Who Will Be Organizing Sirian Tours of Motherships, After First Contact...??

Dear First Contactees, 

In answer to the title question, her name is Sandara and she is a Sirian extraterrestrial S&E Fleet Executive Officer for the official tours of the mothership, following First Contact...a process which is designed to be a cultural acclimatization and training programme, for willing earth human students. Such students will then return to their families, friends and neighbours, to spread the news of their experiences. Also, some will be asked to take part in TV interviews, and given opportunities to express their thoughts and feelings anent the tour. All this will be conducted with the full blessing and support of reformed Earth governments. There will be no Illuminoid interference in how the media operate, so you will find an infinite openess will prevail, in a climate of joy. 

Anyone who focusses intent on wishing to be a part of the tour experience, will be selected by the Sirians using technologies that monitor human thoughtforms, intentions and general mind activity, across the planet. So send out your intent and you will be touring at the appropriate time and not before. There will be tranches of 50 persons per tour, but this may be adapted as necessary. 

Sandara was born in the hamlet of Bregge, on the Kearonet plateau, in the central highlands of Planet Samanetfs outer continent of Sakarac.The planet has inner and outer continentsc.Samanet is the 4th planet within the Sirius B star systemc 
She has extensive duty experience with the S&E Fleet and has been on duty for the last 20-Earth years, aboard various ships in the Federation fleets, involved with the the disclosure strategy for Earth and it's planned aftermath. 

A humanoid ET, she stands at a perfectly proportioned 6Œ 1, which is the case with most Sirian women, who average six inches taller than Plejarac

Strikingly good looking, by Earth standards, she has a proud and sometimes haughty poise, with distinguished aquilline nose, brown-green eyes, long thick straight golden hair and appears to be 18-years of age, by Earth standards, but is actually considerably older and totals 192 yearscThe average age of Samanet Sirians being 2000 years of physical life.. 

She wears either the purple and gold dresses and gowns, favoured by her clan, or she wears the standard white jump-suit, while on duty. 

On the surface of Samanet there are no cities, towns or villages, at all, as part of a deliberate policy to maintain the surface, primarily for the planetary guardianship purpose of ritual there are vast temple complexes, only, upon the surface, as well as hamlets and small dwellings.
Most Sirians live within the planet, inner-Samanet, within the crystal cities of great splendorcwhich are grown, rather than built, in the conventional waycSome Sirians, within spiritual warrior clans, such as the Atar Clan, seek surface dwellings as well, in order to be at hand near the templescThere are individual dome-shaped houses, surrounded by beautiful gardens and occupied by individuals and their familiesc 

When common work and purpose compel a closer proximity for joint ritual, within clans, and between clans, then hamlets are set up to house a special podlet, which Sirians call gbhada,h which is a podlet consisting of a maximum of 64 individualsc.If there is a purpose that stipulates the neccessity to reside upon the planetary surface, then the bhada is housed within a hamlet of several dome-shaped dwellings in closer proximity, than normal..
Sandara was born in such a hamlet and itfs name was Bhada Bregge..hpodlet of the temple bridge.h 

I present this data so as to prepare people for the Sirians and to inculcate positive anticipation of the official tours of the motherships.. 

The Sirians and others, will be walking among the peoples of be prepared to meet them. 

In order to aid people in distinguishing the various GFL star nation representatives, I would like to present this summary, to aid in easy and rapid identification of the various personnel, from the GFL colour-coding of their standard crew uniforms...Initially, only humanoids will take part in the mass landings. After they have become familiar to Earth people, other star nations will arrive, including those who were considered former adversaries and now stand as allies and members of the GFL, such as the Mintaka Orions and other races within the former Anchara Alliance. Here are some representatives, as a snapshot, as there are too many to list. 


Note that when our new Solaris Star Nation is created (which will include inner and outer Earth, Venus, Mars and Pax,) the combined format jump-suit colour coded to represent the gSolarians,h within the GFL, will be the vibration of indigo.

This choice is esoteric and relates to the ray of our Solar Logoscthe second ray.
Let us continue to prepare the forms of the upcoming civilisation, with much joy and let us apply our wisdoms in solution to all problemsc.alongside our space family. 

Selamat gajun akanowai dajoiec.!!
Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew