Hilarion's Weekly Message, July 31 - August 6, 2011

Hilarion's Weekly Message, July 31 - August 6, 2011

Beloved Ones,

Life on the Earth plane begins to take on a faster pace than before. There will be many happenings that occur that will seem to be miraculous and hard to believe. As these events take place, remember to keep your equilibrium at all times and be at peace. As the dimensions converge into closer and closer proximity, there will be greater feelings of joy and anticipation felt within the hearts of all and the sense of impending freedom will begin to take root.

It is time to take your steps to the next level, that of self responsibility and self mastery. Focus completely on what you desire to manifest and take shape in your lives and in your World and do not let anything distract you from this focus. The coming weeks and months are times of opportunity to make great strides forward in your spiral of evolution to achieve Mastery of your human selves and begin to make progress towards encompassing greater abilities and talents than previously thought possible. Each of you is capable of achieving greater things than you have ever dreamt possible.

Montague’s Message for Sunday, 31 July 2011

The Big Shift is happening, my dear. Some are able to connect to their inner light. They are using this Love to connect with Spirit. You must help those who are willing to listen and face the facts of what is actually happening. Fear will be used to try to keep you under control. Do not buy into this. Know that you are part of the New Beginning. You are the co-creators, chosen to reclaim your planet and return it to the Light. You will know instinctively what you must do to help those who are still hooked into the illusion they believe to be real. As your consciousness expands, you will connect with higher frequencies. Your understanding of the Universe and the importance of Earth reconnecting with it, will become clear. Illness will become a thing of the past — a distant memory. Your bodies will recover from all the man-made attacks from which they have suffered.
You will experience a healing period when both Man and Earth recover and move forward into the light. Love and peace will prevail. It will not be an easy time for any of you, as the shadows of the past have — from one generation to another — endeavoured to thwart the call of Spirit to create and unify Creation. This is our promise. We will succeed. The voice of truth will not be silenced.

Poof 7/31

Get That Black Man Out of Office

Greetings and Salutations,

That's the battle cry out here even tho we've been living under corporate welfare for ages, Obama is leading us to socialism. I hear this and I realize people don't know the difference between socialism and communism. Every country practically the us deals with are socialist countries, canada, switzerland, germany, france, the UK, norway..tic them off. They were smart enough to Not let their governments get tied down by 2 parties. No, they get the bums out if they foul up. We are stuck for 4 years! So why is that better, even isreal has a socialistic system. Gonna call them commies? That great liberal, FDR, gave the europeans a frame work after ww2, and that's what they went with. Study some history and quit having knee jerk reactions to things just because rupert murdoch news(fox) tells you something and his business partner is who? An arab. Money is just money, only politics give it color.

U.S. Dollar not accepted in Mexican Hotels.

I found this on a blog documenting someone's recent trip to Mexico. This sign was posted at a Mexican hotel. Here is evidence to support Ben Fulford's claims that the dollar is no longer being accepted in the world. The dollar is in trouble whether we raise the debt ceiling or not. The only solution is to completely revamp our financial system. This is something you are not hearing in the Mainstream Media for obvious reasons. The U.S. Dollar is going to lose its rating whether the debt ceiling is raised or not. Personally, I believe we should let the dollar die. It might hurt for a little bit, but there will be a new financial system soon after. If the dollar dies, the Illuminati lose any remaining power. Their power lies in the ability to print money at will. If we go back to a gold-based system, we will never see our current situation ever again. True wealth lies in Gold, Silver etc..

The Galactic Federation has the capability to destroy airborne missiles

Here is an actual video of the capabilities that the Galactic Federation craft have when it comes to destroying missiles. Our planet has been protected from nuclear war since the nuke was first invented. The Illuminati never had the power to destroy the Earth, it simply wasn't allowed. All of the negative things that the Illuminati have done only occurred because they were allowed to occur by highly advanced beings. It was allowed to occur because negativity is crucial to our spiritual growth. 

7/30/11 God and Gabriel on Disclosure

Hi God & Gabriel. Hi
Suzy, give a moment to reflect on the financial crisis of the US and the globe.
The picture of letting the leaders look in charge is merely a deceitful finality
to the Illuminati. The Illuminati is now without leaders & this is the
reason for the chaos. In the past, they (Illuminati) called the shots and the
governments formed their actions around them. Now, as they revolt against each
other, there is no one minding the store, so to speak. The governments who were
ran by the Illuminati, are in a free fall as they now do not express the view of
the Illuminati. This is good but also like putting a toddler behind the wheels
of a car, watch out!

Give us a moment to connect
the dots. For thousands of years and many generations, only the few controlled
the futures of many. This was part of the duality experience requested by all
souls who incarnated on Earth. The haves and have-nots were established. This
was not done to punish anyone but was to lay down a concrete base of duality
that was firmly established. The essence of third dimensional life is duality.
The only way to maintain this experience for thousands of years was to create

Overthrowing The Old And Bringing In A New Order: July's Leo New Moon

a message from Lynda Hill
Sunday, 24 July, 2011  
If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything. Chinese Proverb

A man may be poorly dressed and penniless, yet his burning desire can bring him the opportunity of his lifetime. E Barnes

There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct or more uncertain in its success than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things. Niccolo Machiavelli

