High Council of Orion Message July 25th

Welcome beloveds once more we come to guide and support you all at this time of increasing energies and huge shifts of vibration. Many will experience various symptoms as these energies increase and move the illusion further from your vibration. Many are still trying to hold on to illusion as a way of defining themselves and we guide you to detach from the teachings of illusion. The way forward dear ones is heart centred and not mind centred. Many of you are trying to use logic to work out your way forward and we guide this is to play with illusion, the way forward will be illuminated by your hearts, only your heart is your guide to the next step.

Many are still questioning all that is around them and we guide that although our guidance has been to process through the heart the questioning of all things by the mind serves no one. It takes the human further away from the heart and ultimately the truth of the life journey. To be in the logical mind and continually turn over scenarios is to be steeped in illusion. Logic will tell you that nothing exists but what is in front of your eyes and nothing can be heard that the ears don’t pick up and we guide this is illusion trying to put a veil where none should exist. Many still look outside themselves for clues and we guide that all the answers are within.
We will guide until we are not needed to guide anymore and many of you are close to that at the moment. Many humans have accelerated greatly on their path and they are now living fully from the heart centre, to these humans we send love and blessings for the faith they have put in themselves. For those that are living from the mind centred life experience we send love and blessings and hold the space for your expansion. For expansion is what this life experience is all about dear ones, you came to this planet to experience human emotion, the human consciousness vibration has elevated such that now is time for major expansion of the human BEing. Many will not have expected this to be the outcome but dear ones that is what always was to be. To illuminate the big picture too soon is to dance with illusion as many humans fear change.

It would serve no one to guide you beyond what you were not fully able to absorb and to FEEL. It is the FEELing of the new world that is the key dear ones, the world may look the same to many but the FEEL of it is different, the vibration of that FEEling is different and we seek to guide to accept this truth. Go into your heart and FEEL how your life is now, can you FEEL at peace? Can you FEEL loved? The human life experience is not about how to amass profit, how to gain advantage over competitors and other mind games, that is illusion dear ones. If you have done “nothing” today but were BEing how does that FEEL? For many of you it will FEEL perfect, it will FEEL right, for those who are not fully in their hearts it will be difficult as the mind rushes to various scenarios that may happen but in reality never will.

Many across the planet are experiencing extreme tiredness but many are working through this. For those that defy the tiredness, who fall into the mind trap of getting ahead with things we guide you to look within. The tiredness is your body alerting you to the absorption of new energies, these take a while to settle. Sleep is required for a human BEing to absorb and process new energies, new information and many are falling back into illusion by moving past this way of BEing. You do not get ahead dear ones, you merely fall back into illusion, there is no fast track to the top of the class for only illusion teaches competition. We guide you to be gentle with yourselves, to take the time to rest and sleep. If your body asks for sleep why would you not honour this request? Who does it serve for you to be tired and frustrated and feel terrible?

The human body is being recalibrated, many are experiencing various symptoms and we guide you to process all changes through your heart. Your heart will tell you if it something that is to be looked at or something that is to be observed and moved through. LISTEN to your body dear ones for it talks to you at all times. YOU know YOUr body better than anyone else on the planet for only YOU live in YOUr body. For many drinking pure, clear water and getting adequate amounts of rest will help them through this transitory period, for others changing to less processed foodstuffs and again hydrating the body will help. Hydration is the key for many symptoms, humans do not drink enough pure, clear unprocessed water and the human body needs this water. Many mistake thirst for hunger and we guide you to be wary of this illusion. Drink plenty of water dear ones and take plenty of rest. We guide you to watch how foodstuffs can affect your body and your mind. Some will clear your mind, help you to feel great others will fog your mind and lower your vibration. Take care with over processed foodstuffs dear ones, for you change from within. As you move through this process a lot of what you could digest will be indigestible to your new structure.

Once more we guide against drastic measures, this is a process and a process tkes time dear ones. It will not serve to fall into illusion through drastic measures, if you feel you need to move slowly then do so, change little things and be on alert to what does and does not FEEL right to eat and drink. YOU are the master of YOU. Let none try to tell you WHO you are or how to BE, process with your heart dear ones. We guide and support you to help you find that connection to your heart. Our words are for guidance only dear ones, if anything we guide does not FEEL truth to you then simply let it go. This should be a way of BEing for all of your life experience, do not be led by others, process ALL information via your heart, your heart will discern YOUr truth for YOU.

Life experience is about emotion dear ones and once more we see that many have shut down their hearts. Much grief was triggered by the events of the last few days and this has triggered much fear within the human population. Be aware dear ones that the way to heal from tragedy and trauma is by opening the heart, by allowing the LOVE that IS to flow through your body, to connect to source and allow the healing to take place. Be wary of spreading grief in the guise of love dear ones for that is also illusion. To hold an event in a timeframe is to seal that grief in, those who have transitioned have moved past the physical and can see the bigger picture. At some point their soul agreed to transition for every transition can only take place once the soul decides. NO ONE can know the soul decision of another at any one time dear ones. Beware the smoke and mirrors of illusion that seek to teach tragedy and death and destruction. How does it serve those who have transitioned for it to be played over and over? Much like the “remembrance” of catastrophic world events this is to hold the fear vibration and not to remember in love. Humans will germinate the seeds of fear when faced with the memories of past trauma. To move past this is to hold the LOVE that IS in your hearts and have compassion and love for ALL. Transmute the fear and the destruction back into the LOVE that IS for those that transitioned are welcomed back into the LOVE that IS. The physical may die but energy carries on for eternity.

Beware of all illusions teaching around sorrow and death, humans may weep for the physical that is not longer there but must connect to the energy through their hearts to realise that all IS. Do our words resonate with you dear ones? If our words trigger you then please go into the silence with our words and listen for your heart to show you truth. Energy is eternal, LOVE is eternal dear ones.

We are the high council of orion and we are your brothers and sisters from the stars. We come with message of love and support for we are all family. ALL ARE ONE. Keep your vibration high dear ones and connect at all times through your hearts, your home is within your heart, the map to your life experience is within. Look not to false gods and to others views to define your life experience, to define is to contain. We are here to help you expand dear ones. Find us in your hearts. We love you, we have always love you. ALL ARE ONE.