The Illuminati are Finished.

This makes a lot of sense. When she talks about Orion she is referring to the Galactic War that left a planet in the Pleiades completely destroyed. This war caused a lot of damage in our Galaxy and is deeply woven into the group consciousness of humanity. A lot of the struggles we've seen in our short history stem directly from a group memory of this war. I believe when she mentions Christ she is referring to the Galactic Federation which are representatives of the Christ Consciousness. The information is accurate, it is just a little hard to read between the lines. Also, she is referring to a post that appeared on The post can be found here. Honestly guys we are extremely close. I know this has been said for 20 years but think about it...what are 20 years compared to the millenia that this struggle has been occurring on Earth, and the trillions of years this struggle has been occurring in the Milky Way Galaxy. To a being residing in the 5th dimension, 20 years IS close. Their perception of time is way different than ours. We are at the very, very end of this struggle. 

Your information is very accurate. The earth plane name for the head of the reptilian faction in this last incarnation was Winifred. She passed in 1994. Her soul mate in an earlier incarnation was Solomon. Solomon had been given everything possible to work with, including complete facility with the Fourth dimension to help straighten up some of the mess she was creating. But he couldn’t keep it in his pants.

His earth name in this current incarnating cycle was Lord Cecil Martin, who likewise still couldn’t keep it in his pants, founding a Free Love society called ‘Emissaries of the Divine Light’ at Loveland Colorado.

In 1995, Winifred announced to the authorities of the Galactic Council that she was returning to the feet of Christ and bringing all her people with her. This was no small potatoes. She was also a bonded women, bound within the consciousness of Man by fear and loathing as the negative entity known as Satan.

The Illuminatis and problems they are trying to cause on Earth today is less than the tip of an iceberg relative to the greater picture going on. A full revelation of everything concerned about the present time sits completely unknown at a website called, . The first three chapters are the most important as they reveal the entirety of the Intelligent Design by which the Creators have blueprinted and expressed all of Creation.

The heart of the design is dirt simple, comprising only a cube, a sphere, and twelve straight lines. The three elements have been hidden together in plain sight for millennia as that called a cubit.

The Luciferian Self Will Rebellion of the Cosmic Overplus started in Orion, and affected only 28,000 planets, constrained by frequency laws to this Local Universe of 1000 galaxies. The remaining 900 trillion light years of Outer Creation were not effected.
The cleanup in the aftermath of the Rebellion is now underway as that known as Armageddon. Earth is at the front and center of the cleanup, and is the beta test for techniques to be used on the other planets down the road, because of the super high frequencies that are starting to come in now for Earth's own evolution unto a Proto Starr within the womb of Orion 250,000 years from now.

A fast Christ Teaching ramp up to Cosmic Law was brought through in real time in the midst of the conditions in the early seventies and given to a small handful of the Elect of Christ, as well as the geometric format of the Intelligent Design of Creation which was brought through via the progressions of the Revelatorium, have already been moved on to some of the other planets as starting point.