Poofness 7/10

Greetings and Salutations; 

The moment has remained a secret and I would never tell it even if I knew, but someone likes to stuff words in my mouth regardless. So when you see words floating out here, that I called it, understand it's crap. Poof said, poof said...I thought I was crazy...make up your mind, why would you want to quote a crazy person? Unless there's another making people crazy, or to destroy hope, as the less then nice guys have been doing for years. How many years have you heard, 'they' were planning to wipe out the middle class and have only the rich and poor be around? What do you see going on in DC right now? What do they mean the poor need to share some of this burden, Orin Hatch, what do think has been going on for years now? Your august position does not insulate you from insane statements. You sir, are a plutocrat. One of these days the media will pick that up and use it in broadcasts, unless they are chickens. 

Money has been green in this country, not red and blue. The big fear they have is finally the people are waking up, as the japanese gentleman spoke a few years ago, 'beware of the american giant' and he made it clear, he wasn't talking about the us military. He was talking about the people when they understood what their government was up to. Even GHWB made the remark, 'they'll hang us from the nearest lamp post if they ever figure out what we've done...words, I'm sure are coming back to haunt him now. Any idiot knows you can't starve the people....where do they think they are going with those trillions they've had in their back pockets? God doesn't need their money so, there's no bribing thru the pearly gates, as they say.

Word has come to me, from way above the dragons, time has run out. This must be done NOW. People who I like to call the 3 musketeers, have come out of the holes they have been hidden in and signed off. The earth is about to go thru a change unheard off in history, and many of the folks who believed they were running things, will be shocked at the sudden loss of power and prestige. This is a 'no down no return' situation, it require retooling of how one thinks and what one believes is true. The most powerful media giant Rupert Murdoch is getting one of those lessons right now, money will no longer buy safety from come uppance. The tide has truly turned and it isn't in the favor of the rich and powerful. The greedy who never wanted to share. Suicides will rise as folks decide to off themselves rather than face the fruits of their positions. Something this way comes, pay attention. The plan of the ages, can not fail. 

Btw, you know who the real whites hats are? It's those military guys who were working on collecting all this stolen money years ago. Most retired now but in the back ground none the less.

Much to the chagrin of those who would have it other wise, there won't be a nazi 4th reich to lead the world into the future. They won't turn this earth into a prison planet, it is not theirs' to do as they see fit. The dark doesn't have the power it projects out here. As Bob Marley once said in a song, 'only ourselves can free our minds', remember that when people tell you, we will never over come or be rid of the illuminati. Defeatists' attitudes never get anything done, they sit in corners and tremble. We do need those people with good hearts to help fix this planet and behind them is the real power that makes life worth living. My job was to get you to this door way, pass thru it and begin anew. Take your plans and engage them. They just needed to get the goons out of your way because they knew if people were given the chance, they would do the right thing, they would treat their neighbors as they themselves wanted to be treated. Novel concept, eh? Well just think about your self, what would you do if given the chance, waste your time sitting around thinking about revenge? Or going out and reversing situations in this world, there are millions like you across this planet, you have lot more power than you've been told or believe you have. YOU are who you've been waiting for! Go forth and change something, have confidence and courage, you will be supported. The tech is already here and coming off the shelf daily, ready to be engaged across the planet. Still around for consults till I get that knock on the door. 

Love and Kisses,