The people must fight for their laws as for their walls. Heraclitus

The first duty of a revolutionist is to get away with it. Abbie Hoffman

I hate the idea of causes, and if I had to choose between betraying my country and betraying my friend, I hope I should have the guts to betray my country. E. M. Forster
Occurring on July 30 in the United States and July 31 in Australia, July's Leo new Moon brings a message of revolution, change, taking bold steps, standing up to the status quo and making one's mark on the world. The Sabian Symbol is Leo 8: An Activist is Stirring up Discontent by Spreading his Revolutionary Ideals. From my book The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees Of Wisdom:
‘An Activist is Stirring up Discontent by Spreading his Revolutionary Ideals’. He has had some enlightening or disturbing insight into what’s going on in society. He wants people to listen to his message and, probably, influence or change their way of thinking. The ‘Activist’ feels that he has the answers to how life should really be and what rights people are entitled to. To some people, his beliefs, or his radical ways, may be somewhat confronting and threatening to their everyday lives. To others, his ‘Ideals’ may fit with what they’ve wanted in their own lives; he can be a beacon calling out for action. His message can be challenging, stirring or misleading.

Archangel Uriel - For The Benefit of All

Whatever you ask for yourself, you also ask for the benefit of all. When you create a reality where you live in peace, joy and unconditional love exist, it becomes a possibility for everyone. Asking for yourself is not selfish or limiting, it creates an energetic possibility for all to experience life in this way. Each thing that you ask for creates a vibration that resonates throughout the Universe, expanding that energy and creating ever larger openings for it to become part of the earth’s energetic imprint. Every prayer that you pray, every wish that you make, has an exponential effect on everyone, everywhere. You are all connected and part of the human family, so what affects one affects all.

Your every thought and emotion are powerful energies which are imprinted in the earth’s energetic template. The powerful, self affirming thoughts are equally as powerful as those which affirm your powerlessness and fears. When you send fear out to the earth’s energetic template you are expanding the energies of fear which already exist. Darkness is not overcome by more darkness and to erase fear from the human energetic imprint requires that everyone also remove fear from their own emotional body. Remember this when you are tempted to fall into despair or forget that the power to change your life path exists within you. There is nothing which cannot be overcome by the power of the light.

The Global Elite - What Can You Do?

This is a very good article and description of the Illuminati. Just to clarify, the Illuminati got their understanding of the Universe from the Reptilians. The Reptilians switched sides and joined the Galactic Federation in 1994. Peace on Earth!

The Global Elite, also known as the Illuminati, or nowadays as the Bilderbergs, are simply a group of people who realized what the true nature of our Universe was, eliminated every one else who knew this information, and used the information to harness the power (chi, ability to do) of the uninformed masses. (picture of Mapuche Native American woman being arrested in the South of Chile at a peaceful demonstration.)

Their methodology is very mechanical in nature. They use sacred geometry, power points on the Earth, as well as mind control via the media and chemicals.  Plus a continuing elimination of those individuals as well as native people and cultures who hold the sacred knowledge of creation.
Their bread and butter is FEAR.

SaLuSa 7/29/11

SaLuSa, July 29, 2011

For some people who are aware of the pending changes, their understanding does not embrace the idea of Ascension. That will therefore limit the extent of their experiences, but their level of consciousness can still expand. For them that is important, as they will continue their next lives at a similar level in duality. They will still have subconscious memories of the past, that will enable them to aspire to higher levels than before. When the cycles change, you do not lose the benefit of your experiences, and you will commence a new one with that advantage. Those of you who have decided upon Ascension, will go forward with full awareness of your experiences and also your consciousness levels will have substantially increased.

Your experiences on Earth were created by you, having been given freedom of choice. They bear little resemblance to life in the higher dimensions and in fact you could not have created the same level of existence, unless you experienced a quantum leap in your consciousness. It is what is happening now, and the more your individual levels increase, the more your powers of creation will also rise. Belief in your power will help when you set about self-healing, but you need to be 100% positive in your ability to do it. The Law of Attraction comes into play, and you will achieve more success if you take the positive approach that “you are healed”. Normally you take the view that you should first ask to be healed, rather than inform your body “it is healed”. Those of you who regularly state that “you are healthy, and in harmony and balance” are maintaining a fully positive approach, and as a result that is what you attract to yourself. Looking at the reverse side is it not true that some people are always telling themselves that they are ill, and consequently never seem to get better. That is not to say that they are not ill, but they are unwittingly prolonging their problems by dwelling on their illnesses, rather than the cure.

Are we moments away from a New Earth?

It seems as if the end-game for the Illuminati is quickening. On 7/27/11, present and former military officials and government officials met in Washington, DC and gave a historical press conference that is going unreported in the Mainstream media. Basically, they admitted that there seems to be an extra-terrestrial presence currently engaging Earth. They used such occurrences such as the shutting down of airports and nuclear sites as evidence. At the same time, various insiders are reporting that the Chinese have officially called in their debts. It has been suggested for years that when the Chinese finally decided to do this, the Illuminati will be finished. It seems as if the time is finally right for this blow to be administered. Also, Ron Paul released an urgent warning on his website recently stating that at some time in the near future the U.S. dollar will crash. This is all evidence that the U.S. Dollar, which is controlled by an Illuminati-controlled organization, the Federal Reserve, is crashing and there is nothing that can solve the problem. All of these different occurrences would explain the relentless coverage of the debt ceiling by the mainstream media. The media is trying to keep us distracted for as long as possible. Complete UFO disclosure along with a new financial system is next. This could be coming in the next few weeks or even days. I seriously doubt that it will be months before any changes occur. It is almost August of 2011, that leaves us less than 18 months to prepare for our Ascension into the 5th dimension.

