Who is Lady Master Nada?

Lady Nada served for a long time with Sananda (Jesus) on the 6th Ray, having walked his path of Peace and Love in many incarnations. She became Chohan of the 6th Ray as he moved on, but since the Higher Rays have had access to the Earth she has taken the role of Chohan of the 11th Ray. This is the Ray of Service - the bridge to the true New Age and the Ray that enables us to balance the last remnants of aspects of ourselves that we do not need and which will not serve us as transformed Beings of Light. It will bring us true balance and stability as we recognise ourselves to be Divine Beings and take the brave and resolute steps required to permit the anchoring of our Christed-Body template. Lady Nada has a close bond with Mother Mary and with Lady Magda. It is my feeling that they are of the same soul group, and were embodied together, Lady Nada choosing to re-embody after ascending, as Elizabeth, cousin to Mother Mary and Mary Jacobi and mother to John the Baptist. She is one of the Lords of Karma, with a seat on the Karmic board and also works closely with Archaeons Seraphina, the Lady Charity and Annunciata, the Lady Hope.

In many lifetimes on Earth her focus has been the sharing of the qualities of love, compassion and selfless service to others, and the fields of Healing and Truth. In past incarnations on Earth she has been an Atlantean priestess of the healing arts in the Temple of Love, and a lawyer who championed the cause of Divine Justice for the oppressed. In other lifetimes she remained in the background, quietly and humbly using her energies, especially the energy of the pink flame of her heart, to support the work of those around her with constant and enduring love and devotion directed towards advancing and enabling their work and paths of Spiritual service.

She shares an Etheric retreat / temple over Lake Titicaca in Peru with the Lady Masters Quan Yin and Pallas Athena, their joint role being to help distribute feminine energies to the Earth, bringing masculine/feminine; yin/yang into balance. She also works with Sananda in the Temple of Peace over the Arabian desert. She and her twin flame, the Master John, have an etheric retreat known as the Rose Temple (home of the Flame of Divine Love) over the East coast of the USA.

Lady Nada works with all aspects of sound, especially in the field of sound healing, which promotes cleansing and balancing of the subtle bodies. A recurring theme for her is that of unconditional love for God, for our fellow humans and for ourselves. She believes that it is of prime importance that we are able to recognise ourselves as perfect Beings and to seek to love ourselves fully and unconditionally, including our "shadow side”. Our Divine Blueprint is one of perfection, and she will help us learn more about how and why we have strayed from that perfection in order that we may make ourselves whole again and return to our true state of Being. To have a heart overflowing with love, which is freely given in service to others, is the sign of true mastery of the pink plume of the inner heart, and thus we have to "heal" and fill our own hearts before this outpouring can occur.

Her twin flame is the Master John, who was incarnated as the prophet Elijah, teacher of Sananda in an earlier embodiment, and who re-embodied as John the Baptist after taking his Ascension. He works closely with Archaeon Gabriel, who influenced him in those lifetimes, and with the Master R. He is a consummate "awakener" and helps to waken us and prepare us on all levels of mind, body and spirit to receive and so acknowledge the Christ (and Divine God-self) within us.