Poof 7/31

Get That Black Man Out of Office

Greetings and Salutations,

That's the battle cry out here even tho we've been living under corporate welfare for ages, Obama is leading us to socialism. I hear this and I realize people don't know the difference between socialism and communism. Every country practically the us deals with are socialist countries, canada, switzerland, germany, france, the UK, norway..tic them off. They were smart enough to Not let their governments get tied down by 2 parties. No, they get the bums out if they foul up. We are stuck for 4 years! So why is that better, even isreal has a socialistic system. Gonna call them commies? That great liberal, FDR, gave the europeans a frame work after ww2, and that's what they went with. Study some history and quit having knee jerk reactions to things just because rupert murdoch news(fox) tells you something and his business partner is who? An arab. Money is just money, only politics give it color.

Junior got the chance to take credit for these programs, but he stuck with Daddy's agenda at camp david with sarkozy. Obama gets elected and the first thing that got his attention was the cia, dropping the bomb on him about what he was facing and who did what. The second thing that happened before he even got in the wh was, a dvd was sent to him to see the audit that was done in the philipines of all the us gold that had been cached away in the mountains by the us gov way back...I saw the pictures, everything stamped, property of the US. Big gold bars and and gold certificates. Now wouldn't you want to know why the country was broke if you saw all that? He got the answer because shortly the dragons came foreword and let him know. Now old man bush was the man, who didn't have grasp of what Obama received and found out and proceeded to set accounts up in the vatican to try to get control of him. Not just him but Michelle and the 2 children. Just like countless other senators and congressmen, with their wives and children. The dragons sent the owner of the vatican bank in their to do an audit. The bank does not belong to the church. They already knew there was 'weird stuff' happening with that bank and also Knew the old man's finger prints were all over those accounts...can't hide anything banking, from the 'system'. That's why you need not be concerned about someone running off somewhere with your money, they can see it, track it and return it to you. Scared?..don't be, these are the good guys. There is much more with us than against us. There is enough evidence to bury these guys forever, including '911'.

Things have reached the last stage before they hit your door, stuff that has been waiting and battled over since 1984 in chicago. My folks tell me, this is going to be messy for a minute and take 3-5 yrs to clean it up after the programs are dropped. I will tell you the master and owner of all this stuff name is Michael and his patience has worn thin, he doesn't care about the political stuff in dc. The children and the elderly will be taken care of, despite the plutocracy the media refuses to identify. Like it or not Obama has listened and done things accordingly, so argue your point out with who his master is, see how far that gets you. You're getting your money so who cares?

I'm going to the beach and sitting the hell down, the rest of this crap is for people who can't escape the constant bickering in their own minds. Freedom is what is afoot and the greatest manifestation of fear the people who've been in control have to face. The dragons aren't taking any prisoners, the bad guys had their chance so I guess a lot of folks are going to be tripping as everything happens and they witness people like beohner crying again in public. Little poopy babies who need their diapers changed. The tea party has no idea what constitution they hold folks read. The corp is thru and that will be apparent to all americans shortly. Tho folks won't like the idea some black man is telling them that, get over yourselves, you've been lied to for so long it's ridiculous. Sorry, had to sand bag you all in order to finish this. There's a big difference between white hats and white knights, just like the real templars had nothing to do with what happened in Norway.

Ok, I'm thru, don't stray to far from home, this is no time for extended vacations. Email me if you need to for a consultation but don't be surprised if there is no response.

Love and Kisses,