Poof Update 6/12/11

Greetings and Salutations,
Someone told me years ago, the only way this world was going to get straightened out was the that women had to be more involved, and I have just became privy of a woman who got the door blown open, The dragon clan families already moved in that direction, but it took a moment for that philosophy to dig into the patriarchal led west. I'm willing to bet that the next head of the imf will be C Lugard who has made the comment in the past, that there's been too much 'libido and testosterone' in the decision making in the world. Now if the women of the islamic world caught that same thought what a blessing that would be in the world. Since the men are now teary eyed about things publicly now, the stigma of 'weak' can disappear. It's called, evolvement and as a species, nature demands it. I have some links for you to peruse lest you think nothing has been going on;
Finally it get's public:
Another lid being blown off:
Bilderburgs and watch Jim tucker;
The world has reached the point, where a global depression is coming like a freight train, the new global banking system must publicly engage now, tho he doesn't like to go there, mankind is subject to nature , physics, call it what you will...some would say God...the Maker, All That IS. Whatever, but the people of the planet 'feel' something, perspectives and beliefs determine how it's expressed. Those animals didn't stop and debate, when they 'felt' that tsunami coming. They didn't even stop to eat each other, they all took off for higher ground together, so much for intellect. Some things are gut instincts...Knowing.
Fear still rules, despite how much money somebody controls. This event has never happened before so butts will be puckering as this stuff completes itself. Political positions will be lost, arrests of unbelievable magnitude will take place as the constitution is restored and the dynamism of creative people are freed, world wide. Nervousness, is to be expected, after all this will be a new experience, no more wondering how to pay bills or deciding how you're going to feed yourself without the need for gov help. Imagine that, everyone with their own 'vine and fig tree'. Some will turn down the opportunity, they need to continue to struggle against something, anything, but that freedom thing of 'no worries', frightens the hell out of them. Kind of like a zoo animal who wouldn't leave it's cage even if the door was opened to go elsewhere. If you have control issues, you'll have a problem with what is manifesting now. The idea to do whatever you want as long as you stay out of others folks business, is a remarkable surge forward for humankind. As I have said to you all, there's a lot more to all this than putting some money in your pocket... responsibility comes with it, can't act like babies anymore, waiting for momma to come and clean your drawers or feed you pablum.
I wish to extend my gratitude for the woman who stepped up and clipped a man's head and broke the logjam with not a second thought about it, it was the right thing to do. There were plenty of the 'right' people angry to give her plenty of back up if needed. And much gratitude to the french for sticking with us for all these years, despite being called wusses. Sometimes you can get things done without blowing the hell out of other nations to get your way. Americans would be very surprised by our quiet neighbors to the north for their help in making america free again...remember the bulk of our oil come from canada, not the middle east. When announcements start breaking and the Truth starts hitting the public's ears, much consternation will abound. Stay calm, just listen and get ready to toss out all kinds of outmoded beliefs. Even China is learning that with power comes don't just run over folks because you can. "Love your neighbor as you do yourself' the question is, do you love yourself? Are you kind to you?
C'est la Vie..
Love and Kisses,
PS: It comes now...just in case you got lost in the words