What is Ascension?

 by Susanna Thorpe-Clark

If we were able to sit up in the stratosphere and look down on Earth, we would perhaps be able to see how the many changes that are currently taking place on our planet have an overall connection. Some of these changes are obvious, such as the strange weather patterns that seem to be affecting us no matter where we live. Hurricanes, cyclones, water spouts and tidal waves. More rain or less rain than we usually get and leading to either floods or fires to name but a few.

If we look at society in general we can see that there are many changes taking place there too. Many people are no longer sitting complacently in their homes believing that all is right with the world. Believing that those in authority necessarily have their best interests at heart, particularly as more and more government and industry cover-up's come to public awareness. It seems too, that almost every few weeks we are invited to join in a world peace meditation and to trust that by collectively joining our 'thought forms' that we can create positive change by simply all thinking about love. That in itself is a major change! But we are not just updating our perception on what is going on in the outside world, but also reassessing what is going on in our personal relationships, our careers and lifestyles and making, in some cases, quite revolutionary changes.

So what exactly is going on? Could there be some synchronicity between what is going on outside as well as what is going on inside? The saying 'As above, so below' applies here and could be rewritten as 'As within, so without'. So that if we began to explore the changes that we are feeling compelled to make in our lives we would see that we are responding to something that is within us. It is making itself felt in the outside world but the control and the direction of these changes is coming from our deep unconscious and is instinctive rather than ordered and controlled by logic.

The call to which we are responding involves, however, something which is outside our present limited comprehension and is being directed by the Creator Of All That Is. It is time for the planet Earth and all that is on it, to change from a third dimensional life force environment into a fifth dimensional one. In order to evolve into this higher dimension, all current life forms on Earth have to change physically, and for human beings, changes also need to be made on the mental, emotional as well as spiritual levels.

Normally, when this kind of dimensional shift occurs, as it does quite often in the lower dimensions of this universe, the life forms, combust. The reason for this is that the life forms in this environment physically operate at low vibrational frequencies and are therefore, unable to change quickly enough within the fraction of a second that it takes to make the shift into a less dense format. One of the reasons why we can't see other dimensional life forms, even though they are all around us, is because we are not ourselves at a high enough energetic frequency level to do so. Beings from higher dimensions can see us, and can move down to our density, but we can't move up until we are able to readjust our frequency levels to one that is infinitely finer.

At an unconscious level, Earth's population is aware that this dimensional change is already under way, and this is one of the reasons why fears about the future are rising to the surface of mass consciousness. Many people are feeling anxious, restless and unsettled, yet consciously are unable to say what it is that is making them feel this way. In the third dimension we have a very strong concept of death and destruction and fear that there will soon be an end to all that is. And whilst this does have an element of truth to it because the world as we know it will cease to exist, this does not mean death or destruction. It simply means change.

A great experiment has been conducted by the Creator of All That Is which has involved all of us who inhabit this universe (even those who are in spiritual form) and this has been operational for millions of years as Earth time goes. We have been caught up in a major negative distortional thought form, which among other things, has stopped all spiritual and physical evolution moving past certain base levels and which has contained us in this third dimensional environment. This experiment has however, now drawn to a close, and the doorways are to be reopened for those of us who choose to evolve further.

One of the reasons why the planet currently has so many people is because a large proportion of us are ready to take up the challenge and evolve into beings who live life from higher levels of consciousness. This involves us completely changing the way we think and behave. We are required to readjust our thought processes, letting go of old belief systems and embracing a new reality which involves taking back our own power. To attain this new state of being we are required us to let go of third dimensional concepts which thus compels us to let go of current relationships, jobs, careers, homes, possessions and so on if they are unable to support our new way of being. This releasing process is not easy, but is absolutely fundamental to our being able to support a higher level of consciousness.

This journey into the higher dimensions is known as the Ascension process....