Ben Fulford 7/11

 Notice that Ben Fulford hasn't been giving an update the last couple of weeks. Instead he has been going into detail about the origin and functions of secret societies. Is this because everything has been taken care of behind the scenes?

Secret societies are to be found at the intersection between the spiritual and material worlds. Their existence predates civilization and humanity. At their essence they represent competing survival strategies and the species that act as vessels for these strategies. They represent the pinnacle of cultural evolution. The best studied examples are the arms races between predator and prey. While some of the skills of predators and prey learned throughout the long years of evolution are hard-wired into the genes, others are passed on culturally. It is the cultural knowledge that allows the physical survival of certain genes that is the essence of what evolved into human secret societies. They represent the pinnacle of human survival skills as well as the highest levels of worldly power and wealth on this planet.