Wanderer of the Skies - August 31, 2011

Wanderer of the Skies - August 31, 2011 

Greetings from the Federation: 

We have taken some time since our last communication as we have been very busy of late. There is a tremendous amount of activity on our side as everyone readies themselves for an unusually big event. We remain excited and expectant about the occurrences to take place on your world. We now have an opportunity to update you in this respect. 

The recent events in the Americas have no doubt many of you wondering what has transpired. We detected the use of chemtrails and other devices to take what was initially a natural event, a hurricane, and expand it and divert its path. We have taken our own steps to downgrade the ferocity of this event but acknowledge as well your efforts, which have been quite effective, at lessening its impact through the power of your thoughts. While there was great destruction, the vast majority of it was part of the natural world and necessary for Gaia’s transformation. 

We have had great “debates” on exactly what should and should not be divulged to you through our discussions. We acknowledge your desire not to be told certain dates regarding Disclosure as this tends to weaken, rather than strengthen, the human spirit, especially since we cannot be certain ourselves of the outcome of these events with absolute certainty. Our discussions also touched upon whether to foretell of the man-made and natural events that occur around your world. We have decided for now not to divulge these events prior to their occurrences unless they somehow fit into an explanation necessary for you. 

Saul: What You are Experiencing Now is a Prelude to Limitless Joy

08/31/2011 by John Smallman

All over the world major changes are occurring which are leading up to your grand awakening. As you know, it is a done deal that cannot be prevented, and when it happens joyous amazement will delight you all as your faith in God’s promise to you is completely vindicated. To be finally without doubts and anxieties will be a permanent and most uplifting experience. You have carried the Light of God within you through times of great suffering and stress, and it is about to burst forth in exhilarating brilliance to welcome you Home at the end of your long journey.

Presently, during these last moments in the dense fog of the illusion, many of you are feeling very tired and stressed out as your anxieties seem to be intensifying. This has to do with the raising of the frequency of your energy fields as you release the remainder of the unloving attitudes which you had kept deeply buried below your level of conscious awareness, because they were extremely disturbing and unacceptable to you. They have been part of you for so long that letting them go seems almost like a betrayal, similar in a way to changing loyalties by moving from one political, cultural, or religious persuasion to another. You change because it is a matter of personal honesty and integrity. It is a change you know you have to make, and yet you will be leaving a group that you had strongly supported and which had supported you, and to which you still feel a sense of allegiance.
Making major changes like this is stressful. Within yourselves a growing awareness brought to your attention the need to make these changes, but the thought of doing so was frequently very uncomfortable and led you to doubt the desirability of carrying them out. It seems to be a jump into the unknown that could have dire consequences, and yet you know that you must do it. When you make the move the benefits for which you hoped may not be readily apparent, and you may perhaps wonder whether you have made an enormous mistake.

Sheldan Nidle 8/30/11

Dratzo! We return! Your world is beginning to feel the effects of the great change which will overturn major governments and restore your inalienable rights. This massive transformation is sending shock waves rippling through your global network of stock markets and causing major governments to alter key elements of their foreign policies. These changes are creeping up quickly on the dark cabal even as the illuminoids meet in secret to discuss how to react to what is shortly to transpire. Our Agarthan cousins have seen to it that their special liaisons oversee and inform these dark ones that their time in power has finished and that a grand denouement is at hand. The agreements to transfer financial responsibility from the US Federal Reserve to the new Treasury Banks are now being executed. Moreover, the new hard-currency financial system is in the process of final implementation. This new system restores monetary policy to the people and returns this world to a sound and true economy exchange. Nevertheless, this only scratches the surface of the changes to come! 

      The crucial element involves returning government to the people. Over the centuries, governments have favored those who had the time or money to develop 'special relationships' with members of the legislature and/or the executive branch. These special relationships have warped government and need to be dissolved. Our Earth allies have created a taskforce to come up with solutions to this fundamental dilemma to modern governance. We have asked that the new caretaker governments immediately implement those items approved by this taskforce, and these have now been included in the agreements that were officially signed a few months ago by more than 160 nations. Our desire is to see your governments become capable of 'listening,' and then enacting laws that are agreed upon by the vast majority of their citizenry. The era of government by and for a select, affluent few needs to be swiftly ended. This constitutes an essential step toward the way galactic society governs itself. 

      The arrest and coming trial of this dark cabal is being done to make a very important point. The karma created by the dark since the end of the Second World War needs to be properly addressed by the Light. This war saw the ascendency of the illuminoid factions of the United States, while Europe took a back seat to the interaction between the Anunnaki overlords and the American cabal. This situation encouraged these US factions to defy their off-world masters when these ones departed, and to disregard their injunction to follow their lead and allow those individuals seeking the return of the Light to be given the reins of command. This bidding was strongly resisted and resulted in the 'difficulties' that are only now being successfully abated. It is this prolonged mêlée which has created the karma that the coming trials are to wash away. The new caretaker governments will move your reality in the proper direction, the one leading to disclosure and the path to full consciousness for Gaia and for each one of you! 

Posting Regarding Financial Meeting-Fulford 8/30

Dear Benjamin,

While you do not know me, my name is Mr. A (name deleted to protect individual from job loss and/or murder) and I applaud your long standing efforts and your endeavors to see an end to the prolific frauds in the banking industry. Fraud is so prolific, one could say that the modern banking system runs almost entirely on fraud.
I am having a period of elation as I was there in Monaco last week when Mr. X  (name deleted to protect individual from job loss and/or murder) presented his case to the attendees of that meeting. I will not mention the countries who had senior Ministers attending or give specifics on the organization of that meeting. At long last, I can see tangible evidence that the fraud committed by banks and major brokerages is coming to an end. But your blog is right, there were 57 Governments represented at the meeting.
More than that, I can now see that there will soon be a day that those who are responsible for dispossessing millions of families in order to expand their own profits and from that,  increase the enormous bonuses bankers earn, not from honest business, but from fraud, deception and theft. As a guardian of the Global Accounts who has been compelled to silence in the face of all this thievery, I am elated to speak out as there is a new day coming.
At the outset of the planned meeting, Jay Rockefeller demanded entry. He was never invited and the meeting was by invitation only. Rockefeller was confronted by Mr. X who told him he was not coming in to the meeting. Rockefeller then stamped his annoyance and said "Do you know who I am". Mr. X replied, yes I know who you are, you are nobody. After some shouting and raging by Rockefeller and being told by Mr. X that the old world order is out and a new world order is about to begin, Mr. X told Rockefeller that it was a brave new world for the young and that old mummies like him were merely dust to be swept away. Rockefeller left and returned with security personnel and tried to force his way into the meeting, whereby Mr. X called his own security and had Rockefeller literally thrown out. I was there, I saw it and I know what happened.
The meeting was adjourned to a ship and the ship moved to international waters and then two helicopters suddenly appeared with the obvious intention of disrupting the meeting. Within minutes Military Aircraft showed up and after dipping their wings several times, the helicopters left the area after being obviously threatened. We understand that from the aggressive posture the aircraft took behind the helicopters that it was move away or we will shoot you down.
More than that, it seems that the agreements taken at that meeting prove out what you have been saying for weeks. The Bilderbergers and Committee of 300 and the Khazars, the CFR etc, BIS, IMF and perhaps the World Bank are on the way out. More than that, estimates of people such as senior bankers that will be going to jail if the accounts are audited is expected to be more than 50,000. I believe that Globally, it could be closer to 100,000. The very thought of all these lying, thieving bankers who cheat and steal from hard working people doing hard time is a joy I cannot contain within myself.
Mr. X is a tough bulldog and this man is really something. Who would ever have thought that what was just another theft by banks, albeit of 134.5 Billion in stolen bonds, would bring the world to where it is. They claimed this is not real and the Italian Government can claim whatever they like but those Bonds were ledgered into their Treasury and through to the United States where they were announced as (recently uncovered and unspent) TARP funds.
Behind him is Mr. B  (name deleted to protect individual from job loss and/or murder), so often vilified, but the primary adviser to Mr. X. Mr. X has been smart to take Mr. B on as there is nobody who knows more about these Global Accounts accounts and their relationship to banking fraud that does Mr. B. I think that today, most interested people know  Mr. B is not cut from the same cloth as Ray C. Dam.  Mr. X and Mr. B will change the world for the better. They have the knowledge, skills and balls to do it. More than that, they are both men of notable integrity. The Khazars will find no safe hiding place in this world. No matter where they go or what they do, they will be hunted and hounded. The world is waking up, and it is a vengeful world who will want to exact a terrible vengeance against these no good lying thieves. Best of all, as the truth will come out, these rats will have nowhere to hide, for not even their friends and associates will help a one of them. Like rats they will turn on each other as they try to escape the just wrath of the masses. You could help expose how they cheat and steal in way that will astound most people.
This brings me to the point of this email to you. Please find a way make contact with Mr. B. The knowledge this man has on banking scams would fill volumes. He knows what banks are doing and he knows how to resolve it. Banks are not just robbing people, they are robbing Government treasuries and they are sending countries broke. It has to stop. I can see now that it can be stopped. If you have any doubts about Mr. B, then ask Mr. X. I know you talk to Mr. X.
Senior Financial Official V (name deleted to protect individual from job loss and/or murder)
Note by Benjamin Fulford:
Mr. X and Mr. are in contact with this writer as are many other brave high level insiders who are rising to overthrow the evil Cabal.

