US In Peace Talks With Taliban

 It is time for this mindless war to come to an end. Peace on Earth.

The United States has opened peace talks with the Taliban, it was announced yesterday, just hours before insurgents killed nine people in a suicide attack at a police station in Afghanistan. 

The Afghan President, Hamid Karzai, told a press conference in Kabul that the negotiations were being carried out in a "brotherly" atmosphere. "Talks with the Taliban have started," he said. "The talks are going well. Foreign forces, especially the United States, are carrying out the talks themselves." 

The US declined to comment on Mr Karzai's claims, but it is the first suggestion that Washington has put into action a plan to negotiate with the Taliban ahead of the withdrawal of 97,000 troops due to begin next month. Robert Gates, the US Secretary of Defense, suggested earlier this month that political talks were on the agenda, proposed in the hope that Taliban fighters could be encouraged to break away from an alliance with al-Qa'ida.