Crop Circle 7/26/11

Here is a crop circle recently found in Wiltshire on 7/26/11. I'm speculating that it has something to do with the fact that we are getting closer to zero time. We will enter zero time when the group consciousness enters into the 4th dimension. In zero time, we will be completely in the moment and everything will literally feel like a dream, this is because we'll be on the same frequency as our dreamtime. This will happen sometime after UFO disclosure. If I had to guess I'd say it is going to happen around the time of first contact.

Urgent Warning from Ron Paul

Everything Ron Paul is saying would happen if there wasn't a  new financial system already ready behind the scenes. It is completely plausible that he doesn't have any knowledge of it, or he is just keeping up the illusion until the very end. I believe the United States will default and this will largely be because of Obama. I think it will come down to the last minute and instead of accepting a Republican deal, Obama will just allow the government to default. As a result, the dollar will fall sharply and the Illuminati will be officially finished because they no longer  will have the currency to keep the cherade up. This will immediately be followed by a new financial system and disclosures on a large variety of topics that were once considered "conspiracy". The world is on the verge of a New Age. Peace on Earth!

UFO makes 45 degree turn live on a News cam!

This is some of the best evidence out there of the capability of these craft. It cannot be denied that this is a controlled craft. I wonder what type of technology allows these crafts to move like that

Does Obama want the US to default?

Have the Earth allies finally checkmated the Illuminati? This is a financial war behind the scenes. It seems as if the Chinese have finally called in all of their debts along with the rest of the world. I wonder if this has anything to do with Obama and his inability to settle the debt ceiling situation. Is Obama working along with the Chinese to completely destroy the dollar and thus completely render the Illuminati powerless? The debt ceiling has never been an issue before. We are on the verge or have already witness a major breakthrough behind the scenes it seems. A new financial system is next, followed by UFO disclosure and eventually first contact. Peace on Earth!

Ben Fulford 7/25

 At the very top of the power structures of this planet lies an esoteric realm where a very few people find themselves with great power in their hands and nobody above them to give them commands. Such a situation causes insanity in those too weak and too greedy to take the responsibility. Such is the case with the people who have ruled Western civilization since the end of World War Two. They were greedy gangsters drunk with enough powerlust to grab the reins of control but had not the wisdom to rule a planet. Their time is coming to an end. The reason for this is simple, they made the mistake of many fallen empires past: their power was built in debt.
Weekly Geopolitical News and Analys

Message from the Pleiadians 7/27/11

We now see your help is a surge to our siege. Many shifts are happening all around as we speak. Tomorrow’s outlook seems brighter everyday with many new changes expected at any moment. To bask in the light of your ascension is our main goal, and it is to this end we stress our sincerest efforts. One day you’ll find all has changed drastically, and all the old ways of your daily survival have bowed to a new way of existence. Your hardships have been but a tool for your higher learning and advancement, with new gifts awarded for your perseverance and efforts to maintain. We speak now of your new gifts that will enable you to finally shed the chains that have shackled you to everyday toil. Freedom at last comes to those who have journeyed long in the darkness of the evening. Day break is but moments away. A blink of the eye, a flash of a flame. Hold fast to your convictions, all will pay off in the most grand of fashion. We are your Pleiadian family from the Stars.

As channeled through Greg Giles

Audit of the Federal Reserve Reveals $16 Trillion in Secret Bailouts

the date of release of the first ever GAO (Government Accountability Office) audit of the Federal Reserve was July 21st 2011. You might not have heard of this report as the Norway Massacre has been dominating global coverage.

What was revealed in the audit was startling: $16,000,000,000,000.00 had been secretly given out to US banks and corporations and foreign banks everywhere from France to Scotland. From the period between December 2007 and June 2010, the Federal Reserve had secretly bailed out many of the world’s banks, corporations, and governments. The Federal Reserve likes to refer to these secret bailouts as an all-inclusive loan program, but virtually none of the money has been returned and it was loaned out at 0% interest. Why the Federal Reserve had never been public about this or even informed the United States Congress about the $16 trillion dollar bailout is obvious — the American public would have been outraged to find out that the Federal Reserve bailed out foreign banks while Americans were struggling to find jobs.

SaLuSa 7/27

 SaLuSa  27-July-2011

As you might realize many of the events that you have awaited, have commenced due to the work of our allies. The plan has been laid down and bit-by-bit it progresses, and every now and again you will surely see the pattern that is emerging and recognize what is happening. You will by now have connected the worsening financial conditions in the West, with the coming changes that will take advantage of it to implement a totally new set up. It has been long promised and founded by St.Germain, who has always been behind it and still is of course working for its implementation. His dedication has been constant for hundreds of years, and he has worked for your interests to ensure completion as planned. Indeed under various identities, St. Germain has been guiding you for thousands of years.

You are understandably unaware to a large part, as to how many great Masters have lead your civilization out of the darkness and directed you onto a path of Light. They have come in reply to your prayers, to be released from the thrall of wickedness and evil that has beset the world. Yet they have had to acknowledge the karma involved and allow it to work out. The path between what you call good and evil has been very narrow, but now the Light has interceded and proceeds without interference. The way is well lit and those upon it are well protected, providing they keep their guard in place. You do of course have other forms of protection, not least of all your own guides and angelic Beings. Call upon them as often as you need, as they never tire of doing good deeds for you and they give them great satisfaction.

You are definitely on the path to a fantastic event 7/27

You are definitely on the path to a fantastic event

07/27/2011 by John Smallman

The continuing progress that humanity is making as it moves towards awakening is truly excellent. If you understood and recognized what you are achieving you would be absolutely amazed, but in your present state of limited consciousness that is just not possible. Rest assured that you are doing great work as the moment for you to awaken from your deep slumber approaches. Truly it is quite stunning what you are managing to achieve while you remain in this slumberous state of amnesia.