Is Germany about to dump the EuroZone project? EuroSceptic hysteria consumes Berlin.

To save its banks, Germany is being forced to actively consider leaving the EuroZone. Neither the German Ministry of Finance, or the Bundesbank, or the major German commercial banks can afford to finance the anticipated multi-trillion rising costs of successive EuroZone sovereign default bailouts. Nor is it politically or legally possible, inside Germany, to get a democratic consensus behind such an attempt at EuroZone salvation.

 The seething discontent in Germany over Europe's debt crisis has spread to all the key institutions of state. The latest tally of votes in the Bundestag indicates that 23 members of Angela Merkel's own coalition group plan to vote against the EuroZone bailout package, including twelve of the 44 members of Bavaria's Social Christians (the CSU).

Christian Wulff, the German President, has accused the European Central Bank of going far beyond its mandate with its mass purchases of Spanish and Italian debt. Wulff warned that the EuroZone's headlong rush towards fiscal union strikes at the very core of European democracy. 

The Bundesbank has condemned the ECB's bond purchases and has warned that the EU is drifting towards debt union without democratic legitimacy or treaty backing. Joahannes Singhammer, leader of the CSU's Bundestag group, accused the ECB of acting dangerously by jumping the gun before sovereign national parliaments had had a chance to vote on the issue.

A CSU document released on Monday 29th August 2011, flatly rebuts the latest emergency accord between the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, and the French President, Nicholas Sarkozy. The CSU says that plans for an economic government for EuroZone states are unacceptable. The document demands treaty changes to allow EMU states such as Greece, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Italy and France to go bankrupt, and to eject them from the Euro altogether for serial financial abuses. 

More developing EuroCrash background and analysis can be found here (29.08.11), here (29.08.11), here (29.08.11), here (28.08.11), here (28.08.11), here (28.08.11), here (28.08.11), here (28.08.11), here (27.08.11), here (27.08.11), here (26.08.11), here (24.08.11), here (24.08.11) and here (22.08.11).

Secret Meeting of 57 Finance Ministers on Ship Charts New Financial System

For the past week, a secret meeting of 57 finance ministers aimed at setting up a new international financial system took place in a large ship on international waters near Europe, according to White Dragon Society representatives who were there. The meeting, hosted by Switzerland, deliberately excluded representatives from the US Federal Reserve Board and its Washington D.C. subsidiary, France, Italy, the UK, Germany and Japan. Countries like Russia, China and the Netherlands were among the 57 represented. Representatives from the Pentagon and the US agencies at the meeting promised to bypass the Federal Reserve board and use their access to codes for the international collateral accounts to finance the US military industrial complex in conjunction with the new system. 

Montague’s Message for Sunday, 28th August 2011…”Everything is falling into place as planned”

What a splendid week you have had! What you have put in motion will exceed your expectations. This is real team-work. We, on this side of life, are guiding every step. We are bringing the right people forward, who will take the necessary steps to enable the Transition to happen smoothly. Connections are being made even as we write. This last stage of events exposes all that was evil and corrupt. This cannot, and will not, be prevented. It takes courage to lay bare, institutions that were once revered. The Evil Ones are continuing to destroy the lives of those they swore to defend and protect when they took office. Nature is so often blamed, when Nature bears no guilt for such destruction. The desired results of such, are, as always, fear and control.
It is now time for quiet: time to enter soul time. This allows us, in Spirit, to directly communicate with each of you. You do not want outside distractions to prevent the connection. This will enable you to reconnect with Spirit; to allow Spirit to guide you forward to become the beautiful Beings of Light that you are. You have come a long way on this journey out of the darkness that had engulfed you and controlled the Earth. You will, once more, know who you are, and why you are on Earth at this time. You have come through so much already. You are almost there.

The changes that are happening are above and beyond anything you can imagine. The knowledge, the suppressed information, will be returned to you. Then you will see and understand why you chose to return to Earth, to rescue it from the destruction planned by the Dark Cabal. We are preventing them from leaving Planet Earth: they must face the consequences of their dastardly actions, such as the suppression of human beings; making your planet a prison; and making slaves of humanity. The law of karma will apply to all, irrespective of position or power. Everyone will answer for his deeds. All that was stolen will be returned, to people as well as to countries. It will take much courage to step away from the killings and plundering that have come to be “accepted”. See beyond the lies that you were told as reasons why you “must assist”. Ask, how can the complete destruction of countries and the needless killing of innocents be of assistance to anyone? It is wanton destruction for commercial gain. It cannot be dressed up in any other way. Truth is truth!

POOF for AUG 28: Good Night Irene

Beatles Here Comes The Sun Lyrics
Here comes the sun, do do do do
Here comes the sun, and I say
It's all right

Little darling
It's been a long cold lonely winter
Little darling
It feels like years since it's been here

Here comes the sun, do do do do
Here comes the sun, and I say
It's all right

Little darling
The smiles returning to the faces
Little darling
It seems like years since it's been here

Here comes the sun, do do do do
Here comes the sun, and I say
It's all right

Sun, sun, sun, here it comes
Sun, sun, sun, here it comes
Sun, sun, sun, here it comes
Sun, sun, sun, here it comes
Sun, sun, sun, here it comes

Little darling
I feel that ice is slowly melting
Little darling
It seems like years since it's been clear

Here comes the sun, do do do do
Here comes the sun, and I say
It's all right
Here comes the sun, do do do do
Here comes the sun
It's all right
It's all right

Greetings and Salutations 

Peace be with you all, didn't expect to be writing this sunday. The fat lady sang her butt off, then the lights blew out....Mr Putin filed a law suit in the Hague, convinced the us was holding everything up, probably reading too many us message boards. The suit was dismissed and he was told, what you're after would only be delayed further by entertaining this suit, he relented. Then we had the coming of Irene causing the man in charge to pull his troops off the east coast until the storm passed. Because this all has to be done at once, they weren't going to deliver to the west, while east coast lenders were held back, wouldn't be fair would it?

Just like mr putin he has to wait for his screens to turn green, just like the other 100+ countries with grey screens.

