Message from Saul 7/13/11

Judgment closes down your hearts

07/13/2011 by John Smallman

When the awakening of humanity occurs your joy will be boundless. You have been waiting a long time for this moment of transformation, struggling to release judgment, blame, and condemnation – which closes down your hearts – so that you could open your hearts to receive and share the abundance of Love that your Father offers you incessantly.

Now forgiveness – the key to open your hearts – of yourselves and of others is being seen and experienced in what, until very recently, would have appeared to be the most unexpected places. It is the most wonderful gift that you can offer to one another, and the most useful, as it dissolves the feuds that have caused intense suffering to generations of families, tribes, nations, and various other groups that have found within themselves irreconcilable differences that led to conflict.

The enormous increase in the numbers of you sharing forgiveness all across the planet is inspiring and uplifting, and is in marked contrast to the numerous conflicts that continue to bring misery and suffering to so many. You have all nursed and held on to grudges, judgments, and condemnation of those who have hurt or offended you and this brings you feelings, sometimes very intense, of bitterness when you call to mind those people and the offenses that they have committed against you. Bitterness is very damaging as it prevents you from experiencing any peace, contentment, or happiness, and if you engage with it by telling yourselves that you have a right to feel embittered, it feeds on itself until it pervades every area of your lives.

Forgiveness dissolves bitterness. However, when you are feeling embittered, it can be very difficult to embrace it and let it melt the bitterness away. In those instances it can be very helpful to remind yourselves that those who have hurt or offended you are themselves experiencing considerable pain and suffering, which is why they attacked you in the first place, and this will enable you to feel some compassion for them. Once you start to feel compassion for them, your resentment will ease, allowing forgiveness into your hearts to dissolve any bitterness residing there. When that occurs you will find yourselves able to embrace forgiveness enthusiastically for the peace and contentment it brings you as the stress of unforgivingness fades away. Eventually you will find that your grudges and resentments are gone, that you rarely make negative judgments, and that you have forgiven everyone, including yourselves. Finally you will discover that you have even stopped forgiving because there is no longer any need to forgive because all that remains within you is love – love for all, because you are one with all as you progress together towards awakening.

So embrace forgiveness and allow it to show you that there is truly nothing and no one to forgive, as you realize that pain, misery, and suffering are part of the illusion, and that when you forgive those whom you perceive to have caused those conditions, you have only love remaining within you. And of course this makes perfect sense because all were created from Love, in Love; no other state exists. Love is everywhere, It is all that there is, and so you are part of It, eternally and forever. It envelops and embraces all life, and nothing apart from It exists, as you will discover when you awaken – as you most surely will.

With so very much love, Saul.