On Twin Flames...

This is an oldie but a goodie. This idea behind twin flames has always deeply resonated with me. I hope this sheds insight on your current Twin Flame situation.

Archangel Chamuel Twin Flame Update Dec 13/09
Sunday, 13 December 2009 02:24

Greetings! I am Archangel Chamuel.

As the Galactic Starships land, millions of you will be reuniting with your Twin Flames. This Truth brings uneasiness to many.

This leaves many asking, How will my Twin Flame find me attractive, especially with so many things that need fixing? Holding yourself in this illusion of separation puts distance between you and your Twin Flame. This is no longer necessary and needs remedying.

I ask you to take a multidimensional view of your life now in the 5th Dimension and know that you are in 5th DImensional vehicles.

Rejoice! You made it! If you are here now, listening to this, or reading this, you made it! If your family is here with you, and your friends, they have made it! None, of the Light, were left behind. Let's take a look at this new vehicle you now inhabit.

In the 5th Dimensional vehicle, which is crystalline in nature, you will now detect, if you have not already, detected emergent abilities. These abilities come from Ascension and are gifts from the spiritual substrate of Creation, the Force.

The Force is Source Energy combined with Divine Love. I am the Archangel of Love and as you develop these emergent abilities, call on me and I will assist you to perfection. In the 5th DImensional vehicle you are the flawless identity with Reality that is Perfection of Spirit. You are Creator Gods. You are Children of Ra.

You are Light Beings and you are Star Seeds. You are Galactic and Angelic and you are on Earth having a human experience. In this vehicle you experience all the Hues of light, rainbow light, and the colors are infinite, as are the rays and chakras. As your Light vehicle expands, you anchor in more and more of your perfection.

Your Twin Flame is an indivisible part of yourself. If you look at your body now, you may see that held inside is your Twin Flame. This is an indivisible part of you and cannot be separate. If you wonder how this one could love you, in this Earth vehicle, know that they are with you and know everything that you are doing all of the time. From the Ships, your Twin Flame has watched your process through the Earth Ascension. They are wise to the difficulties you have overcome, as they have been there every step of the way, supporting you, as you went through it.

Before this incarnation, the one where Earth ascends, and the return of Twin Flames is possible, you both agreed on who would play the role on the Ship, and who would play the warrior role on Earth. Anyone who is here now is a kind of warrior for light. You have come through the densest forms of Creation to raise it all back to love. As you embarked on the exciting journey of Earth Ascension, you came to Earth with the veils in place as your Twin Flame knew he or she would be rejoining you in this lifetime, in the physical, to anchor love, individualized in form, back to Earth.

By having millions of Twin Flame reunions on Earth, the love and light necessary for all the changes to take hold, is made manifest. Your Twin Flame has known for your whole life that this moment would happen. Your Twin Flame will come and make a home with you and live here with you, believe it!

Some of you do not feel ready for this, you have confusion for one reason or another. Some of you are thinking, Hallelujah! This is what I have waited my whole life for!! I am here to help you come to a place where you are comfortable with this idea and know that it is what is next after arrests, decloakings, announcements, landings, THEN Twin Flame Reunions.

There has been much talk about Twin Flame reunions being less than desirable in the past, that there were issues in these relationships. Your Twin Flame is the perfect mirror of you and because of that, being with this person amplifies anything that is not in balance to be magnified. This is true. It is much easier now for Twin Flame reunions to occur, as you are all in the 5th Dimension.

You are now able to come from a much higher place with a multidimensional understanding. You have worked many many years to clear, cleanse, heal and be prepared for these reunions. These reunions will happen to those who are prepared. That does not mean to those to who have attained perfection, it means, those who have prepared their heart for the possibility. There is no judgment here, so do not judge yourself.

I am here, with my Twin Flame, to help you prepare. If you need my Guidance in this, call on me and I will speak to you in that place inside your heart. You will hear me through the inner voice, the tiny voice inside.

Twin Flame reunions are important in the Ascension of Gaia/Vywamus. These potentials were opened at the Opening of the Lion's Gate on 8/8/09. Now they will become manifest on Earth. Now millions of Twin Flames will rejoin. In this great merging of love in the physical world, it heals the imbalances and in this way heals Earth.

We will, with this love, have World Peace, a world free of Pollution, and a World where all citizens of Earth have their basic needs as well as Great Abundance on all levels. In your new crystalline bodies, along with the technologies returning to Earth, your physical appearance will change. You will no longer look like you have the shadow of the ravages of war. You will be luminescent, sparkling light Beings, this will return to all very quickly. You will be living on liquid light.

Join with your Twin Flame now on the inner planes. Speak to them telepathically. Begin the reunions now in your heart and in your mind. Call on me to help you, during this nine day period between 12/12/09 and 12/21/09 to clear anything that is left in your life which needs clearing before your Twin Flame returns. If you need relationship help, I will Guide you with that as well. Ask and Allow this healing to take place as we rejoice in our accomplishment together. We begin the seeding of Terra Nova now, with nothing that does now Birth from Love.

My Blessings to You, Each One, Chamuel

Beth and Mark