Everything is going at once, no one in the us is getting an advantage on the dinar rv, no matter what they think. What are the revals for anyhow? All country's revals are happening because of the new banking system engaging. A new metal backed banking system, in the works, for many years now. You are all about to hear it announced to the general public, all over the planet, replacing the fed system. Cuss out bernanke if you want to but he knows it and has signed his docs over a year ago. He's got a new job already so he's only been warming a seat, until all was ready to make the flip. I've said this enuff times but once more for effect. Nothing will be the same, which will scandalize many, mouths will drop open. Nature remains in charge, and a fiat system was bound to end from the moment it was created, as they have thru the years. We're only repeating the failure of Rome...who devalued by starting to coin in tin and brass. We just went to fancier paper and rags. Before Nixon pulled us off the gold standard, he was actually trying to build it back up. Tricky Dick was a very complicated man. He like everyone else who gains the white house, finds out what the real secrets are. This go around, many of those secrets will be revealed to the people so, we never are dumb enough to let them happen again. Just like storms, politics are beside the point and are actually used to keep the power behind the throne, running things, but they don't care red or blue....that's entertainment for the masses, ala '1984'. 

When the nice person knocks at your door, pretend you have signed a nd right there, phones will be tapped by both sides and you don't want to be anyone's target. Don't hug and kiss them, they have no idea what they are delivering. That's right, just because you're american doesn't mean they will tell you everything like you're special, this is our introduction to true quality. Black, white, green, or indifferent, all will be treated the same, rich or poor. Remember what an indentured servant is, about a half a step from being a slave. You owe somebody. I'm afraid people in america have forgotten, as the truth is, color has only been used to keep the crap kickin' and america divided. No body can tell me what race God is so some folks will be surprised when they pass from earthly life and who is responsible for images of jesus with blond hair and blue eyes. He had to have had good pigment in his skin to run around the middle east...duh! I still like to say God's a very pissed off large black woman...tending to her bad children. Some of you know exactly what that looks like. lololol Big switch coming right across that bare bottom.. 

A couple of more items, there will be debt relief, and I in no way mean what the nesara sites proclaim they have a method and it only makes sense. Over 2 years ago they set a price for gold and will stop this insane bouncing around it has done. It starts with the constitutional treasury(frozen in 1933) currency being put back online. Speculators are getting taken out of this game along with oil. Awwww, poor boys, the betting game is being exchanged for honest due diligence. So this will give you something to think about as Irene leaves and we get back to work on moving into the new system of things. 

Love and Kisses,

Hilarion's Weekly Message - August 28-September 4, 2011

Hilarion's Weekly Message
August 28-September 4, 2011

Beloved Ones,
The times of great transformation are now upon you. Each of you is undergoing tremendous alchemical processes within your four lower bodies and this can bring emotional outbursts as you try to cope with these changes. Be patient with yourselves and understanding, too. Your outbursts are temporary in nature and you must remember that it will pass. It is a process of integration, the integration of the masculine and the feminine energies that are within you and these are igniting to a greater degree at times, which leave you feeling bewildered and pondering how you could be expressing all that you are not, so often.

Each of you is in different stages of initiation which occur mostly on the inner planes but the accompanying tests and trials are reflected within your daily living situations. These are part and parcel of your spiritual path and must be expected as you continue your journey to the greater unfoldment of your spiritual abilities and gifts. Do not give in to discouragement after you experience one of these episodes and remember to call upon your Ascension Angels to help you with this process. There will be periods of fluctuations in the emotional bodies during these times and the best thing that you can do is to recognize when this process is upon you and take steps to put yourselves in a peaceful environment to bring harmony back within you.

Forward and Onwards

      We are coming up on a major period of our history that will result in the complete change of reality as we know it. This is going to result in a complete change in the way all of the society and institutions we engage in today. Change is starting to become very noticeable for anyone who is awake and even people who are not awake. For instance, on 8-23-11 a moderate earthquake registering 6.0 on the Richter scale hit the East coast. This is a very unusual occurrence for this geographical area. I live on the East Coast and was able to experience the earthquake. I have never experienced an earthquake before and what amazed me was the energy coming out of the Earth immediately after the earthquake had struck. They might have been coming out prior and I just wasn’t aware of them until the earthquake actually struck. There is a racetrack near I live and there were reports that many horses have been freaking out during the immediate hours before the earthquake actually struck. Regardless, immediately after the earthquake, I could feel energy radiating out of the ground and up my feet all the way up to my crown chakra. The energy was potent enough to trigger an emotional release in myself. For a few hours afterwards, I was vibrating at a much higher frequency. I am not sure if this was the case for the entire area or just myself.

            Another testament to the times we are in is the fact that a hurricane is on track to hit the East Coast later this week. Hurricanes are not as rare as Earthquakes are on the East Coast. We usually get a hurricane every couple of years. For an earthquake and a hurricane to potentially hit an area in the same week is evidence that something
incredibly strange is happening to the Earth.

            It’s not incredibly ‘out there’ to believe that such a massive change could happen in a short period of time. Some of the most radical changes in humanity’s history seemingly occurred over night. Examples of this can be found in the Industrial Revolution. Think about everything that has happened to humanity in the last three hundred years. Humanity has made huge technological leaps in a brief time. This might not sound like much at first, but three hundred years is a relatively short time considering how long humans have been around.

 These leaps have been occurring because revolutions in consciousness aren’t necessarily determined by people, they are determined by energetic cycles that occur over the course of thousands and millions of years. Just like our sleep patterns are heavily determined by the everyday cycle of the sun, evolutionary cycles are determined by a solar systems revolution around the Galactic center. There are even greater cycles than this such as the Galaxy’s revolution around the Universal center. There are pockets of energy that largely determine the rate at which a certain solar system is vibrating. This largely explains the downfall humanity faced at the end of Atlantis. From an earthly perspective, the downfall can be explained as two societies being at war with each other and committing the ultimate sin of a nuclear fallout which lead to their sinking into the oceans, from a Galactic viewpoint the solar system moved out of a pocket of higher vibrational energy to a pocket of lower vibrational energy which ultimately triggered these events. While the universal law of free will ultimately makes sure that the individual is in charge of their free will, the ultimate destination we are going to end up in vibrationally is already decided by these cycles. There’s no question that in the coming weeks and months the group consciousness and the planet are going to make the transition into the 4th and 5th dimensions, our decision can be found in how this guaranteed occurrence is going to happen.

            The next few weeks leading up to October 28th are going to be characterized by massive changes in all aspects of life. We’re already starting to see strange weather and natural event patterns. The energy is going to continue to pour into the Earth until everything is a reflection of the 5th dimension. This means that everyone is going to be forced to look at themselves and their beliefs. Some people will choose to leave the planet instead of dealing with the negativity. While I am not completely sure what this means, I believe it means that they will face a physical death and reincarnate on another planet in our Solar System. They will go through another cycle and will be blessed with another change to ascend in a few thousand years. Those of us who ascend into the 5th dimension will have the duty to watch over these people just like the Galactics are watching over us now. We will not miss these people because a few thousand years will
only feel like a few moments from our higher perspective in the 5th dimension.
     As far as how the transitional period is going to go, a channeling from Kauilapele’s blog revealed that the period could possibly occur in 4 stages. I am only speculating but I imagine the first stage will be Illuminati disclosure which is characterized by the emerging revelations about the nature of our financial system and the crimes these people have committed against the human race. The second phase will probably be the emergence of the new financial system. I will say the first two phases could occur in either order. Regardless, these two phases will definitely occur before we witness ET disclosure which is the third stage. The fourth and final stage will be first contact and the cleaning up of the Earth.

     To conclude, the world is about to enter into a major transformational period unlike anything we have witnessed on this planet. The only comparable event in terms of how the populace will feel is 9/11. Take what you felt on 9/11 and multiply it a few times and this is how you will probably feel about what is about to happen. I wish everyone the best of luck; odds are if you are reading this message, you are about to witness the creation of heaven on Earth…

Love and light to everyone and Peace on Earth!

Steve Beckow, August 27…Good Night, Irene. “The Day After Tomorrow” Has Been Cancelled

by Steve Beckow
OK, OK, so I’m jumping the gun a bit. But you can appreciate my grounds for enthusiasm, right?
Move over, Shirley Maclaine, I’m going out on a limb and say: Is the apparent weakening of Hurricane Irene not a huge demonstration that New Management is in town?

Is the dropping of a hurricane from Category 3 (and rising) to Category 1 (and dissipating) not a stunning display of … well, something. Human resolve and intention, as Josh and the Children of the Sun point out. Galactic technology, as I point out.

