Sirian Council of Elder Message for 25th July

There are parts of this message that I do not agree with, but overall it is a positive message.

Many across the world have fallen in vibration and we guide you to watch carefully the thoughts that you allow to fleet across your mind. Many will not guard their thoughts and allow the mind to take them to that which will never materialise. We guide strongly to allow the silence to be present, to go deep within and to meditate on that which is below the surface. We are the Sirian Council of Elders and we come to guide and support ALL across the planet earth at this time.

The changes that are happening vibrationally across the planet earth are immense, for many humans this is a time of vast upheaval, of feelings that have not surfaced for a long time and a general feeling of unease. We guide you strongly to watch the thoughts that your mind creates for YOU create all of your life experience from those very thoughts. A mind that allows thoughts to take them to wherever is a mind that is open to the teachings of illusion. Many are now looking at the planet and fearing the worst, the illusion has taught once more that all are at the mercy of external events and we guide you strongly to detach from this teaching.
Humans are in control of the creation of the life experience at all times, even those deeply asleep within the illusion create and it is for this reason that we are here to guide you back out of that illusion. For many of you the illusion is becoming obvious, many humans can clearly see the smoke and mirrors used to keep the human race in the dark about its power and its ability to create and we guide you to stay within your hearts and focus on the love and compassion that is there, send it out across the planet earth to hold the space for those who are asleep.

Many will be surprised at our use of this channel for our guidance and we once more guide that many channels will be contacted by different energies to show the planet earth UNITY. We cannot guide this strongly enough but we accept that many channels will struggle with the illusion disguised as containment. It is possible for each and every human BEing across the planet to channel or connect to ANY star system of their choosing for guidance and support at any time. The illusion teaches that only certain humans are capable of this and thereby creates a hierarchy where there is in truth none. In relation to channelling each human who has heightened their vibration and opened their heart to truth will be able to connect to various energies at any one time, again the illusion teaches containment and that rules and regulations are in place to “learn” this. We guide once more that this is illusion teaching under the guise of love. Why would you need to learn what is natural to the human BEing? Why would you need to learn how to connect your heart to source? We ask who it serves? Why all the rules and regulations and who stands in judgement to enforce the rules and regulations?

Human BEings are responsible for their own life experience, why would another know your heart and what YOU are capable of more than YOU? Who does this serve ? We note that many across the planet earth contain themselves under the guise of learning. The life experience that you undergo is not a learning it is a reconnecting. The difference in vibration of these two scenarios could not be more different. Whilst you learn from books and stay within rules and regulations you bow the wishes of another, another who cannot know WHO you are, cannot know YOUr heart, for only YOU know YOU. Do our words makes sense? Do you understand how the rules are in place to contain you and not allow expansion?

Expansion of the human BEing is the goal of the life experience as human vibration heightens the propensity for expansion also heightens. Human BEings who live from their heart centre are able to connect to the universe at a depth that is far greater than one from containment. We ask why so many human BEings stop themselves from connecting from their hearts? What have you been taught that keeps you in confinement and fearing that which IS? Why is it such a strange concept to use the heart as a rudder for your life experience? We ask who put in place this conditioning? for it is conditioning, set within your BEing to confine the energy that YOU are.

Who sits in judgement of YOU? Why is another any better than YOU? Why would you look at another human BEing and envy what they do when they follow their hearts? What stops YOU from following YOUr heart guidance and creating? These are all questions that need taken into the silence and the answered listened to, for the answers are there, within YOUr BEing. The illusion will seek to lead you away from the heart, for it too knows that truth resides in human hearts. That is why it teaches the heart is a place of pain, with that teaching many will stay out of the heart and not venture within. We guide you strongly to detach from this teaching and to move into your heart. The truth can be found there and only there. To try to process the life experience in your mind will see you fall into illusion for the mind cannot process emotion, that’s not what it was designed for.

Many of you are now floundering, wondering what is truth and what is illusion and we guide you strongly to go within. ALL answers are found within, for the map to YOUr life experience is within YOU. Do not seek outside of yourself for you will only find the illusions teaching which in many sections of human society is strong. So strong that those who label themselves enlightened and who do not connect at all times to their hearts can be found wandering. It is not the human life experience to blindly follow, that was a teaching from the illusion to overrule those who do live from the heart. So many are asleep across the planet that one human BEing can be taught to move out of their heart from many who are asleep if they do not realise what is happening. Be aware that many who are asleep will try to move you from heart to mind. The pressure is always there and we guide you to accept this and to move through it.

Why would another know more about YOU than YOU? We ask this to draw your attention to the way the illusion works. Parents across the planet teach their offspring that they know what is better for them than the offspring do. Does this ring a bell with you? Do you see how the illusion can teach through other humans? How can a parent know what is within the heart of their offspring more than the offspring does? Only YOU can know what is within YOUr heart, anything else is illusion taught in the guise of love. None can know anothers life experience because it is all so unique. Many humans will state that they know more than another and we guide they are in illusion. Illusion will build up the human ego to the point that the human believes the mind knows more than the heart. A human who is in ego is not connected to the heart. The mind will build that human up, to show the human how powerful they are and that all follow their every move, what is truth is that illusion has taken route within the ego and guides that human away from the heart which knows truth. NO EGO is found within the heart, for the heart flows with the LOVE that IS. There is no ego in LOVE.

Many humans across the planet have descended into ego and started to argue who is right and wrong with regard to the interpretation of a channelling and we guide that they have fallen into illusion. The wrong and right is illusion, for there just IS. If our words resonate with YOU in YOUr heart then YOU have found truth. If they do not then allow them to go. Illusion will teach that you have to be heard in your denial of our words. Why would it be important to deny our words to another? Who does this serve? For each human across the planet has the knowledge and the ability to discern truth from themselves. Humans who shout the loudest to be heard are the most fragile. They are in illusion and need to feed ego, otherwise they would understand that ALL just IS.

The universe knows know right and wrong for there just IS. It is the human mind that creates the black and white, the good and bad and makes judgement. When you judge another human you are in illusion. For truth does not judge, it understand and accepts. That truth is in your heart.

We have guided through this channel for a reason and that reason is to show UNITY. Many energies have now connected to this channel and others. For other channels who have made the connection to energies and are asked to spread the words across the planet we ask that you honour this. Process all connections through your hearts and discern truth. It is important that the human race realise that UNITY is the way of the universe. Separation is illusion and illusion will teach at every opportunity.

The “enemy” is not some alien race, the “enemy” is illusion, that enemy has been whispering sweetly in the ears of humans since the beginning of their life journey, it whispers about loving thy neighbour yet encourages separation and wars to break out. Humans who live in illusion do not see UNITY they see separation such is the depth of teaching from illusion. The “enemy” was created within the human mind to further the illusion of separation. The universe is UNITY and we seek to guide you to this truth, this truth is found within your heart. Humans talk about love then put conditions on that love. LOVE just IS. It has no conditions, conditions are separation and are borne out of illusion.

We are the Sirian Council of Elders and we are here to support and guide you out of illusion and show you that your truth resides in your hearts. ALL are ONE.

Kareen Doonan