even moving from one sex to another, and often reversing their roles. This is one reason why you should refrain from judging others, as until you return to the higher dimensions you will not have a complete picture explaining the “whys” and “wherefores” of your experiences. Be assured that of necessity you will at times have played a role as one of the dark Ones. This does not necessarily mean anything other than that you have had lives with negative attitudes.

Everything around you works perfectly in accordance with Universal Law, and of that you should be pleased. Otherwise you would experience real chaos with little possibility of escaping the consequences. The unenlightened amongst you largely believe that to be the case now, and without your faith in the future see no way out of the world problems. This is why we urge our allies to conclude their activities, so that we can arrange disclosure and move it on to contact with you. It is essential that all of those souls who have little or no understanding of who they really [are] get help. We believe that once we have been officially recognized and invited to land on Earth, our presence will [be] seen as friendly and our plan to raise you up as acceptable to you. Part of the preparations for it will of course involve removing the dark Ones from every position of authority, as once we commence the cleansing we want to be able to speed ahead without delays.

November 19, 2011…Greetings from the Federation:

Today we speak of the Disclosure plan unfolding in your world. Two leaders of your cabal, key members of a control group responsible for the false flag operations that would seek to undermine our disclosure to you, have capitulated. They have been moved to safe zones to be out of touch with those that would seek to obtain their authority to undertake the plans the Illuminati have developed for the Disclosure scenario. They have been effectively neutralized with no harm to anyone.
You must remember that there are two separate forces at work on your planet. One is from off world entities that seek to control you using your own human species in positions of power and trust who have been corrupted by greed and power. The other are those very minions, your own people who have chosen to move away from their own in service to the dark. We will handle those off world as we have already done, including the destruction of their underwater facilities from which they have operated for a very long time. It is up to you to meet out justice to those in your own world and of your own kind, when the time comes. Your systems will be in place for that eventuality. We are certain that this process will result in humane actions and not vengeance, which is wasteful of energy and serves only to create darkness.

SaLuSa 16-November-2011

Expect a lot to happen but allow for intent to ensure that the flow is orderly, so that each event compliments the last one. As many will know our allies are more active now than ever before, and having considerably weakened the Illuminati we have been able to remove many of those who stand in the way of progress. At all different levels there are people who have been used without their knowledge, but with the awakening are beginning to see how they have been manipulated. That alone is often sufficient to get them to resign, and as talk travels fast others get to learn about it. There is also a matter of rising consciousness levels, that bring some people to question the ethics of those they work for. You will begin to see more of this happening, as the thrust for more transparency and truthfulness grows.
As a result of 11.11.11. changes can also be expected in the emotional responses that you may sometimes in the past have found hard to control, as the higher consciousness levels will bring you the ability to remain calmer. It will help eliminate rash and uncontrollable reactions that often cause serious trouble. Such things will be a feature of the changes within people, and become more noticeable as time goes by. It is to be welcomed and a sign of an individuals success at integrating the higher vibrations. Most humans seem to act first and think later, when clearly the opposite is more desirable. The same thinking can also be applied to groups who act with the herd instinct, without any thought as to what they are doing.

Sheldan Nidle 11-15-11

3 Cauac, 12 Xul, 8 Manik
Dratzo! We return! Time is swiftly collapsing the time-space grids that form the framework of your present reality. Ever-increasing new energies are flowing into these grids and shaking the very foundations of the dark's long hold on you. Nearly 13 millennia ago, the Time Lords and the local Elohim constructed these grids as a temporary measure in orde r to permit you to survive, and now they are rapidly disappearing. The dark ones know this and yet persist in their bizarre schemes to keep all of you entrapped within their dark control fields. The time has come to counter their delusional activities and free your world from their ever-weakening grip. As you look around at your world's political and economic conditions, you can see just how close everything is to complete breakdown. We have monitored the strange maneuvers of this dark cabal and seen how easily they dissociate their continuing fantasies from what is now manifestly becoming real. Our Agarthan cousins consider it their prime obligation to you to liberate your surface world from these decaying delusions, and we are here to fully support this vital task!
We have, on your behalf, consulted with those who are keen to begin the process of externalizing the new economic and political systems that will free you from the dark's tyranny. In this regard, various legal documents are being completed and the first steps of new economic systems are being launched by these wealthy and spiritually oriented groups. The Agarthans are assisting your Ascended Masters, who have, over the millennia, put together a global network that allows each of these groups to communicate amongst each other. Right now, all the preliminary work for carrying out a spiritual revolution to shift your reality to the Light has been finished. The next stage is to push the necessary dark governments from power and establish the new international organizations dedicated to peace, freedom, cooperation, and of course prosperity! The initial protocols for these organizations have been signed by most of your world's nation states. The time is now ripe for action!

