Poof 7/24

Greetings and Salutations; 

Well, this is a pretty good encapsulation of the last 100+ years but as dire as it sounds, I want to remind all readers, the game has been raided. Much has been hidden in plain sight. And none of them are gonna tell you, they've been pulled away as they have more pressing matters they must attend to.
Word coming down out of the rafters is, 'they've' been trying to hide from the light of a new dawn by burying down into their deep holes'. Things are much too transparent now. Hiding money requires luggage and a hole in the back yard now, as the fed system has been compromised. Bernanke and the former owners can no longer help. Some have fallen on their swords to escape public humiliation, some can't see the forest for the trees. Instead of calling Jacob Rothschild a 'traitor', they should have followed his lead. The beginning of the raid began when a group of individuals walked into Brussels and dropped the archival ownership papers on the shiny desk a few years back, showing true ownership of the marbles these guys have used to run the world. This was the start of the council's overt action to restructure this planet. Call it an old fashion foreclosure. Can't let children run the house hold into the ground. I can't count the times my mom used to snatch that bag of candy out of my hands and make me share it with my friends, because I wanted to eat it all my self. 

Information to the public is forthcoming, not to scare the pants off of you however, so you'll never let so-called smart people take your freedoms from you again. Seamlessly, restructuring of the whole planetary structure of banking, technology, medicine, energy, et al, has taken place while everyone was distracted by the 'debt ceiling', revalues of currencies, and republicans vs democrats. Follow the bouncing ball! Some in dc know what's afoot, the new ones are pretty ignorant. If they could see past their differences, the progressives and the libertarians would forge a political party of their own. and leave the republicrats behind. The parents are going to share the candy with all the wanna call them socialists? "All the sudden "europe's 'crises' is going showing up from thin air. It's those parents again. They told me they weren't letting the euro go down because of Goldman Sachs or anybody else. Same thing for the dollar, albeit it won't say federal reserve on it anymore. There is also a wiff of a brand new currency arising , forming the third leg on the new world banking stool. This will form the stability the world needs. Watch what happens to wall street then. This would be a good time to move into commodities, asap. People have to eat, they need water, they need to move into sustainables and renewables. 

Thus we move into the 21st century and leave the 'flint stones' behind to bang on rocks and decide whose head is more sloped. I remember Al Capp, when asked about interracial dating at the time he stopped writing 'Lil Abner'....'I thought their was only one race, the human race'. Much growing for humanity to go thru. All these things are on the big table to be solved which some will not be able to handle having their sacred cows challenged and will simply fade away, as non relevant. A neanderthal, so to speak. We are there, at the doorway, and the way is prepared. How you fir into this new system of things is up to you, you're adults now, use that commonsense the good lord gave you and stop acting like a spoiled american, it's embarrassing. The power lies in Peace, you'll never get Peace thru bloodshed. DUH!!!
I will try to reach everyone who requested consultations but I tell you, time is running out before I have to shut up. Your questions will be answered publicly anyhow, whether thru the bankers or thru the announcements being sounded off. 

Love and Kisses;