We, your spiritual sisters and brothers, angels and guides, take great pleasure in the magnificence and success of your sterling efforts to awaken humanity. You are definitely on the path to a fantastic event that will, when it occurs, “blow your socks off!” A successful awakening is guaranteed, and your strenuous efforts are bringing that moment ever closer.

Ascension is Graduation

 I believe this channel is referring to the Ego which causes the vast majority of channeled information to come out altered. 

Who do the Ascended Masters channel to? Whoever they can. We are omnipotent, meaning there is no dependence on any one being to deliver our words. But, there are only a minor number of channels that are able to allow our words to be delivered without distortion. Our clarity depends on their clarity.

Clear channels are in the minority, and no answers that are delivered as a message should be accepted without going within (to the Master of your own being) to ask, "Is this coming from Christ consciousness?" This is my way of telling you that you must be the one taking on the ability to discern a message's accuracy. No Master can guarantee a channel's ability to deliver a message clearly on a particular day. We do the best we can to give advice, and the clues to look for when distortions exist. We also do our best to be available to the channel during a difficult time, when they may need our aid. So when difficulties occur we do not withdraw, but we warn our channels to be even more discerning when they are not in the awareness that allows them to be clear.

Sheldan Nidle 7/26/11

Dratzo! A new year has dawned! We welcome it and celebrate its birth with this day's message! Around you, a new reality is beginning to awaken, proclaiming to you that you are not alone. Your space and spiritual families have arrived and are busily altering your world. The dark governance is starting its disappearance act even as a new monetary system readies itself for its swift and auspicious entrance. We have watched so many of you suffer and acquiesce to the seemingly unending and illusory power of the dark. This false world is ready to drop its immense curtains and reveal the wondrous truth to you at last. Likewise, we are prepared to reveal ourselves to you and help you let go of one of the great follies of your science, which is that your planet is a solid orb. In fact, it is hollow! This lie trembles atop others that state that you are alone and that life on your realm is a unique miracle. This, too, of course, is false. Indeed, all the core perceptions that have been fed you since birth are to be cast away as just another of the numerous lies that have kept you literally in the dark.

      These lies, which you have swallowed whole since birth, were created long ago as truths to be passed down from one generation to the next. Breaking this chain of untruths frees you from the bonds used first by the Anunnaki and then their minions to give away your power and preserve the ill-gotten gains stolen from you nearly 13 millennia ago. Limited consciousness shifts you from your sovereign self to a Being filled with doubts. You become willing to give away what you do not understand in exchange for a security that appears to settle your inner doubts and seemingly allows you to carry on with your life. Another thing that "scares" you into submitting to this agreement is "death". Fully conscious Beings do not die. At the right divine moment, they simply ascend. This whole new reality of death is something that your distant ancestors were initially unable to comprehend. It confused them and left them in a most "fearful" quandary. The Anunnaki exploited this "fear" and their success swiftly led to the world in which you live.

In Gitmo I got 30 days in darkness for feeding iguanas' - ex-detainee

Gitmo clearly violates the Geneva Convention and it a remnant of the NeoCon era that left this country in shambles. In order for our country to successfully move on, this camp needs to be shut down. Peace on Earth!

UFO Sighting Over Melbourne - Display of Technology

What is great about this video is that you can see what a plane looks like compared to a legitimate UFO. Also, this UFO shows some type of intriguing technology. Like most sightings, the UFO seems to be aware that its being watched. It is putting on a show!

Wanderer of the Skies 7/26/11

"We will continue to show ourselves more and more in your skies"...

Greetings from the Federation:

Various acts on your world are being carefully orchestrated towards a goal that will allow the Disclosure process to unfold with a minimum of disruption to all of you. It is imperative that when the time comes, there be little in the way of change of your day to day routines so that the appropriate programs can be unfurled and become operational quickly. When the initial shock of the announcement wears off, we wish to avoid having you thrust into an unnatural series of events. We have learned that your human nature craves the familiar and so it is important that the most familiar remain with you in the days and weeks after the event of Disclosure so the maximum amount of people can integrate this knowledge into their belief systems. Presently, we are working with various governments to orchestrate events on a sublime basis so that this information gets disseminated in a planned and well timed manner.

You will see develope over the next month a series of events involving not only your monetary system (which is our main concern since it holds the greatest familiarity for you) but also other events concerning security (or the false threat of non-security) and announcements of scientific developments which will cause many of you to question how such leaps in technology could have been made. These are part of the unfolding play that will lead to Disclosure.

BRIC Up a New Monetary System

This article provides great insight into the alliance known as BRICS

On April 15, 2011, leaders of Brazil, Russia, India and China met in Brasilia to continue talks on what these countries want to see happen, which is a multi-polar world with a multi-currency international monetary system. This multi-polarity is aimed at interdependence among countries, without the hegemony of any country as the most powerful one. The five-country group of BRICS, with South Africa as the new member that came aboard this year, proposes to function as a network of equals rather than a pyramid with a hierarchical order. The movement for a united Europe is almost as old as the serious divisive propensities and nationalistic animosities betwixt European nations. Nevertheless, the current financial crisis and rebalancing of global power seems to be applying the much-needed glue for forging a possible united front.