Benjamin Fulford 11-15-11

Despite seeming bad news on several fronts last week, insiders assure us that plans for a new financial system are going ahead on all fronts. Instead of perpetual war and genocide on behalf of an inbred elite, the people of the planet are choosing to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and push for a new life-centered scientific and technical revolution. Major assistance emerged as a 59-nation group claiming to represent the Red Dragon Society or Maiona, offered its support to the new system. The Red Dragon is headed by Admiral Heemi Hau, Paramount Chief of the NGAPUHI in New Zealand and links 59 countries plus 2700 tribes mostly in the South Pacific Region. They back their words with treaties with the British Empire going back to the 1700’s as well as older treaties going back to 804 CE [CE = "Common Era"].

This is yet another step in the unstoppable global awakening that will forever take control of the planet out of the hands of the gangsters who have been terrifying us for so long.

Here is a part of what the Maiona group proposes:

Eddie Hobbs - TV3 - The Euro Collapse

This interview appeared on a public TV station in Ireland. This is the true situation in Europe.

POOF for NOV 13: War of the Worlds

Immigrant Song lyrics
Artist(Band):Led Zeppelin
A-ah-ahh-ah, ah-ah-ahh-ah
We come from the land of the ice and snow
from the midnight sun where the hot springs blow
The hammer of the gods will drive our ships to new lands
To fight the horde and sing and cry, Valhalla, I am coming
On we sweep with, with threshing oar
Our only goal will be the western shore
Ah-ah-ahh-ah, ah-ah-ahh-ah
We come from the land of the ice and snow
from the midnight sun where the hot springs FLOW
How soft your fields, so green
can whisper tales of gore, of how we calmed the tides of war
We are your overlords
On we sweep with, with threshing oar
Our only goal will be the western shore
S-so now you better stop and rebuild all your ruins
for peace and trust can win the day despite of all you're losin'
Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh
Ahh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh
Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh

Evidence of Media Censorship/Control- November 2011

More evidence if media censorship/control. CNBC shows that majority thought Ron Paul won the debates last night

AA GABRIEL - Weekly message - November 10, 2011

November 10, 2011

Beloved Ones,

I would like to have discourse on the quality of Love called dedication. This quality requires a commitment to a purpose that has been set forth as a goal to be accomplished and in order for this goal to be accomplished it requires the action and implementation of this quality of Love called dedication. Dedication to a project or a cause requires steadfastness and single mindedness of purpose in order to manifest the intended outcome of the goal into fruition. It requires repeated diligence and effort in order to create a tangible result as visualized and intended.

This quality of Love is also seen as a loving service that is given to another as a way to be of assistance in the most meaningful and practical manner. Many people throughout the World employ this loving act many, many times in their daily lives as they seek to be the best manifestation of themselves in service to their families, their friends, communities, employers and country. It requires this attribute of Love to continuously ensure that One can be relied upon in every circumstance of duty and service to others so that their needs are met.

Sheldan Nidle 11-8-11

Dratzo! We return! Your world is moving ever deeper into transformation. A wide range of activities to bring about change are making headway, despite the best efforts of the dark cabal to crush opposition to several tyrants who are bent on keeping an iron grip on their unpopular regimes. Furthermore, the number of nations signing on to the agreements of last spring continues to rise. Meanwhile, our prime focus is the swift change of governance in the major nations as this will make disclosure possible. We have informed our Earth allies that after the initial announcements are made and the many social programs are well underway, a disclosure broadcast is a must, as a pronouncement of this magnitude is essential to moving our personnel into a more public role. Further, your dark cabal has many unseen faces who are best removed once we achieve a more public position in these matters. Disclosure marks a point-of-no-return on your path to full consciousness, freedom, and personal sovereignty, and requires a proper champion who can ensure that no retreat from this sacred path is attempted.

We have assigned several 'roving ambassadors' to your world who will make themselves public after a suitable post-disclosure period has elapsed. Their purpose is to be watchdogs who will stand guard over your path to full consciousness. Heaven has counseled that we be gentle yet firm in all that we do, and yet we are faced with some very tricky situations: for example, we have carried out several in-depth readings of your global populace, and these surveys in consciousness have revealed many undercover agents tasked with specific acts of sabotage against the new programs once the caretaker governments come into effect. Another concern is that we do not wish our actions to be seen to be heavy-handed, and yet a vast number of further arrests are to take place within weeks of the thousands of detentions of those connected with the old regimes. In reality, these thousands of arrestees will be 'held' on board a mothership (what we call an 'on-ship program') in the customary holographic environment which tailors itself into a locale of your choosing.

