Message From Jeshua: Its Already Done

My Beloved, it is Jeshua, and there is always that which I wish to share and that is our ONENESS, our sameness.

So many of our brothers and sisters see wisdom as beyond them, OUTSIDE of themselves, as something another has, rather than within their own grasp, within their own be-ing-ness, not allowing the awareness of what they truly are…ALL KNOWING!

There is so much GOOD NEWS!

Is it not good news that that you are whole and complete? It is only your beliefs, thoughts you have aligned with, inaccurate thoughts, leading you away from this Truth, keeping it veiled until you let them pass into the nothingness from which they arose.  These thoughts have made a home within your mind and have made your Heart feel heavy as your Heart KNOWS your greater Truth that you are Love, you are ALL KNOWING, and you are a creator of the highest order.  You can create from the limited aspect of yourself and experience separation and all the suffering which comes with it, or you can embrace the GOOD NEWS that you are Whole, you are complete.

I invite you in this moment to embrace this thought…I AM WHOLE, I AM COMPLETE…and notice any and all feelings,  not the thoughts, but the feelings that come up for you.  If you notice any resistance, I invite you to breathe this resistance into your Heart space, into the radiant light in the core of your inner being. Welcome this resistance Home with the Love, the care and gentleness, you might feel for a newborn infant.  Embrace this resistance with the Love that you are and this will dissolve it, allowing you to experience your Truth, your Wholeness in a brighter light and recognition not available the moment before you did this simple exercise.

Breathe Love in often and imagine Love filling your energy, bringing a brighter light and radiance to your be-ing.
Beloved children of God, it need not be complicated, your path to in-light-in-ment.  It is always simple when you do this with your Heart and not your mind. It is only the mind that enjoys and seeks the complexity as it seeks to in-live-in itself.  YOU take charge here. YOU declare to live with your mind or your HEART!  And what else is the Heart but that part of your being that feels, rather than thinks.  Do not misunderstand, I am not suggesting you never think, rather, let your choices be made from your Heart, your feelings; not from your thinking, your mind. For your Heart is your True Self, not the overlayment of your beliefs. 

Liberation is nothing more than this one choice, made until it need be made no longer. Liberation can and will occur in each and every moment you focus on your Heart, on the Love that you are that surrounds you.  You choose to recognize this by looking through the eyes of Love.

I invite you to try this simple, yet powerful exercise for a day or two, do this often for only a moment or two, it takes so little of your perceived time, and yet, it can and will set you free of the limitations time presents to you. You just may find the breath has new meaning for you, seeing the breath as more than just sustaining your human life, but now invigorating this life with the Love that is you, that you breathe in at every moment. Place your awareness there. It is a most powerful practice.

Have a most wondrous day, filled with the Love that is YOU!  Radiate this Love out, beyond you and in this way you are connected to ALL THAT IS.  In this way you ARE the Cosmos, and so much more, so much more.

I am Jeshua, your Cosmic friend and brother on the journey and shared purpose of Illumination.  Take my hand whenever you feel challenged and allow me to flow to you the eternal bliss that exists within your Heart that we all are, that we all share.

Good bidding on your journey, as ALL-ways, I remain within you.