Third-dimensional sources are crediting the hurricane hunters and everyone else. They are saying that the Hurricane has 950 millibars and will dump water everywhere. They are saying that 44 million people will experience winds of 50 miles an hour are more, that Irene has a huge reach, that it’s bigger than Western Europe.

OK, well, let’s watch it. In what is only the third prediction in my life, and I probably bombed on the other two, I’m willing to predict a huge storm mass, covering lots and lots of ground and with the full force of … a pussycat.
Weather Controllers and the Perfect Storm 0

Goodnight, Irene. Goodnight, all Irenes. SaLuSa probably sizzled Mike Quinsey’s hard drive to have us all rely on our own sources, to have us look at what’s happening and connect the dots without the suggestion of being influenced by the galactics.

Look and see. Huge hurricane dissipates overnight. Read all about it.
The rest of the world may not get it. They may read this column and say: “What the heck is he talking about?”

So for your benefit, I’ll tell you.

There is a benign galactic presence surrounding this Earth that has been battling the Illuminati controllers for years, respecting their free will (just as they are bound by the natural law to respect everyone’s free will – to a point) but gradually curtailing the damage that they’ve been inflicting on their own people. Floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, wild fires, snowstorms, bridge collapses like the 2007 Interstate 35W, false-flag attacks like 9/11 and the London bombings, market manipulations, financial bubbles, pandemics, toxic vaccines, chemtrails, illegal wars, fraudulent elections (2000 and 2004), regime overthrows, assassinations like John F. Kennedy, William Casey, Tim Russert … heavens, have I left anything out?

All of these are traceable to this cabal which has included Presidents George Bush Sr. (born George H. Scherff in Germany), Bill Clinton, George Bush Jr. … no, not Barack Obama. Try as the rightwing opposition might to smear him, he is not of the cabal. Sorry, Rush Limbaugh.

The cabal has controlled FEMA, the CIA, much of the FBI, the courts, Congress, the heads of all corporations worth corrupting, education, medicine, religion, etc.

The Company of Light, consisting of these galactic benefactors, the ascended masters, their celestial colleagues, the denizens of the spirit planes, and their Earth allies have just left their calling card. A Category 3 hurricane reduced to a Category 1 rainstorm while still retaining its mass and reach.
Add that to the fleets of spaceships seen above New York City, London, Moscow, Lima, Mexico City, Seoul, California. What more do you want?

I can’t promise you a little green man because there aren’t any little green men. I can’t even promise you a little grey man because they’re almost all gone. I can promise you a galactic human who looks just about like you and me. I can promise you an enlightened being, who cleaves to universal law and serves the same God we say we do and usually don’t.

I can promise to introduce you to the people who’ve largely brought freedom to North Africa and are trumping the remaining elites of the world, the dictators and the despots, setting the people free. I can introduce you to the space “people,” because people they are, who seeded this planet in the first place (with apologies to Charles Darwin and William Jennings Bryan), who’ve watched over it for millennia, who tried to prevent us from every nefarious, greed-driven war we’ve ever had, who’ve protected us from dark figures from other universal civilizations, and who are here now to cause a planetary transformation and see peace return to Earth and never leave,

Thank you, Irene. Maybe you’ll catch your second wind and clean the moss off a few roofs. But the era of the weather controllers is now over, I’m willing to declare. (And you can pass me that crow pie if I’m wrong.)  The era of the corruption of FEMA, the depradations of the CIA, and the suborning of the Red Cross, the court, Congress, all soon to be over.
New Management is in town. I declare it.

Rare 9/11 Footage: Clear Evidence of Explosives

This is some rare footage of 9/11 in the sense that it isn't from Mainstream Media channels. A lot of this footage comes from cell phones. These people are extremely close to the towers as they are falling. Look for clear indicators of explosives, they are there.

Message from The Pleiadian High Council, 8-26-11

-Hello friends, you may notice there is no SanJAsKa update in this message, I intended to chat with her as well but the depth of information I was receiving from the Pleiadian High Council resulted in quite a long message. Worry not however as I was assured the Pleiadian Council of Nine and SanJAsKa were communicating with me along with the Pleiadian High Council. I will most likely communicate soley with SanJAsKa and post it sometime soon. Much Love!-

The time has arrived for a major shift in the way the majority of those on your world think. Many have been trained to accept that they are much lower beings than they actually are, and that they have no control over their own reality when in fact they are the creators of said reality. You have all shown remarkable skill in being able to surpass the dark’s illusory teachings and rise above the lower influences many of you are surrounded with daily. We wish you to know that your efforts are paying off more than you can imagine, oh dear friends the wonders that await you! We ask you to truly ponder this when we tell you that you are to have your sovereignty fully restored, and you are to reclaim your rightful powers as Divine Gods. The lives you currently have are to be changed quite dramatically, we again remind you that you will be very surprised at the speed of the changes despite that some of you feel things have taken too long. Dear souls, the Divine works in wonderful and unfathomable ways, you are to see the scope of our Divine power once we get past this last stage.

The future holds infinite possiblities. Many of you on Earth have quite the spiritual background, you have worked to free countless worlds and souls from the grip of the lower vibrations. We wish you could understand the full scope of your efforts on Earth, as if you could see things from our perspective you would have absolutely no doubt of your newfound knowledge. You have experienced countless awakenings whilst on the Earth sphere, as all of your lifetimes run in sync together. Dear Ones we understand this may be a little hard to fathom, but as has been said before we do not experience time in the heavenly planes, every thread of reality and what you would call time is flowing together in sync. It is only because of your belief in seperation and polarity that you experience opposites, and this is also the reason you experience time in a linear manner. It would be too much for your current selves to fathom if you had access to the true nature of everything, as you have been led astray by false teachings that have been so very far from the truth.

Dear Souls we ask you now to regain confidence and faith in yourselves, in your Divine power as it is unique to you and can’t be matched. When matters get underway the common man will once again be looked to to run this world, the governments upon it and everything in between. We ask you all if you are now ready to truly take back responsibility for the state your world is in. Many of you recognize and complain of the matters of injustice that occur daily, in governments or otherwise, but what too many dont realize is that these matters were created collectively by you all; your individual actions of the dark over time hath combined and rotted itself into your collective consciousness, which naturally manifests negative events as you are all the creators of the reality you find yourselves in. It is a beautiful connection with those parts of yourselves that many choose not to acknowledge, and for many being able to blame the problems of the world on governments or government figures makes them feel a little bit better about themselves, puts them under the false impression that they are not any any way responsible. Dear souls we tell you now this absolutely is not true, you are all manifesting what is going to happen on your world every second, every moment, we ask you now to be aware of what you are creating constantly, so you can begin to manifest those things in Life you truly wish for and deserve; mainly First Contact with your space family and the release of the long supressed teachings for all on Earth to share.

As the exposures of the Illuminati get underway, many will be tempted to give those souls their long held negative energy of regret and blame. We wish you to know that these times are about forgiveness, and we wish to remind you that many of the darkest souls on your planet who have held the most power, are actually Divine souls who came to Earth to help you all ascend in the way of manifestation of your negative actions. Please do not think that this excuses them in any way from their actions or from attempting to assume total control over your world, as it does not. Even still, holding them in contempt for what they have done will only be feeding the dark entites whom they serve. For you to better understand the method your dark ones used to balance out your collective issues, we wish for you to think about the subject of Karma. Many of you are familiar with the Law of Karma, in a nutshell what you do to others, you are doing to yourself, and the actions one performs pertaining to others is usually returned to one in a unique way, so one’s Karma is balanced out.

