China and the Impending Fall of the West

The energies that are bombarding the Earth from space are now beginning to push the group consciousness into the 4th dimension. The 4th dimension is the range of frequencies we experience when we are dreaming. Humanity is moving into a brief but crucial period of history. During this period there will be total chaos in the world until the old systems of control are completely dismantled. Evidence of this can be found in the fact that the financial systems of the world are crumbling, the debt of the United States being downgraded for the first time in history, and the riots that are currently rampaging through various cities in the UK. The situation we are currently facing is not going to slow down. We are coming up on another full moon on August 13th that is going to further increase the energies that are bombarding the Earth. While this is going to be a very scary time for people who haven’t been paying attention, the awakened populace should be embracing. These events are going to pave the way for a New World.

In Poof’s latest update on 8/7/11, something really interesting was mentioned. Poof said that “Someone out of china said, they were going to show these guys who is in control. That is what the stock market stuff was all about. A few years ago they dropped it to 7777 in one day, which I found too obvious to miss. Sure enough I got a phone call,”How’d ya like that?” Who is your day? Still they bided their time as the trash was getting cleaned out. SO this is not a case of any of these guys being surprised, they held firm to the idea that by hook or by crook, they’d win this game.” Are the Chinese deliberately altering the World stock markets in order to hasten the collapse of the Euro and the Dollar? On 8/8/11 the S&P index fell 6.66 percent and the Dow Jones fell 5.55 percent. It seems as this is the calling card that is being left by the perpetrators who are altering the markets. There are two possibilities, either the Illuminati are being forced out, or we are witnessing a grand show that is leading up to a new financial system and first contact. An article posted in March at adds more evidence to this idea. The article pointed to the idea that the Chinese were responsible for the collapse of 2008. According to the article “two mystery investors were number one traders in all financial companies that collapsed or are now financially supported by the U.S. government”. Apparently these traders devalued trillions of dollars in stocks. If this is true, this is evidence of stock market manipulation that could now be causing chaos in the world under the guise of the U.S.’s recent debt downgrade.

Here is a possibly theory. The alliance of BRICS and the rest of the Earth allies have successfully checkmated the Illuminati. The debt deal and the entire debt crisis was huge fa├žade and was never meant to solve anything. Obama knew that the debt of the U.S. was about to be downgraded. In fact, he wanted this to happen because he understood that it would allow an opportunity for financial chaos in the markets which would hasten the fall of the Dollar and the Euro. This would also hasten the fall of the Illuminati. Besides that, he knew that Congress would further expose themselves through the “debt crisis” fiasco. It is going to be interesting to see how the stock markets play out this week. It seems as if the situation is going to deteriorate until it is clear that the only solution is a new financial system. The weather changes, social unrest and financial crises are not going to go away until the entire world and all of its institutions are a reflection of the higher dimensions. The chaos that society is going to face is only just beginning, but it will all be worth it.

It is becoming more and more obvious everyday that the financial systems of the United States and Europe are obsolete. Despite what the mainstream media says, the financial crises we are currently facing throughout the world are unsolvable. The only answer is to completely replace the old systems with a new one. The new financial system will be backed by gold and other precious metals. Sainte Germaine and the other ascended master are going to be supplying the gold. This is known as the Sainte Germaine fund. Insiders such as Sheldan Nidle and Poof have directly mentioned Sainte Germaine in their reports. Sainte Germaine is an ascended master who ascended into the 5th dimension in the 1500s. He is known for the Violet Flame and his mastery of alchemy which allows him to transmute any element directly into gold. Because of this, he has supplied massive quantities of gold that will finance the new financial system.

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