Lauren Gorgo, 11-8-11…”Transference: the reBirth”… or …”Caution: these frequencies [in this article] have the potential to greatly accelerate your awakening process and the activation of your divine blueprint

**Important to note: this transmission is encoded with specific frequencies that the Pleiadian High Council have asked me to distribute to those in resonance. This means that the energy contained within this article will activate, accelerate and/or align you to the Source Code frequencies, those codes that are contained within our God-DNA. As a disclaimer, these frequencies have the potential to greatly accelerate your awakening process and the activation of your divine blueprint.
I am sure most of you are feeling it already, but we are in a pretty profound passage this week and so I have been asked by the Pleiadian High Council…on what they call a special mission of service… to address some things that they feel we would benefit from knowing. Please bear with me as I have not fully integrated this information…which I try to do (at least a little) before I post an update…however, there is a sense of urgency behind this that is forcing me to wing-it. As always, the energy of the article is more important than the words that are preceding our mental comprehension of it all.

Ben Fulford 11-8-11

These days, reading some of the Western corporate propaganda media, you get the feeling you are reading Axis news reports of imminent victory late during World War 2. The reality people can see with their own eyes contradicts their reports so much that only a diehard rump of the most thoroughly brainwashed now really believes the propaganda. No matter what wishful thinking headlines they conjure up about the IMF coming to the rescue, or the Feds printing more dollars or FRN’s coming to the rescue, the fact of the matter is that the cabal that hijacked the world’s financial system has lost. The criminal cabal is caput. Events this week and next will provide ample proof of this.

Both behind the scenes and in public, the world’s law enforcement agencies continue to close in on the criminal cabal from all directions. The big lawsuit expected next week against the cabal has now obtained as evidence something known as the Book of Maklumat. This is a book that details the historical ownership of much of the world’s gold by a group of Asian royal families. They also have copies of the original cash certificates and evidence of how this money was transferred to the custodianship of the Government of United States for the use on behalf of the international community. This evidence is icing on the cake in a lawsuit that will prove the private owners of the Federal Reserve Board stole this money and have been using it illegally for over 50 years.

SaLuSa 11-7-11

With matters moving very quickly, you need little in the way of information as to the outcome. It is becoming quite clear that the European crisis is far from solved, and the debt amongst that union is so big it can bring them down. Meanwhile the people are becoming more active than any previous time, and the pressure they are applying on the governments will eventually yield results. In the background we along with our allies are adding to it, and continue to make it clear to the dark Ones that their days are numbered. There is great instability amongst them and fear of the consequences of their actions. In their arrogance they never thought that they would have to answer for their crimes, but now it is becoming obvious that they will.
Our allies are ready to take advantage of any opportunity to push our plan forward. We are allowed to be forceful to remove obstacles in our way, and will no longer tolerate interference. The dark Ones have been severely weakened in recent weeks, and are in retreat. We do therefore feel that their resistance will be unable to stop our progress. You can expect to learn very shortly of further advances on our part. We have already removed many powerful people that have stood in our way, and will continue to do so. By now, we know all of the names of the Illuminati and none shall escape the net that closes in on them. We stand ready to remove governmental groups that have failed to serve the people, and once that has taken place we can be expected to announce Disclosure.

POOF for NOV 6: Life Worth Living

[verse 1]
[verse 2]:
[verse 3]:

Master Hilarion’s Weekly Message – Nov 6-13

Beloved Ones,

You are moving into a higher than ever energy week and staying grounded during this time is very important. Touching base with the tree family and being out in Nature will be very beneficial to you. Also, soaking in a tub of warm water with Epsom salt or sea salt will help keep your auric field in good repair. And of course, the most important element during this time is to keep your thoughts and intentions on your highest vision of yourself and your World, for what you focus upon will create the New Earth First Light manifesting on Earth. Be present and accounted for as one who co-created this into manifestation.

You are moving into higher dimensions of Love and this will affect each person in different ways but will most definitely be a profoundly felt experience. The worries and concerns that have been carried within the hearts of All will cease to make such big impact upon your daily lives as each person turns within, gratefully releasing the last vestiges of third dimensional consciousness and surrenders to a new higher level of union with their Angelic Self. From this place of awareness and consciousness will come empowerment to cooperate and co-create a new Earth, one in which Universal consciousness can become our reality.