If somebody murders somebody else in one life, in the next life that former ‘murderer’ could incarnate with the life plan of eventually themself getting murdered in a similar way, as that balances out the soul’s Karma so said soul can continue on their Life path. Now, Karma is not just served out individually, you all collectively work up Karma as well, on what you would call the ‘world stage’. Now, many of you are familiar with the fact that Earth’s recent history is littered with unspeakable acts of horror and cruelty, which is why Earth is such a difficult planet to incarnate on. In past lives you have all committed unspeakable acts of violence and hate, it comes with the experience on Earth. Keep in mind that many of you chose to go through these experiences so that you could come out of them much more learned beings, and become much stronger in your knowledge and Divinity. While under the ‘spell’ of the lower vibrations, many of you haven’t realized the scope, the magnitude of the negative deeds you have committed. This is due to the overall state of your collective consciousness. If the overall consciousness of everyone around you is lowered and adjusted to the lower vibrations, negative acts and ways of Living actually seem quite normal to everyone that is a part of said consciousness. Even still, the negative acts that were committed so frequently had a very real and damaging affect on your planet and on your collective consciousness.

For the longest time you were all kept in a state of mass imbalance, so much so that it threatened your planet in deadly ways. This is where your ‘dark ones’ come in. Many of your dark ones originate as christed beings of the higher densities. These heavenly beings created lower dimensional extensions of themselves to be incarnate on Earth for the purposes of occupying positions of power as a means of balancing out your Karma. They knew this role would require them, or rather their extensions, getting cozy with the lower vibrations of greed, lust and control for power. Even still, they underwent this dificult task as they needed to occupy positions of power for the purposes of waking many of you up, and the reason they had to occupy positions of power to do this goes back to the Law of Karma and your ties to it.

Many of you are familiar with the saying ‘forgive them, for they know not what they do’. This saying can in many ways describe the truth about your collective consciousness. As was said before, many of you as a result of the lower vibrations were committing lower acts daily, all the time, though you didn’t quite realize the scope of what you were doing. As a result of this, your built up Karma required that you be awoken to the lower deeds you were committing in much the same way, in a way that wasn’t fairly obvious to you as the scope of what you were doing was not fairly obvious either. For the longest time many had questioned the motives of governments, but until recently for the most part nobody had fully realized the scope of the injustice that has been done to everyone. This is Karma being played out. So you see, that was the reason those of the dark had to occupy positions of power and get you to trust them, as your Karma required it to be so. We exaggerate not when we tell you that this is the only reason your dark are in power, or should we say were in power. They have more than fufilled their role with a vengeance, and while we wished for them all to ascend with you back to their original Christed Consciousness, it seems that many of them will be going to much lower astral places as a result of their continued greed and stalling of matters.

When it was realized that the extensions of those beings who incarnated to help balance Earth’s Karma had gone rampant and tried to cling to power, many more advanced souls from all levels of creation dropped their vibrations to incarnate into the Illuminati families to bring Light to some of the darkest aspects of Earth. There are quite many souls from the Illluminati families who are of the Light and who incarnated to help the Earth in wonderful ways pertaining to ascension, but many of them don’t realize their higher potential as of yet, many have but would never admit it for fears of reprisal. These brave souls have been subject to many dark rituals and illusions that have left them with deep senses of emptiness, lonliness, loss and regret. The ‘heads’ of the Illuminati have used the bodies of those in their families as puppets, to commit unspeakable acts, though the Karma does not tie up with the soul who’s body the dark ones temporarily steal as it was not the soul that committed the act, it was the dark being that was inhabiting the soul’s body due to the dark rituals mentioned above. It is a bit of a difficult subject to get into, but nevertheless it is one subject of many that will be brought to Light. Again, despite what you learn pertaning to the Illuminati and other dark oriented families, we ask you all to avoid feeling hate or bitterness of any kind, as it will only feed the very vibrations you are now ascending away from.

We are The Pleiadian High Council and The Pleiadian Council of Nine, and we give all who are connecting with our energy by reading our words our purest Love and Light. We ask you all to open your hearts and feel this connection, feel our Love pulsating through your auric fields and energetic bodies. We Love you all so very much, and you are to be once again seeing us very shortly.
Thank you to The Pleiadian High Council and the Pleiadian Council of Nine.

On Twin Flames...

This is an oldie but a goodie. This idea behind twin flames has always deeply resonated with me. I hope this sheds insight on your current Twin Flame situation.

Archangel Chamuel Twin Flame Update Dec 13/09
Sunday, 13 December 2009 02:24

Greetings! I am Archangel Chamuel.

As the Galactic Starships land, millions of you will be reuniting with your Twin Flames. This Truth brings uneasiness to many.

This leaves many asking, How will my Twin Flame find me attractive, especially with so many things that need fixing? Holding yourself in this illusion of separation puts distance between you and your Twin Flame. This is no longer necessary and needs remedying.

I ask you to take a multidimensional view of your life now in the 5th Dimension and know that you are in 5th DImensional vehicles.

Rejoice! You made it! If you are here now, listening to this, or reading this, you made it! If your family is here with you, and your friends, they have made it! None, of the Light, were left behind. Let's take a look at this new vehicle you now inhabit.

In the 5th Dimensional vehicle, which is crystalline in nature, you will now detect, if you have not already, detected emergent abilities. These abilities come from Ascension and are gifts from the spiritual substrate of Creation, the Force.

The Force is Source Energy combined with Divine Love. I am the Archangel of Love and as you develop these emergent abilities, call on me and I will assist you to perfection. In the 5th DImensional vehicle you are the flawless identity with Reality that is Perfection of Spirit. You are Creator Gods. You are Children of Ra.

You are Light Beings and you are Star Seeds. You are Galactic and Angelic and you are on Earth having a human experience. In this vehicle you experience all the Hues of light, rainbow light, and the colors are infinite, as are the rays and chakras. As your Light vehicle expands, you anchor in more and more of your perfection.

Your Twin Flame is an indivisible part of yourself. If you look at your body now, you may see that held inside is your Twin Flame. This is an indivisible part of you and cannot be separate. If you wonder how this one could love you, in this Earth vehicle, know that they are with you and know everything that you are doing all of the time. From the Ships, your Twin Flame has watched your process through the Earth Ascension. They are wise to the difficulties you have overcome, as they have been there every step of the way, supporting you, as you went through it.

Before this incarnation, the one where Earth ascends, and the return of Twin Flames is possible, you both agreed on who would play the role on the Ship, and who would play the warrior role on Earth. Anyone who is here now is a kind of warrior for light. You have come through the densest forms of Creation to raise it all back to love. As you embarked on the exciting journey of Earth Ascension, you came to Earth with the veils in place as your Twin Flame knew he or she would be rejoining you in this lifetime, in the physical, to anchor love, individualized in form, back to Earth.

By having millions of Twin Flame reunions on Earth, the love and light necessary for all the changes to take hold, is made manifest. Your Twin Flame has known for your whole life that this moment would happen. Your Twin Flame will come and make a home with you and live here with you, believe it!

Some of you do not feel ready for this, you have confusion for one reason or another. Some of you are thinking, Hallelujah! This is what I have waited my whole life for!! I am here to help you come to a place where you are comfortable with this idea and know that it is what is next after arrests, decloakings, announcements, landings, THEN Twin Flame Reunions.

There has been much talk about Twin Flame reunions being less than desirable in the past, that there were issues in these relationships. Your Twin Flame is the perfect mirror of you and because of that, being with this person amplifies anything that is not in balance to be magnified. This is true. It is much easier now for Twin Flame reunions to occur, as you are all in the 5th Dimension.

You are now able to come from a much higher place with a multidimensional understanding. You have worked many many years to clear, cleanse, heal and be prepared for these reunions. These reunions will happen to those who are prepared. That does not mean to those to who have attained perfection, it means, those who have prepared their heart for the possibility. There is no judgment here, so do not judge yourself.

I am here, with my Twin Flame, to help you prepare. If you need my Guidance in this, call on me and I will speak to you in that place inside your heart. You will hear me through the inner voice, the tiny voice inside.

Twin Flame reunions are important in the Ascension of Gaia/Vywamus. These potentials were opened at the Opening of the Lion's Gate on 8/8/09. Now they will become manifest on Earth. Now millions of Twin Flames will rejoin. In this great merging of love in the physical world, it heals the imbalances and in this way heals Earth.

