U.S. Dollar not accepted in Mexican Hotels.

I found this on a blog documenting someone's recent trip to Mexico. This sign was posted at a Mexican hotel. Here is evidence to support Ben Fulford's claims that the dollar is no longer being accepted in the world. The dollar is in trouble whether we raise the debt ceiling or not. The only solution is to completely revamp our financial system. This is something you are not hearing in the Mainstream Media for obvious reasons. The U.S. Dollar is going to lose its rating whether the debt ceiling is raised or not. Personally, I believe we should let the dollar die. It might hurt for a little bit, but there will be a new financial system soon after. If the dollar dies, the Illuminati lose any remaining power. Their power lies in the ability to print money at will. If we go back to a gold-based system, we will never see our current situation ever again. True wealth lies in Gold, Silver etc..