Many who have been doing the work will have their epiphany moments and will expand their knowingness to a greater level of awareness of the current opportunity to create more beauty in the World with our Love. As you become more conscious of the habitual patterns of expression that need to be changed in your quest to develop a more Universal consciousness, greater amounts of Light can enter your very cells and as this occurs, a greater expansion of your multi-dimensional operating system will begin to unfold. Learning to observe yourselves from a higher vantage point will help you take a quantum leap into higher consciousness as you begin to understand how to step out of the old paradigm and create your new reality.

UFO Caught Measuring Human Cosciousness at Football Game (on National TV).

According to Sheldan Nidle, this is an "unmanned Pleiadian robot ship" taking "3d holographic" pictures of the area. The ETs are taking pictures of the area because they are measuring the frequency of human consciousness. The reason why ETs chose the NFL football game is because there are a lot of people to measure there. Another reason is because the ETs understood that it was an opportune time expose themselves to millions of people at once. The ETs want to measure the frequency of our group consciousness because this is how they determine how to interact with us. This is how they are capable of always appearing at times that are opportune to the spiritual growth of the observer.

We are deep in. The new Earth can literally manifest at any second. If you are reading this, meditating in nature and focusing on the new Earth will greatly hasten this manifestation. Make sure to stay heart-centered.

Peace on Earth.

Energy Forecast - It's Time

November 2011

Blessings my beautiful friend,

It's such an honor to reconnect with you once again. We've entered the time we have long prepared ourselves for: The time our ancient civilizations & ancestors have talked about for thousands of years. It's time, we're here, and nothing will ever be the same again.

What is it time for? The time (or I call it no-time) has come, for each one of us to say 'YES' to being our truest selves. It's time to lift the veils of illusion we created for ourselves all these years keeping us from connecting with our most Holy Self. For many years, the world taught us to look outside of ourselves for fulfillment. With that, we were lead to believe that we were small & insignificant. Now, we have reached a pivotal point in our history where the collective begins to turn within, reclaim our power, and awaken to our Goddess/God Self.

There is absolutely not one other being in all the Universes that is exactly like you. You are one in infinity! You are so special & perfect as you are, because you are Divinity itself in physical form expressing itself as the uniqueness that is you. You are revered across time, space, and dimensions simply because “you are you.”

AA GABRIEL - Weekly message - November 3, 2011

November 3, 2011

Beloved Ones,
I would like to have discourse with you on the quality of Love called empowerment. This quality brings out the higher inner qualities of another Being by the act of encouragement and support, by reminding them that they are strong and powerful in their own right and that there is more to them than they can remember in the current moment. This quality is most appreciated by those who have felt beaten by life’s challenges and mysteries and when another empowers them by reminding them of their Divinity and their innate goodness and wisdom, a flow of positive, healing and uplifting energy begins to flow within them.

This quality is a very effective and powerful way to bring healing to trying situations in times of the opposing forces that are in play within individuals. By a few well chosen words of loving inspiration, a smile and gentle touch, one can lift the heart and spirit of another at a time when they are finding the way before them difficult and confusing. Words of loving kindness can make a heart that has been sorely tried take flight on wings of happiness and confidence. The quality called empowerment has a way of going forward to work its magic upon all Beings as they are each touched by its magical power.

A Being can also empower themselves through times of great challenge and growth by believing in their higher attributes and reinforcing this belief through affirmations in a persistent and consistent manner. This then builds a bridge to the higher attributes of the individual and more empowering moments of grace and synchronicity begin to take root within them and the Universe responds to these repeated words by bringing forth an abundant and never ending flow of what they were dwelling upon. Such is the power of uplifting and inspirational thought patterns and practiced long enough and often enough brings to the practitioner all they have ever dreamt was possible.

SaLuSa 4-November-2011

You are in a situation that requires you to wait patiently for matters to develop a little further, and then you can expect action. The cleansing of your civilization has been long taking place on different levels by replacing the dark Ones with our representatives of Light, up to the present day when they are being removed and placed where they cannot do any further harm. So you can see that the conditions are becoming such, that we can move into the next phase. With it comes a greater awareness on your part, as more people are opening up to the truth as to what is happening on Earth. Out of the confusion, the Phoenix of the past is rising when you were in an era of Love and Light. That was during one of the more enlightened periods of Atlantis prior to its fall. Virtually all of you have lived lives during that great epoch , and the memories are still held in your sub-consciousness. Those times were when you reached a peak of spiritual growth, that allowed the great Masters to return to Earth. However, over thousands of years the vibrations gradually dropped, until the Light had to compete with the overwhelming darkness that engulfed Atlantis, and led to its demise.
Now you are energizing the grids around the Earth, and once again it is ready to reach another pinnacle of spirituality. This time the upliftment is taking place very rapidly, and as fast as you are able to assimilate the higher energies. With the immediate period ahead and even more Light being beamed to you, the changes within self are becoming more noticeable. For some they may be making them feel out of sorts, but they are in no way unpleasant and once they settle down you will feel uplifted. We know that many of you have already developed to a point, where you are able to easily center yourselves regardless of what is going on around you. That is proof of your ongoing ability to draw the higher energies into yourself. Each one of you that has reached this stage is giving a service to those who have not, by creating a ca lmer and settled atmosphere around them.

SaLuSa 2-November-2011

We can feel the rising expectation of events that are going to change your lives. The "quick fix" that many countries are trying to use to find their way out of trouble, will only be that with no long term solution. In fact they have no answers, which is why when our allies present them with our plan there will be little opposition. We could foresee the collapse which was inevitable, as you could not sustain the reckless ways of running your world affairs. It was of course largely through deliberate intent, to maintain control over you. When we have previously spoken of there being a "right time" for action to be taken, you should now be able to see the sense behind our reasoning. We had to wait until you reached a point of no return, so that it was clear to everyone that a new start was vital. That time has arrived and we a re preparing ourselves in readiness to make the initial changes, that will get things moving for the better.
As each day passes so your attention is needed to keep the vibrations as high as possible. Focus on the Light and let it be the basis of everything you do. Remember that thoughts are also powerful, so do not allow them to stray from your intent to live and talk your Light. These are the important times that many of you have come to Earth to participate in, and it will be a glorious period of achievement where the people will take back their sovereignty, and re-write the Constitution. Your voices have long been heard, and at last you shall have positive signs that will leave you without any doubt as to where you are all heading. Many can already sense a new energy in the air. one that is uplifting and protects you from the lower vibrations. Enjoy it and let others see that in reality there is nothing to be fearful about, and you will be helping to ground the Light upon the Earth.

Sheldan Nidle 11/1/1

Dratzo! We return! The collapse of your reality's time-space grids continues to accelerate. These grids support and maintain the existence of your reality and it is quite apparent that it has reached the point where its perpetuation is no longer workable. Your teams of Elohim report that the moment has come to move you into a transitory realm until your final migration into a new fully conscious reality is made. The ongoing disintegration of your present realm only emphasizes to us that the removal of your last dark cabal from its preeminent position on your world needs to be done forthwith. We have communicated with our Earth allies about this growing predicament and asked our Agarthan cousins to bring your deadlines for action forward. Meanwhile, we have planned a scenario permitting us to intervene directly and take you all to the next milestone on the highway to full consciousness. Our science contingent has begun a full analysis of where your consciousness grids now stand as it is these grids that are changing the quickest, and this is what is bringing down the rest of your reality's grid structures. 

      The quickening of your reality's collapse now brings us into closer cooperation with the Elohim to modify your grid system to create the transitory realm, thus allowing you 'time' to replace and upgrade your crumbling social systems. At most, this gives you a very short time for you as a collective to change your world and prepare your many societies for disclosure and first contact. We cannot overemphasize the huge implications of what we are telling you: it is vital for you to take this opportunity to come together and change your world to a more spiritual one. There is no need for us to keep repeating that your present one is defunct. The amount of pressure upon our Earth allies is increasing exponentially as there is no more time to dillydally. Heaven is in full accord with our assessments and has asked us to stress the urgency to all parties involved. Accordingly, our liaison teams have been dispatch, accompanied by a basic to-do list, and we intend to take the necessary actions in the very near future to ensure our joint success. 

Keiser Report: Speculators Win Again (E204)

Interesting insight into the current situation in Europe and who is funding the OccupyWallStreet Movement

Illuminati Endgame Nears Completion

Here is a link to various videos regarding the destruction of various underground bases. The ETs are increasing their actions against the dark cabal. I don't know what is going to happen exactly, but  I do not expect that we will enter 2012 without a major shake-up of our current reality. The debt crisis in Europe is big and its collapse, in my opinion, will be the precursor to our new financial system. The decision of the IMF to not bail out Greece is big. All of the financial institutions were created by the Illuminati/NWO after WW2 as a means to control the world's monetary situation. The fact that the IMF is refusing to bail out Greece is either a sign that there has been a change in management, or that they simply no longer have the access to the funds to bail out Greece. Anyways, we are increasingly speeding up towards the end of this long drawn out battle between light and dark.