We will, with this love, have World Peace, a world free of Pollution, and a World where all citizens of Earth have their basic needs as well as Great Abundance on all levels. In your new crystalline bodies, along with the technologies returning to Earth, your physical appearance will change. You will no longer look like you have the shadow of the ravages of war. You will be luminescent, sparkling light Beings, this will return to all very quickly. You will be living on liquid light.

Join with your Twin Flame now on the inner planes. Speak to them telepathically. Begin the reunions now in your heart and in your mind. Call on me to help you, during this nine day period between 12/12/09 and 12/21/09 to clear anything that is left in your life which needs clearing before your Twin Flame returns. If you need relationship help, I will Guide you with that as well. Ask and Allow this healing to take place as we rejoice in our accomplishment together. We begin the seeding of Terra Nova now, with nothing that does now Birth from Love.

My Blessings to You, Each One, Chamuel

Beth and Mark

“Disconnect from Mass Frenzy” Djwhal Khul - August 25, 2011

 This is a very good message. I've never heard of the Ascended Master though. Regardless, the world is about get crazy. Remain in peace!

“Disconnect from Mass Frenzy”
August 25, 2011

This is Terri Newlon of

(Channeling begins)
Djwhal Khul here. Tashi delek.

Alright. We’re just coming upon Mercury going direct after one of its usual times of being retrograde. When it goes direct, it will go direct in Leo on Friday.

Coming with that, and a few other things really that have sort of stacked up over time here, is more, what I want to call, triggered behavior within Humanity. So today I want to talk about not getting caught up in the frenzy, how to disconnect from mass frenzy because it is a choice made within the consciousness.

Now when your higher power is engaged, you can really call upon even Angelic helpers, Creation itself, you can call upon direct aspects, like Harmony, Grace, Joy, Love and bring them into your being.

Literally embody them or give them, shall we say, a home on the physical plane. And that is a choice. Or when the sense of what is greater than self, spiritual essence is not perceived, then you see looting, rioting, rebelling, getting angry or even violent and these emotions are coming up within humanity.
They are coming up within the animal kingdom, you know more attacks and maulings and things like that.

They are coming up even within the weather patterns, more angry, etc. So remember that you can choose to disconnect from that. You can stay in a state of Grace.

Sometimes I would say just choosing it, like “I choose Bliss” or “I choose Love” recalling that Love is simply the absence of fear. And you don’t have to get caught up in the drama that unfolds around you. You have the choice to either play in it or not play in it. So disconnect from mass frenzy.

Sit inside peacefully and dream, if you will, the reality that you want to have happen. If you want world peace, dream about it. Daydream about it. Write a story about it. Write a short paragraph about how it is to live in a world filled with peace. Keep putting your order in, so to speak, of what you do want.

As always, thank you and my love to you,
Djwhal Khul

Benjamin Fulford on Rense Radio 8-24-11

While I believe Benjamin Fulford is a white hat, I think sometimes he is mislead. This is very interesting, nonetheless.This is an audio clip.

A Hathor Planetary Message Through Tom Kenyon…”The Emergence of Multiple Chaotic Nodes”

A Hathor Planetary Message Through Tom Kenyon

Your planet is entering a critical transition state, characterized by a multiplicity of Chaotic Nodes.
In our previous communications we have discussed the changes taking place on your Earth in the context of a single Chaotic Node. But from our viewpoint, multiple Chaotic Nodes are now emerging. These complex interacting nodes involve such things as radical weather anomalies, increases in earthquake and volcanic activity, critical challenges to the planet’s eco-systems, challenges to agriculture and food sources, as well as political and economic volatility.

In addition to these planetary Chaotic Nodes, the sun of your solar system is entering a greater level of volatility and unpredictability as well. It is entering into multiple Chaotic Nodes itself, driven by its own internal cycles, but also greatly impacted, as we have said in previous messages, by the galactic center.

The physical challenges you will face in the near future are many, but our message at this time does not concern the physical dimension of these difficulties. These changes, and their resulting challenges, will be apparent to anyone who looks beneath the surface of current events.

Our focus in this communication is on the emotional and spiritual crisis you are facing.

When a system enters multiple Chaotic Nodes there is increased stress on those elements or beings that reside in the vibratory level of existence where the Chaotic Nodes are taking place.

Let us speak to this for a moment in terms other than human existence. From our experience, other dimensions of consciousness and existence are also experiencing their own version of multiple Chaotic Nodes. Thus, the energetic challenges you are facing are not limited just to Earth, but extend to all dimensions of consciousness and all beings, including non-corporeal (energy beings without bodies), who are related to Earth and this galaxy.

But let us come down to Earth, to the nexus point of your existence in time and space.
As we said earlier, beings living in a realm of existence undergoing multiple Chaotic Nodes will be inevitably stressed by increases in chaotic events.

As chaotic elements within planetary weather patterns increase, as challenges to agriculture multiply, and as economic problems grow, there will be an increase in global human anxiety.

This type of anxiety tends to center around physical survival, and while anxiety about survival can drive human beings into a type of madness and irrationality, there is something more insidious and hidden in the current transition state you are now entering.

This hidden danger has to do with thought forms perpetuated by some of your major religions and spiritual traditions. These thought forms and belief systems maintain the notion that there is a separation between the physical and the interdimensional (spiritual) aspects of your existence. The physical world is viewed as tainted; nature is seen as something to be subdued and dominated (as opposed to co-creating with the natural world), and in essence, the world is viewed as something to be escaped from.

We do not share this belief. Our experience is that consciousness is one continuum from the highest vibrations of light into the lowest vibrations of matter and that the very atoms and subatomic particles that comprise your world are, by their very nature, sacred—if by sacred you mean related to the whole.

As the stresses generated by multiple Chaotic Nodes increase, there will be a tendency for many humans to enter delusional and dissociative states of consciousness.

Those who adhere to the thought form that there is an eternal schism between the realms of matter and those of spirit will be most prone to this aberration in consciousness. And as stresses increase, due to the complex interaction of multiple Chaotic Nodes, there will be a marked tendency for some of these individuals to be separated further and further from the realities of the physical dimension. This type of communal dissociation will be further driven by religious and spiritual thought forms regarding “the End Times,” “the Day of Judgment,” and the “Purification of Earth.” This delusional state of mind will become a type of collective mental/emotional virus as whole groups of individuals succumb to stress and overwhelm as they struggle to deal with the global effects of multiple Chaotic Nodes.

Lines in the sand
From our perspective, a line is being drawn in the sands of human consciousness. And this line is nothing less than the demarcation between those who uphold the schism between matter and spirit as perpetuated by the world’s major religions and those who don’t.

What side of this line you stand on will determine to a great extent what you are open to, in terms of planetary and personal transformation.

All Initiates must determine for themselves, what is true and not true, especially when it comes to this religiously perpetuated schism between matter and spirit. And by Initiates, we simply mean those who strive to live upward in consciousness, regardless of the method or spiritual traditions they follow.

The Path of the Heart
From our perspective, the threshold for an Initiate from the lower vibrational worlds into the upper worlds is, first and foremost, through the heart. This transit of consciousness is essentially an inner journey from the lower chakras to the higher chakras. It is only when an Initiate both transcends and transforms his or her personal fixation on security, sex and power that the upward spiral opens. And the entrance into this upward spiral of consciousness occurs when the heart chakra becomes energetically open and permeable.

The paradox and the difficulty is that you live in a dualistic universe, and virtually any action you take is met by a counter-force. This paradox and difficulty is like a metaphorical grain of sand in an oyster; it is irritating. But through the process of self-evolution, the irritation (i.e. duality) becomes a pearl, and paradoxically, something of value emerges from that which was problematic. But each Initiate must create this pearl of self-transformation for him or herself. No religion, no master, no teacher or guru can do it for you.

It may sound too simplistic but, in our experience, the greatest evolutionary catalyst, and the greatest vibratory field of safety to bridge transition states (such as the one you are collectively entering), is through the heart, your heart.

