The Key to Controlling Empathy

         Empathy is the ability to feel the emotions or energy of other people. While everyone has the ability to feel other people, some are born a lot more sensitive than others. Generally, most light workers and starseeds are born with the ability of empathy. The ability of empathy can make the awakening process a lot more troublesome than it already is. Empathy can be troublesome because it makes it very easy for a person to fall into the energy or reality of others. If the person is not conscious of his or her ability, this can often lead to stagnated spiritual growth, especially if a lot of people in your life are on negative paths. It is much harder for a sensitive person to break out of negative ego patterns and stay on the path of enlightenment, at least in the beginning. A sensitive can be making noticeable progress and then the second they encounter a person with a strong ego, they fall right back into the same old patterns. While at times empathy can be a curse, it can also be a gift if it can be controlled.

            The very first step is to make sure your intentions behind being conscious of your empathy are clear. Much like psychic gifts, if you want to use your empathy to control and manipulate others, the ability will disappear. This happens because if your intentions are negative, your feelings are numbed by your own ego. If you can only feel your ego, then you cannot feel the emotions of other people. Be real with yourself and your intentions. I have noticed that the ego often manifests in the left hemisphere of the brain. While I have found this is true for most people, for some it manifests on the other side. An over- active ego feels like pressure on one side of your head, if you have been trapped in ego patterns for a long time it might be hard to identify your ego. This is because you have felt it for so long that you forget what it feels like to be free of it. Once you spend periods of time free of your ego, then it becomes easier to identify when you are falling back into ego patterns. 

            The second step is to identify your own emotional patterns. If you’re coming out of depression or a really difficult period in your life then this can be hard step because sensitive people often forget what they feel like. The key to this step is isolation. If a sensitive person spends a lot of time alone it is a lot easier for them to identify their own patterns. As you get better and better at identifying your emotional patterns, you’ll start to notice the feelings of other people. The ability to consciously identify the emotions of other people is exciting because a person begins to see everything from an all new perspective. The motives behind people’s actions are clear and it becomes impossible for someone to lie to you. 

            Once you are conscious of your ego and your empathy, the next step is to strengthen your reality or make it harder for you to fall into other peoples emotional patterns. The releasing of negative traumas is vital to this step. This can be done through meditation. Make sure to ask your guides, angels, or the Galactics for help. They cannot help you if you do not ask. Also, chakra frequencies are good for stimulating the chakras and make sure to be honest with yourself. Everyone has emotional baggage. If you accept this as fact then it makes it that much easier to release traumas and move on. 

            Another way to strengthen your reality is to balance your masculine and female energies. In our head, there are two new chakras that have formed that are a part of our new crystalline bodies. These are the universal female chakra and the universal male chakra. The universal female chakra is located on the left side of your head and this is where you feminine energies lie, the universal male chakra is on the right side of the brain and this is where your masculine energies lie. If you find that your ego has manifested on the left side of your brain, then you are blocking your feminine energies. I believe this is most common occurrence because Earth has been dominated by the masculine energies for many millennia. If you find that your ego has manifested on the right side of your brain then you are blocking your masculine energies. One way to balance these energies is to meditate, and while your eyes are closed focus on staying in the moment, and seeing through one eye. This may seem odd but if you can focus on seeing through the eye on the side of your head that your ego has manifested, then your ego will dissipate and then the chakra will become unblocked.
             The final way to strengthen your reality is to take your personal power back. You need to realize that you are in complete control of your life. Also, you need to realize that other people are equal to you. See beyond the physical and realize that other people are simply other souls experiencing the third dimension. Once you’re able to do this along with balancing your feminine and masculine energies, your reality should be impenetrable.
            Empathy is a gift not a curse. If you are a crystal child/adult reaching the point that your reality can no longer be penetrated is vital to reclaiming your ability to heal. Once you reach this point, you’ll be able to heal people simply by being in their presence.

Good Luck!