Simultaneously, efforts are on for a future Euro-BRICS summit, which would bring together at least the core of the European Union, namely Euroland countries on the one hand and Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa on the other. Such a formidable combination of three and a half billion people will, directly or indirectly, bring together four continents. In general, the current global financial crisis is being observed to mark the end of the systems and power relationships that have dominated the world since the end of the Second World War. Also as a fallout of the crisis, international relations in areas as diverse as finance, trade and strategic diplomacy have been subjected to unprecedented rebalancing too. Of course, an overhaul of international financial structure is advocated as part of a wider institutional reform in governance at the global level.

Jeshua: The Way of the Lightworker

Dear friends,

I am Jeshua. I salute you all today and I am closely connected to you from my heart. We are deeply related and there is a level at which we are one. The one, undivided consciousness that unites us can be sensed as an energy of freedom, creativity, kindness and joy. This is your true origin and home. You have now manifested in bodily form, located in time and space, but there is so much more to who you are.

I ask you to now feel this grand and unlimited consciousness that you are part of. Feel God within and feel how simple this energy is. God is not at the top of some hierarchy looking down at you. God is the flow of energy that runs through everything: through you, through all living beings on Earth and even through what seem to be inanimate things in your material environment. God is everywhere.

Israel Erupts in Protest, Tens of Thousands Chant “Revolution”

While you were paying attention to the debt ceiling fiasco...

Approximately 30,000 protesters marched in Tel Aviv last night, with social justice activists blocking central streets and chants of “Mubarak. Assad. Netanyahu” filling the air.

Tel Aviv police arrested 42 activists, which is an extremely rare number, “if not unprecedented,” according to +972 Magazine, which has been closely following the circumstances surrounding the sudden rise of Israel’s progressive left.

The protests are part of a larger movement that began as opposition to rising housing prices, and indeed is still centered around that issue, but has spread to other social justice and progressive causes.

'Germany will turn out light on euro - system defective by design'

More evidence of the failing western fiat currencies. The Illuminati will keep up their charades it seems until the entire system collapses.  

Tree Hugging Has Been Scientifically Proven as Beneficial to Your Health

Tree hugging has now been shown to have scientific validity after all. Contrary to popular belief, touching a tree does make you healthier. In fact you don't even have to touch the tree to get better, just being within its vicinity has the same effect

My Comments:
There is so much that modern science does not know, or does not accept, when it comes to natural healing and healing energy. But then, how can you patent and profit from something like tree hugging?

The First 3 Grand Earth Experiments

First Earth - Lyra (Vega Star System)

Long ago, before time as we know it began, there were the Founders of the Universe, highly evolved souls that had already completed many universal games.  Being creator gods, they decided to create a universe of their own.

As the twelve came together, they were faced with the question of which “game” to choose so that the souls created in, or coming to, their new universe could spiritually evolve.  And spiritual evolution is what every soul desires.

Finally, after much consideration, they chose the game known as “Polarity Integration.”  This game is one of many that involves the integration of the Light and the Dark developed by Divine Creator in order to experience all that He/She is.

Now that the choice of games had been made, they knew they would need to have individuals experienced in this game to assist them in the development of the game in their new universe, individuals who would agree to become a part of it and see it through to its completion.

High Council of Orion Message July 25th

Welcome beloveds once more we come to guide and support you all at this time of increasing energies and huge shifts of vibration. Many will experience various symptoms as these energies increase and move the illusion further from your vibration. Many are still trying to hold on to illusion as a way of defining themselves and we guide you to detach from the teachings of illusion. The way forward dear ones is heart centred and not mind centred. Many of you are trying to use logic to work out your way forward and we guide this is to play with illusion, the way forward will be illuminated by your hearts, only your heart is your guide to the next step.

Many are still questioning all that is around them and we guide that although our guidance has been to process through the heart the questioning of all things by the mind serves no one. It takes the human further away from the heart and ultimately the truth of the life journey. To be in the logical mind and continually turn over scenarios is to be steeped in illusion. Logic will tell you that nothing exists but what is in front of your eyes and nothing can be heard that the ears don’t pick up and we guide this is illusion trying to put a veil where none should exist. Many still look outside themselves for clues and we guide that all the answers are within.
We will guide until we are not needed to guide anymore and many of you are close to that at the moment. Many humans have accelerated greatly on their path and they are now living fully from the heart centre, to these humans we send love and blessings for the faith they have put in themselves. For those that are living from the mind centred life experience we send love and blessings and hold the space for your expansion. For expansion is what this life experience is all about dear ones, you came to this planet to experience human emotion, the human consciousness vibration has elevated such that now is time for major expansion of the human BEing. Many will not have expected this to be the outcome but dear ones that is what always was to be. To illuminate the big picture too soon is to dance with illusion as many humans fear change.

Sirian Council of Elder Message for 25th July

There are parts of this message that I do not agree with, but overall it is a positive message.

Many across the world have fallen in vibration and we guide you to watch carefully the thoughts that you allow to fleet across your mind. Many will not guard their thoughts and allow the mind to take them to that which will never materialise. We guide strongly to allow the silence to be present, to go deep within and to meditate on that which is below the surface. We are the Sirian Council of Elders and we come to guide and support ALL across the planet earth at this time.