Let us be more specific here. As the number of Chaotic Nodes increases, the challenges to mental and emotional stability will multiply. And as a result, increasing numbers of individuals will enter irrational states of consciousness. There will be a tendency for these individuals to act out in self-destructive ways. And because you are connected to all life on this planet, you will be affected to some extent by the emotional turmoil of others.

Thus it would be of great benefit to you as an Initiate, to cultivate a coherent emotional state, something you return to again and again, reinforcing what we call a positive attractor.
Then it will be as if you have an energetic bubble of coherency around you. You will be able to see clearly and respond to the dualistic world you live in, yet your vibratory essence will remain protected from the increasing levels of chaos and irrationality of others. How you do this is your choice. There are many ways to accomplish this. We will simply offer two.

The first is the most basic and fundamental but is the foundation for the more advanced. We are well aware that many persons reading these messages are new to this type of information, while others are very advanced, which is why we are offering two techniques.

The Basic Technique
This first method is for those unfamiliar with the vastness of their own inner consciousness. It is simple but highly effective.

We recommend you regularly cultivate this coherent state in the garden of your mind.
To accomplish this, you simply reside in the feelings of appreciation or gratitude, without any reason to do so. In other words, you are not looking to something in your environment or your life to feel appreciation or gratitude for. You simply enter into this vibratory state for no other reason other than choosing to do so.

This vibratory state creates a coherency in your body and mind, and it is a type of mental/emotional upliftment that acts as a counter-balance to the downward spiral many humans will be experiencing.
We recommend that you enter this emotional state several times a day. Just a minute or two is all that is needed, but by entering into this vibratory state throughout the day, you train your brain/mind/body to enter into a coherent state at will. And this will be a very helpful and important mind-skill as you enter further into this planetary transition state (i.e. the emergence of multiple Chaotic Nodes).
One reason we say that this mind-skill will be helpful to you is due to the inherent effects of multiple Chaotic Nodes.

Many of you will find greater opportunities for frustration in your daily life. This is because actions taken will increasingly not lead to the result anticipated. Even those of you who are intellectually gifted and masters of manifestation may find blocks and unanticipated hindrances, due to no causation on your part, but rather due to the actions or inactions of others, as well as unanticipated problems caused by the increase of chaotic events in the world around you. Thus, when you find yourself at your wit’s end, so to speak, if you have cultivated the positive attractor of appreciation or gratitude you can use it to intervene into your own emotional turmoil, for if you succumb to your own emotional stress the contagion of mass hysteria is more likely to reach you.

Think of this simple technique as a lifesaver. It’s something passive, you just rest in it, and it creates a vibratory field that by its very nature protects your emotional and spiritual essence.

The Advanced Technique
The second technique we wish to share is for those of you who are more experienced with your inner worlds.

We discussed the first part of this method in a previous message called Ecstasy and the Heart.
The technique involves focusing on the physical heart, not the heart chakra, and while focusing your attention on the physical heart you enter into the state of appreciation or gratitude (just as with the simple method we gave earlier).

The effect of holding your awareness in the physical heart while experiencing appreciation or gratitude creates bliss or ecstasy if you hold the two together long enough.

Once you enter bliss or ecstasy you become aware of the space between the atoms of your body and your environment. This is a shift of mental attention and is based on the quantum reality that physical matter is over 99% space.

Obviously, you do not perceive this space between the atoms of your body and your immediate environment through your physical senses due to the limitations of your nervous system. But the non-local aspect of your consciousness that is unfettered by the limitations of your physical reality can experience this space.

The final stage of this technique involves a shifting of attention. As you become aware of this space in your body and the space around you, you perform a paradoxical feat of consciousness. You send the appreciation and gratitude you are experiencing, both to the space within your body and to the space around you, as well to the particles of matter that comprise your body and the world around you.
This “holding” of both space and matter in the vibratory realm of appreciation or gratitude will eventually reveal your nature as both an embodied and un-embodied being—as a being living through a physical body or form and simultaneously as a consciousness unbounded by form. If you persist with this method, it will eventually open a miraculous doorway for you, a doorway that leads to profound insights regarding the nature of ascension.

In regard to choosing which method to use, we suggest you begin where you are.
The first method, though simple, is highly effective at protecting you from the contagion of human irrationality and will lift you upward into the currents of the upward spiral, even as those around you spiral downward.

When you feel you are ready, you can explore the advanced method. This is not a marathon race to see who can get to the advanced method the quickest.

The only thing that is required is that you reside in appreciation or gratitude as often as possible without causation. This simple vibratory realm will be a great ally to you as you pass through the current planetary transition state.

Another ally to you in this transition is a meditation we gave in one of our previous communications. We call it The Crystal Palace Within, and we encourage you to experiment with it. If it speaks to you, use it often for it connects you to the wisdom of Gaia (Earth) and enlivens a central conduit for the higher realms of your existence known to your science as your pineal gland and known to us as the jewel in the head.

For those of you planning to join us for the World Meditation on November 11th of this year (11/11/11), we ask that you work with The Crystal Palace Meditation as often as is convenient, to prepare you for the next Dimensional Attunement, which will be used during the World Meditation.
This Dimensional Attunement will be a sound meditation created to transmit light into the pituitary gland, the master regulator of your endocrine system. We will be giving instructions on how to use this sound meditation on your own and for use during the world meditation on 11/11/11.

We will post the Pituitary Dimensional Attunement (sound meditation) in the Sound Gifts section of the website at the end of September or the beginning of October.

As we said at the beginning of this message, you are entering a critical transition state. For those unfamiliar with our previous message entitled Transition States of Consciousness, we strongly suggest that you take a look at this communication.

Your Earth is entering a perilous period in its upward movement. Many aspects of your reality will be changing right before your eyes, more rapidly than you could ever have imagined.
Due to the acceleration of time, the transformation of your civilization will increase exponentially. Your word “transformation” literally means moving beyond form, thus the structures of your reality (meaning the thought forms and beliefs as well as the external realities of your life) will be undergoing rapid change.

A greater fluidity of consciousness is required. Protection of your vibratory essence is vital. You are entering harrowing times and yet in this complexity there are immense opportunities for your own personal evolution.

We believe that there will be a greater polarization between people as the Chaotic Nodes increase in number and intensity. And yet even in the midst of that polarization, if your heart/mind is open you will have moments of deep communion with others, even strangers, whenever you look into the eyes of another human being who recognizes the sacredness of this moment, the sacredness of life, and the sacredness of this Earth.

Our thoughts and blessings are with you.
The Hathors
August 12, 2011

Excited anticipation is intensifying all over the world- John Smallman 8-24-11

Excited anticipation is intensifying all over the world as the moment for your awakening draws ever closer, and its arrival heralds the commencement of fantastic celebrations in honor of this most glorious event. And when it occurs, humanity will burst forth in what previously would have seemed an impossibly vast explosion of uninhibited enthusiasm for what has happened, and this will not be momentary, for you will be entering the divine state of everlasting joy.

Your awakening from the dark mists of suffering, decay, and death into the brilliant radiance of the divine Presence will be an utterly exhilarating experience, and yet it will be but the beginning of your eternal ecstasy. So while you wait, focus your attention on the wonderful changes occurring planetwide in preparation for this amazing event. Focus on releasing all your negative attitudes by intending always to think, speak, and act from the very center of your being, where the Flame of divine Light, your unbreakable connection to your heavenly Father, burns constantly to remind you of who you truly are. You do not need to identify each unloving attitude in order to release it; just be loving at all times, and they will all fall away as you realize that they no longer have any appeal for you.

When you gather together with others holding similar intentions, the loving energy that each of you shares and demonstrates will be quite palpable to you, and will also be felt by others in your vicinity or passing through it. And when you depart from your gathering- place, the sense of peace that you created will remain. To gather together regularly in small groups to share your love and remind one another of the underlying divinity of your true Selfhood adds enormous positive energy to the awakening process all across the planet. Encourage each other to make time available to meet in loving consciousness groups. This intensifies the energy that is driving the awakening process because it strengthens your intent to awaken and helps you to rise above the distraction that bad news of any kind causes. Rising above the bad news makes it easier for you to envelop it in the Love field of which each one of you are eternal shimmering facets.

