Message from the Pleiadians 7/27/11

We now see your help is a surge to our siege. Many shifts are happening all around as we speak. Tomorrow’s outlook seems brighter everyday with many new changes expected at any moment. To bask in the light of your ascension is our main goal, and it is to this end we stress our sincerest efforts. One day you’ll find all has changed drastically, and all the old ways of your daily survival have bowed to a new way of existence. Your hardships have been but a tool for your higher learning and advancement, with new gifts awarded for your perseverance and efforts to maintain. We speak now of your new gifts that will enable you to finally shed the chains that have shackled you to everyday toil. Freedom at last comes to those who have journeyed long in the darkness of the evening. Day break is but moments away. A blink of the eye, a flash of a flame. Hold fast to your convictions, all will pay off in the most grand of fashion. We are your Pleiadian family from the Stars.

As channeled through Greg Giles