The changes that are happening vibrationally across the planet earth are immense, for many humans this is a time of vast upheaval, of feelings that have not surfaced for a long time and a general feeling of unease. We guide you strongly to watch the thoughts that your mind creates for YOU create all of your life experience from those very thoughts. A mind that allows thoughts to take them to wherever is a mind that is open to the teachings of illusion. Many are now looking at the planet and fearing the worst, the illusion has taught once more that all are at the mercy of external events and we guide you strongly to detach from this teaching.
Humans are in control of the creation of the life experience at all times, even those deeply asleep within the illusion create and it is for this reason that we are here to guide you back out of that illusion. For many of you the illusion is becoming obvious, many humans can clearly see the smoke and mirrors used to keep the human race in the dark about its power and its ability to create and we guide you to stay within your hearts and focus on the love and compassion that is there, send it out across the planet earth to hold the space for those who are asleep.

SaLuSa 7/25/11

SaLuSa 25-July-2011

You are such a collection of different personalities; it is no wonder that at times your confrontations end with a falling out. Clearly if you cannot get on together it is sometimes better that you stay clear of each other. However, as you work towards lifting yourself up into the Light, you might consider whether you should re-trace your footsteps and look to repair the damage that has been done. It would be better handled now, as there are not many issues that cannot be sorted out if both parties desire to overcome their differences. You cannot fully progress until you do, and in doing so it would place you another step nearer to being able to express Unconditional Love. When you can achieve success within family circles and with friends, there is no reason why you should not extend that to all souls.

As Disclosure comes out there will be ever increasing revelations about the work of the dark Ones, and as in the case of 9/11 when the true perpetrators are known there will be much anger and revulsion. We would like to think that once it has been vented, that you would quickly understand that such darkness requires volumes of Light to transmute it. In which case would you find it in your hearts to recognize the Light within those souls that desperately needs to be awakened. The old ways of Man should be set aside so that revenge does not become called for, but instead rehabilitation. Bear in mind even the most hardened hearts do not completely lose their godspark, and it can always be ignited again.

Ron Paul to Congress "Stop Stealing From the American People"

Poof 7/24

Greetings and Salutations; 

Well, this is a pretty good encapsulation of the last 100+ years but as dire as it sounds, I want to remind all readers, the game has been raided. Much has been hidden in plain sight. And none of them are gonna tell you, they've been pulled away as they have more pressing matters they must attend to.
Word coming down out of the rafters is, 'they've' been trying to hide from the light of a new dawn by burying down into their deep holes'. Things are much too transparent now. Hiding money requires luggage and a hole in the back yard now, as the fed system has been compromised. Bernanke and the former owners can no longer help. Some have fallen on their swords to escape public humiliation, some can't see the forest for the trees. Instead of calling Jacob Rothschild a 'traitor', they should have followed his lead. The beginning of the raid began when a group of individuals walked into Brussels and dropped the archival ownership papers on the shiny desk a few years back, showing true ownership of the marbles these guys have used to run the world. This was the start of the council's overt action to restructure this planet. Call it an old fashion foreclosure. Can't let children run the house hold into the ground. I can't count the times my mom used to snatch that bag of candy out of my hands and make me share it with my friends, because I wanted to eat it all my self. 

Channeling from Saul 7/24/11

Everyone’s frequency is rising

07/24/2011 by John Smallman

As you know, the frequency of the planet and of humanity’s energy signature is rising in preparation for the approaching New Age. The higher the frequency of an entity’s energy signature the more spiritually evolved that entity can become. A low frequency tends to be dense, almost leaden, and it is very difficult for Knowledge or Love to flow through it. Consequently, it is very difficult for beings whose frequency is low to communicate, and they get lost within themselves, rather like the proverbial ostrich with its head in the sand.
However, every sentient being has within itself a divine imperative to evolve – and it will. But when it does so, it is through its own choice…although, of course, it has all the time necessary to see, understand, and make that choice. It is a choice it cannot fail to make because it is God’s Will that it do so, and because at the deepest level it is one with God, therefore God’s Will is its will.

Blatant UFO Sighting Immediately After Oslo Explosion. They are trying real hard to debunk this.

Amazing UFO sighting over Oslo immediately after explosion. People are trying real hard to debunk this so its probably real. Notice the camera goes over the same area twice; the first time there is a UFO the second time there isn't. A lamp or lantern suspended on a line should be stationary. Also, see this article trying to debunk it. Is this a real UFO sighting? 

The Alteration of Timelines

    The idea of time and timelines from a higher dimension is completely different from how we experience time in the third. In the 4th dimension or in other words dreamtime, time can seem to pass by extremely slow or extremely fast. I’m sure everyone has had a dream that feels to have last forever but in the third dimension it has only lasted a few minutes. From the 5th dimension, there is an awareness that time is an illusion. Beings on the 5th dimension are able to completely live in the now moment at all times. Also, there is an awareness of all lower dimensional selves existing on every timeline simultaneously. Because of this, they are able to basically see into the future and the past. Because the future, present and past are all existing simultaneously, 5th dimensional beings have the power to change it. This is what has occurred on Earth in the last 20 years. Souls from higher-dimensional civilizations throughout our Galaxy and the Universe have incarnated on Earth in order to completely alter the timelines.  These souls have been able to alter the timelines simply by waking up to their Galactic heritage and increasing their vibrations. The Starseeds waking up combined with the older Light Workers and the constantly increasing energy from space has caused a domino effect which is allowing more and more people to wake up every day.  The effects of this occurrence are being witnessed now in current events.

White Knights in Congress

Not all of Congress are Illuminati agents who report to Corporations and the top 2% of the wealthy. 