The need for all of you to be loving and compassionate at all times is intensifying as everyone is coming face to face with personal issues that they have denied, buried, or just forgotten. This is causing them considerable discomfort, confusion, and even alarm, especially those who thought that they had already dealt with and released all their outstanding issues. By being constantly loving and compassionate – which is nothing less than a demonstration of your true Self in action – you provide much needed local environments of peace and stability, which are very valuable zones of comfort in which others can obtain temporary respite from the storms of the personal issues that they are presently undergoing. These respites give strength to those with whom you meet and interact, enabling them to temper their inner turmoil so that they can deal with and release these issues that no longer serve them.

Immense fields of Love are enveloping the world at this moment in your evolution, so open your hearts to allow them to connect and interact with you as you continue indefatigably along your path toward awakening. It has been long and hard but the end is nigh.
With so very much love, Saul.

Sheldan Nidle 8/23/11

Dratzo! We return! The last stages of the delivery process are beginning! The various packages are being readied for distribution. It is expected that a full bank holiday will be implemented after the first formal announcements by the new caretaker governments, and that this legal holiday will be used to change over the entire American banking system to the new rules and regulations which are to take effect after the demise of the Federal Reserve System. At this time the new hard currency will be introduced. This is the first part of a larger series of reforms that is to take effect concurrently throughout the rest of the globe. This new worldwide financial system will be facilitated by global debt forgiveness; taxation will be applied to goods and services but not individual and corporate income; and a wealth of secret trust funds will be launched in order to replace the financial resources normally used by your governments. The people will be liberated from their onerous burdens and encouraged to use various tax refunds to jumpstart your national economies. 

      This new financial world will become the foundation for a growing prosperity that will be boosted by the release of a whole host of now-secret technologies. Then comes the major disclosure announcement that puts an end to the global 'UFO' cover-up. This revelation will support the cessation of global violence as well as misguided foreign military adventurism. It is time for your world to reclaim the many pieces that make up many nations' territorial sovereignty, and for negotiations to formally settle the issue of many national boundaries. We intend to participate in these discussions and bring an end, finally, to any form of discord. The criterion here is a swift and forthright win-win situation for all, bearing in mind that this form of sovereignty is largely anachronistic within the context of your global awakening. Nevertheless, quickly resolving boundary issues constitutes another step toward this goal, which is to create a world where peace, prosperity and cooperation are a given. This quickly leads to the next step. 

      This next step is hugely significant! Here, you begin to interact freely with your Inner Earth cousins. This experience allows you to view your planet in an entirely different way: you begin to see her as your living host, and as such she has a claim on your respect. The old dark perspective can swiftly be discarded and a truer way of regarding Gaia can take its place. At this time you will have the opportunity to watch the Moon being 'terraformed'; then you will be able to travel to and explore this transformed, artificial object. It will be the first time that most of you have left the Earth to go to another sphere in the heavens. We wish you to feel great Love for your home and to see how your original two-moon system can easily be re-established in the very near future. We wish you to begin to comprehend the sort of wonders that are about to become your new reality because, after all, most of you are to become future citizens of Mars, Venus, and of course Pax. 

      Disclosure and first contact will change tremendously the world you now live in. You are about to meet your spiritual and space families. This one act alone transforms all the information that the dark cabalists have fed you for the past 13 millennia. All at once you will be thrust into a new reality; the many mysteries that surround your origins will be resolved, and a new history that extends all the way back to ancient Lemuria will be given to you. This is just the start of what you are to learn about the true nature of physicality, and with this knowledge comes a science as well as a spiritual philosophy to prepare you for the wonder that is full consciousness. We come to teach, to mentor, and then later, to accept you as our equals. You have great contributions that you are destined to make as you once again interact with us and with other sentient Beings who make up this galaxy and the tens of thousands of other galaxies that are a vital part of an ever-expanding Intergalactic Union. 

      Blessings, dear Hearts! We are your Ascended Masters! We come in joy. The time arrives for a new Golden Age to lift up humanity in its grace-laden arms and embrace you with a profound wisdom and the gift of full consciousness! Your world has wandered in the realm of darkness for nearly 13 millennia. Now the Light returns to show you the divine path to your destiny. The vast span of amnesia is ending. Prepare for a huge download of forgotten information provided graciously by Heaven and with the assistance of the Galactic Federation of Light. All the secret societies dedicated to the Light in Asia, Europe, India, and the Middle East are preparing for what is to happen presently. A great change in your world is beginning and through its full manifestation will prepare you for the mass arrival of your spiritual and space brothers and sisters. Rejoice in your heart, knowing that a great day in your lives arrives at long last! 

      This new realm of golden Light is to extend throughout the length and breadth of this solar system. Everywhere, your blessed Beingness will send energies that will sustain life. You are to meet many different types of life forms. You will overcome your present limitations and will be renowned not only in this galaxy but in every corner of Creation. For many millennia we have seen this in our visions of you and have known just how important our mission among you really is. Our primary purpose is to keep the great Light that resides in all of us burning brightly despite the manifold schemes and contrivances of the dark. This we do gladly. At times in the past, many succumbed to the corrupting enticements of the dark, and some of these souls have been wrested triumphantly from their dark paths and returned to the Light! Blessings to you all. 

      This coming environment of prosperity, joy, and full consciousness is the gracious gift of the Creator. All of us welcome this time and are elated that this new reality is starting to manifest. It is vital that you open your hearts to those whose Love, Light, and divine service have helped make this wondrous reality possible. It is easy to discount all that was required or how long it took to bring it about. Our purpose is to be divine intermediaries. We have taken on the dark and used our collective abilities to assist in completing the remaining tasks. We have heartfelt salutations and thanks for the liaisons from Agartha who used their great skills to fashion the final agreements that culminated in our joint success. We look forward to assisting your Galactic Federation mentors in quickly returning you to fully conscious Beings of Light. Namaste!

      Today, we brought you another message about what is happening on your world. A new reality is dawning. It is bringing you full consciousness and an opportunity to rejoin your brethren who reside throughout this broad galaxy and all Creation. The time comes to expand your consciousness and, once again, fully embrace the Divine! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Supply of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

A Message...

This is from Kauiliapele's Blog. I suppose he is channeling it. Regardless, it gives insight into the transitional plan that is going to be implemented by the Galactics, Ascended Masters, Earth Allies and the Inner Earth peoples. It should begin shortly.

Welcome, to those who come from the stars.
Welcome, also to those who come from Inner Gaia.
Welcome, also to those who have no idea about these things

You are all participating in a massive undertaking, we call it, as it is larger than any that this planet has encountered. Please be honored that you are partaking in this. It is your Light and your focused Intention which is the most value to us.

Very soon events begin to happen which for some will be more startling and shocking than even the event you call “9-11″. These transformative points in time are to be encountered in rapid succession. This first wave of events will be followed by a second wave, and prior to the end of the so-called Calleman calendar, you will have passed through the third and a fourth. Each wave continues increasing in disruption of all old consciousness patterns, until October 28th when all of this old system will have been dissolved.

Those who try to hold tightly to the old system will quickly see there is nothing familiar left to hold to. It will be shocking and so disruptive to some people’s consciousness that they will choose to leave this planet. No one may “survive” the new revelations and changes upon planet Earth unless they release all grasp to every single idea which they formerly held.

Remain unattached and you will be fine. And rise above the chaotic nodes. In fact, many will thrive, although not in a monetary sense, which is fortunate for them, as there will be none of the monetary system of old on which to hold. A transitional period of we would say in your time frame of 3 weeks will be required to emplace the so-called new system of finance, which will in itself be a transitional system.

We suggest that each one search within for their individual guidance for proceeding through the first transitional period. Follow not the fear-guides (there will be many… most will ask for money), but follow the path of peace and joy and collaboration within the local community.

We honor each of you, and we are here for you. Please call upon us, as your Higher Guides, to guide in these soon to come times. You will be well.