Divine Disclosures

Brightest Blessings ~
for the past several days ... I have been "receiving" thoughts and feelings ~ as I watch and listen to the **WORLD Reports** concerning governments, financial discombobulation (internationally), humanity uprisings ... INTENSE Energy Shifts (a commonality for many) ~ be they cosmic, earthly, universal, Body Temples ~ ALL of the Above!!
THEY ... for clarification, WE ALL have “Our THEY“, at our beckoning ~
have been gently nudging and sharing the "disclosure" that so many are asking, seeking ... Some even, begging for ... Disclosure is HAPPENING RIGHT NOW ... SEEPING through the CRACKS ... RIGHT NOW ... as the intensity of Mother Earth's energy rises there is NO FOUNDATION TO KEEP HOLD the "secrets * lies * agendas * backroom deals * don't tell mentalities * “Mainstream Outlets ~ TV & Publications ~ “rogue reporters” ~
Beloved awakened “whistleblowers” are shining and sharing secrets!!
there is NO LONGER a foundation to hold these aspects of LOWER FREQUENCY MODALITIES together ... the foundation, is not only cracked, it is seriously imploding / exploding in and on ITSELF ~

The Video Congress Doesn't Want You To See

Check out this video, also make sure to check out the website. Members of Congress somehow manage to make money while the rest of the country suffers financially.

Lights over London July 2011

The light dissappears and then shows up in another place. It definitely doesn't look like a plane. Also, I get the idea this UFO knows its being watched.

SaLuSa 7/22/11

SaLuSa, July 22, 2011

There is everything to gain and nothing to lose by following the path to Ascension. Indeed, you will gain so much that you will look back at lives on Earth, and wonder how you got through them. Whatever you visualize as the beauty, joy and happiness of moving into a heavenly abode, we would say that you will still be overwhelmed by the sheer magnificence of everything. Wherever you go you are the focus of much love and attention by all life forms. You might believe that you have experienced love, but you are in for many surprises. It surrounds you, and you will literally feel as though you are walking on air. That is how it should be and is a most natural feature of the higher dimensions. Each soul you meet would seem as a God to you, yet by that time you also shall be one. Were you not made in the image of God, so is it not natural that you would be recognized as one yourself? The real you bears little resemblance to what you are now, but we acknowledge that many of you are trying your hardest to lift yourself up, and achieve success by being ones that lives by the Light and Love.

Whilst on Earth you have the most difficult time to lift out of the lower vibrations, which is why few souls achieve Ascension without immense help. In your present situation you are receiving levels of help that are not normally given, but are intense because the Creator desires that as many of you as possible ascend this time round. It is after all a special occasion that allows for mass Ascension, as the cycle of duality ends for all life forms on Mother Earth. As you must know by now, it does not however take away your divine right to follow your freewill choice. By your actions, words and intent it is you who decide what your experiences shall be. If you so choose to carry on in a similar condition of duality as you are now, that is perfectly acceptable and no one will admonish you or view you as a lesser Being.

Message from Mira of the Pleiadian High Council 7/15/11

Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. We are with you and we are around. Some of you know us well even though you may not recognize us completely you can feel our energy. We are making our presence even more known.

We appear to look a lot like you. We are humans. We are larger than you in physical size. Our energy is different but we have learned to fit in. We find astonishing things happening on the Earth. We are a part of the solution and so are you. We expect a lot of our ground crew. We work with you and you work with us. We are finding cooperative ways to do things even if we can’t make our appearance visual quite yet in your dimension. We are with you.

Dennis Kucinich "War Takes Money From The American People & Gives It To War Profiteers!"

It seems as if at least some Truth is starting to make its way through Congress.

It Has Started: Wall Street is Preparing for Doomsday Scenario

If you're simply looking at their public statements, Wall Streeters seem to be alarmed about the debt crisis, but don't appear to be sliding into panic mode.
In fact, they're just really good actors.

Across the financial sector, many are preparing for a debt doomsday scenario, in which the U.S does in fact default, the New York Times reports.

Firms are "taking steps to reduce the risk of holding Treasury bonds or angling for ways to make profits from any possible upheaval."

It's clear hedge funds have changed gears and many are in heavy de-risking mode, with billion dollar firms like Moore Capital and Soros Fund Management moving their flagships into majority cash.

This was a tactic implemented by a ton of hedge funds when the financial world imploded in 2008 -- so it's a very big statement on how bad they think things may get.

While "hedge funds are stockpiling cash so they can buy up United States debt if other investors flee," banks are looking hard at their treasury holdings and mutual funds "are working on presentations to persuade their boards that they can hold the bonds even if the government debt is downgraded," the NYT reported.

And certainly,

One of the worst possibilities that people in the financial industry... have been discussing is that scores of insurance companies, pension funds and mutual funds might be forced to dump their Treasury holdings.

But the problem with trying to prepare for default in a meaningful and specific way is best summed up by the CFO of Wells Fargo (which is stockpiling cash just in the case): "Because nobody knows what is going to happen, nobody knows how to prepare."

Quan Yin's Lavender Flame

Quan yins Lavender Flame

Kwan Yin is the Buddhist Goddess of Compassion and one of the most beloved deities in the Buddhist tradition. She is also known as Kuan Yin, Quan'Am, and Quan Yin. Kwan Yin is very similar to mother Mary, bestowing her wisdom, motherly love, and healing to anybody who seeks her. As the Goddess of Compassion, Kwan Yin helps you become a compassionate healer.Through your heart-the seat of compassion-Kwan Yin guides you in healing yourself and others. Let her beautiful energy envelope you along your journey.

The Lavender Flame of Quan Yin is a gentler version of the Violet Flame. It has a nurturing aspect and a definite feminine feel and brings a sense of peace and mercy. Lavender is often used when Violet seems too strong for us, and its energy is associated with transformation, transmutation and purification.

From Empath to Agent of Change

Being an Empath, as an Agent of Change

If you are an empath right now its vital that you shield... the collective emotional streams are vibrating very strongly with the energies of fear, reactivity, panic, anger, grief and loss as the collective self continues to purge on its journey to clear consciousness. And know that there are some man made and artificial electromagnetic and toxic energies being poured into the collective field now also. Not everybody on the planet is encouraging our journey back to full light.

While feeling swamped by the collective energies and currents is perfectly natural at this time, feeling all of the "collective" emotion right now can be overwhelming and hard to manage, especially for empaths, who are finely tuned psychic instruments. Having an energy field tuned to subtle energies is useful and a great gift in a healing or counseling setting, but definitely backfires when the world at large is emitting high voltage emotions. Empath's energy circuits can literally get fried in these circumstances. Many empaths at the moment feel as if they are undergoing their own personal tsunami. The tidal wave of collective purge is hitting them head on.
It is important to find ways to be clear, centered, and functioning, even in the middle of these big waves, so that the quality of our lives does not deteriorate. So that we do not slip into feelings of powerlessness. And so that what is occurring out there in the world does not impact our ability to hold light.
Here are a few steps that may help.

SaLuSa 7/20/11

SaLuSa, July 20, 2011 

Wherever you are rejoice, as the changes are about to go up another level. You can already sense what is occurring, and for the dark Ones the unthinkable is happening. They thought they were invincible but now find that they are falling apart in front of their very eyes, and so it will continue until their activities are fully brought to light. We already know the full stories and if necessary have evidence to prove what has been going on for a long, long time. The fruits of their endeavors are coming to haunt them, and there is no way that they can get out of their responsibilities. For the moment justice is not the main concern although that is inevitable. We want to see the way cleared sufficiently for old system to replaced, by all that has wrongly been denied to you. It is prepared and no time will be lost once we can commence. 

People, who have not been in the know about the changes, may be disturbed by them. In spite of the chaos it is the loss of all that has become familiar to them that causes anxiety. We shall of course ensure that our activities are well announced, and soon it will be seen that everything is for the good of all. For people that are bound for Ascension it will clearly be important that they are assured of being able to ascend, and know that we are here to help that process and not hinder it. In fact your successful Ascension is the goal of the Galactic Federation, and our protection will accompany you all the way. 

Sheldan Nidle 7/19/11

Dratzo! We return! We sit poised at last on the brink of a great victory! The energies for change on your reality have turned positive. We behold a realm that is truly in the midst of transition. Gaia asked in all earnestness that the great events on your horizon be carried out at this time. Heaven agreed with Gaia, and has decreed that this be the time in your history when your world passes from the rim of darkness to the threshold of the Light. Your political and economic systems are corrupt beyond measure and require an immitigable reshaping. These requirements are the principal aims of our Earth allies. They have stepped forward and completed a most remarkable series of reforms. A pivotal component of their package is global prosperity, as well as a universal debt forgiveness program. These elements promise that a new, more responsive form of governance can become common on your world. We have watched as each one of these respective goals were reached and readied for manifestation. Your Ascended Masters have blessed these reforms and are prepared to assist in making them see the light of day. 

      The business of transforming your reality is not an uncomplicated task. Rather, it is filled with constant periods of interference stoked by the dark and its various henchmen. These plans, put together by the dark's minions, are filled with the underlying thought that a special sovereign relationship exists between you and the dark's selected minions. Government on your world is simply a set of agreements between the dark, its appointed cabals and governments. You are always excluded from this loop by the ruse that you were not legally allowed to participate. On the contrary, it was the illegal mendacities of the dark that long ago tricked you into the belief that somehow you did not matter. This was really the second trick. The first was the fantastic one that a fall into limited consciousness was good for you, and the only way you could maintain your reality. These lies were the basis for the previous 13 millennia of your history. Now, together, we are reversing this folly forever! 

The Key to Controlling Empathy

         Empathy is the ability to feel the emotions or energy of other people. While everyone has the ability to feel other people, some are born a lot more sensitive than others. Generally, most light workers and starseeds are born with the ability of empathy. The ability of empathy can make the awakening process a lot more troublesome than it already is. Empathy can be troublesome because it makes it very easy for a person to fall into the energy or reality of others. If the person is not conscious of his or her ability, this can often lead to stagnated spiritual growth, especially if a lot of people in your life are on negative paths. It is much harder for a sensitive person to break out of negative ego patterns and stay on the path of enlightenment, at least in the beginning. A sensitive can be making noticeable progress and then the second they encounter a person with a strong ego, they fall right back into the same old patterns. While at times empathy can be a curse, it can also be a gift if it can be controlled.

            The very first step is to make sure your intentions behind being conscious of your empathy are clear. Much like psychic gifts, if you want to use your empathy to control and manipulate others, the ability will disappear. This happens because if your intentions are negative, your feelings are numbed by your own ego. If you can only feel your ego, then you cannot feel the emotions of other people. Be real with yourself and your intentions. I have noticed that the ego often manifests in the left hemisphere of the brain. While I have found this is true for most people, for some it manifests on the other side. An over- active ego feels like pressure on one side of your head, if you have been trapped in ego patterns for a long time it might be hard to identify your ego. This is because you have felt it for so long that you forget what it feels like to be free of it. Once you spend periods of time free of your ego, then it becomes easier to identify when you are falling back into ego patterns. 

3d Printer

I wonder what other science-fiction like technology exists.